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August 1, 2013

Hi Preperinas!!!  Of all people it’s Preps who love Chevron the most!  I think we all know though how hard it is sometimes to hand draw a Chevron Pattern and get it evenly spaced.  Using this trick unevenly spaced Chevron will be a thing of the past!


*Paper, Canvas, or whatever you wish to draw your Chevron on

*A Ruler

*A Pencil

*An Eraser

*Markers, Colored Pencils, Paint, or whatever you prefer


1.  With your paper, ruler, and pencil make little marks one inch apart all the way down the long side of the paper.

2.  LIGHTLY draw lines out from the little marks across the paper.  These lines should be the horizontal way.

3.  On the lines you just drew make more little marks one inch apart.  Do this on every line.

4.  Using your ruler connect the little marks you just made in a Zig Zag Pattern.  Start at the first line from the side at the bottom and go up to the nearest top mark and down to the nearest bottom mark.  Repeat this on the rest of the line and on every line.

5.  Erase the horizontal lines.  If it shouldn’t be in a Chevron Pattern, Erase it.


6.  Fill in the Chevron Pattern with Marker or whatever Coloring Tool you chose.

7.  Enjoy your Chevron Pattern!

Variations and Ideas for this Project

*Make this on a Canvas and hang it up in your room!

*Alternate a Normal Color with Glitter!

*Make a Dresser Drawer Chevron!

*Make Cards with Chevron Pattern on the Front or Back!

I hope you all enjoy your new Chevron Pattern and this Post!

Love and Stay Preppy,
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