First Preppy Haul!!!

January 5, 2013

  This is my first haul!  The title will say Preppy Haul but it may or may not be preppy.  I went shopping today at this really cool mall called Southdale!  Believe it or not, Southdale was the first fully enclosed shopping mall!  Let’s jump in with what I bought.  All of these photos will be stock pictures or Google pictures because I literally JUST got back from Southdale and haven’t quite had time to take pictures but I am super excited about this blog and really just wanted to post it.  So now let’s ACTUALLY jump in.

  The first thing I got was this really cute mini Benefit Kit from Sephora for FREE because it’s my birthday!  It’s called Real Birthday TURN-ONS!  I haven’t gotten a chance to try it out yet but includes minis of both their They’re Real!  Mascara and Watts UP!  Glow Stick.

        The next items I bought were from Bath and Body Works!  As many of you may know they are currently in their Semi Annual Sale which runs through January 13th.  The first item I got there was this Pink Sugarplum Triple Moisture Body Cream which smells heavenly and feels so good!

Originally $12.50
Got on sale for $3.12

I also got this hand sanitizer in California Poppy!

Originally $1.50
Got on sale for $0.37


The last and final item I got was from Madewell which is not exactly my style but they have some extremely cute accessories in that store!  The picture shows the ring in blue however I got it in a clear version.

This was originally $10
Got on sale for $2.79

Cara Accessories™ Rhinestone Stretch Ring 

NONE of these items are not available online anymore.  🙁  You’ll have to go to the store if you want them!  🙂

Love and Stay Preppy,

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