Twelfth Preppy Haul- Preppy Goes to the Orlando Premium Outlets!

October 26, 2014

Hi Prepperinas!  I know I promised you a haul from the Orlando Premium Outlet, so here it is!  I only got things from Kate Spade and Vera Bradley, so this isn’t the longest haul I’ve ever had!

1.  Kate Spade Gumdrop Earrings

These earrings are so cute and I absolutely adore them!  The one thing, that I’m not that happy
about is that I am allergic to anything that is not actual gold or silver, and these earrings are supposed to be “24 karat gold filled” so they shouldn’t bother my ears, however they do occasionally.

Was: $28
Sale: $16.80


2.  Kate Spade Cobble Hill Bee

At first, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get this, it’s neutral and I thought it might be too plain and the color wasn’t the right shade of nude.  After much consideration, I got it and I’m so happy I did!  I use this wristlet all the time and it fits my phone, iPod, and money perfectly!  It was also an amazing deal!

Was: $78
Sale: $28.08


3.  Vera Bradley Flip Flops in Lilli Bell

I didn’t have a pair of cheap flip flops just to wear to the poor or beach so I picked these up!  They’re in on of my favorite prints, Lilli Bell, and are so cute!  Unfortunately, they have already been packed away for the season, what can I say?  The Midwest is COLD!  I’ll try to find them and get a picture for y’all later.  😉  I think I got them for $6-8 but I can’t remember the exact price.

4. Vera Bradley Cocktail Napkins in Mocha Rouge, Rhythm and Blues, and Plum Petals

As many of you know, I definitely love my bows!  I purchased the Vera Bradley Cocktail Napkins to make more and They are so cute!  I can’t currently find my Plum Petals ones though,  I made a bow for my friend out of them and they’ve now seemed to disappear!  Note: I am omitting the price on this one, I got these for about 75% off, however I am using these for items I will be selling so you can go check out the bows in these patterns as soon as my Etsy shop is out.  Look out for Eva Kim Designs!

5. Vera Bradley Sugar Free Peppermints in Lilli Bell

Yes, I got mints literally shaped like purses.  No, I’m not kidding you.  Yes, of course they’re in Lilli Bell!  I almost bought these in one of the normal retail stores about a year ago, but I restrained myself under the premise of “No, Eva, you don’t need $3 mints.” and “Yes, Eva, if you don’t get these you can go get Fruigurt.” Which, by the way is some of the best frozen yogurt if you’ve never had it.  Try looking for it at Macy’s.  I recommend the Fruit Sundae.  Anyway, I found these at the Outlet and bought not one, but two packages of them under the premise of “Aw Eva, the little containers are so cute and the slide off and you could totally use them even after the mints run out!”  My sisters did the same thing and I’m fairly sure that one of them actually bought three packages of them in some of the older retired patterns such as Lemon Parfait just because of the tins.

Was: $3
Sale: $1.50



I am SO sorry this took so long to post!  I have been incredibly busy with dance and school.  I took all Honors and AP classes this year and I’m definitely starting to feel the full effect of it all!  I absolutely LOVE writing this blog it’s just that I also love to dance and I obviously have to go to school so sometimes I don’t get to post as much as I’d like to, especially because I’ve changed to taking all of my own pictures.  I will definitely try to post more!

Love and Stay Preppy,

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