10 Dates to Take Yourself on this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has been coined as the most romantic day of the year for many {mostly by Hallmark}. Jokingly called “Singles Awareness Day,” Valentine’s Day seems to be known for being a day for strictly couples to appreciate their love for each other. I think it’s high time we start utilizing Valentine’s Day as a day for self-love, too {but then again maybe I’m just a narcissist and that’s why I’m single. Who knows?}. After all, we’ll be happier and healthier for taking the time to love ourselves which could only make it easier to love another person as well.


Single or not, I’ve compiled 10 dates you can take yourself on this Valentine’s Day to love yourself.

1. Have a Spa Day

Whether you only have time for a quick 15-minute facial or a full day of glam mani-pedi, massage, mud bath, pampering, there’s very few things that a spa day can’t make better.


2. Go for a Blowout

Blowout have to be one of the most extra things money can buy, but they can make even a normal day feel that much more special. Plus, they make your hair look AMAZING. Side note: I can’t hear the word “blowout” without thinking of the New Girl episode “Walk of Shame” in which Jess and Cece get fabulous blowout by a sassy hairdresser appropriately named Charisma. “Charisma made us promise not to waste these blowouts!” Jess exclaims.


3. Take Yourself to a Nice Meal

Who says that just because you’re alone you can’t go to a nice restaurant and feel weird about getting a table for one? Part ways with that small café you like stopping by for takeaway on your way home from work and treat yourself to that nice Italian place you love so much. My favorite option in this scenario is to get takeaway from the nice Italian place, put on your pajamas, and turn on Netflix.


4. Go Ice Skating

Take a spin around the ice rink for a few hours then combine with date #3 listed above. Substituting ice skating for skiing, snowboarding, or snow tubing also isn’t bad idea. There’s just something liberating about moving at high velocity in winter weather. You get the idea.


5. Buy That Something Extra for Yourself

That adorable handbag you’ve been wanting? The perfect shade of lipstick to add to your collection? Don’t wait for someone else to read your mind and buy it for you, and purchase it for yourself! It doesn’t need to be expensive or extravagant, it could just be something small you always counted as an “extra” on your trip to Target. Toss in a bouquet of roses for you too, you deserve it {or if you’d rather have more permanent flowers, this rose perfume is the perfect alternative}.


6. Host a Galentine’s Day

Gather up your best girlfriends for a Valentine’s Day brunch, lunch, or dinner! A perfect opportunity to catch up or just to spend a few hours laughing with the ones that are always there for you.


7. See a Movie

The way I see it, there’s two really good ways to take yourself out on this date. The first is to go to one of those really nice movie theaters that has the chairs that are really more like couches and the good popcorn. The other is to order a movie in at home with an array of pizza, candy, and popcorn surrounding you while in your pajamas. Order a pizza from that indie pizza place your local food blogger and the lovely people of Yelp are always raving about while you’re at it.


8. Get Lost and Become a Tourist

Spend the day by walking and wandering in your city. See an interesting gallery? Go take a peek! Cute little boutique hidden on a side street? Stop in! New bakery that seems interesting? Buy a baguette or two. Let your curiosity drive the day! Take advantage of the fact that you can do whatever you want without worrying about someone else being bored.


9. Pick up a Delectable Pastry

One of the easiest ways to love yourself a little extra is to stop by a patisserie for a beautifully concocted dessert. If you’re in NYC, you can read all about the best dessert places in NYC here. I won’t judge if you pick a dessert based on how aesthetically pleasing it is. 😉


10. Take a Class

Whether it’s yoga for some much needed destressing or a cooking class to learn your new favorite dish, classes can be a fantastic way to keep yourself distracted from the real world and entertained for an hour or two.





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