Craft Preppy: Valentine’s Day Conversation Heart Hair Clip/Piece DIY

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re like me and as single as that surprise song Beyoncé just dropped, you’re spending it at home watching Valentine’s Day {the perfect Valentine’s Day movie, in case you were wondering}. Nonetheless, I love Valentine’s Day simply because I can wear head-to-toe pink with relatively little judgement, and conversation hearts are the best!  I came up with the perfect Valentine’s Day hairpiece DIY that is a perfect addition to your Valentine’s Day outfit!  What’s better, you probably already have all the items needed for it!

DIY Valentine’s Day Conversation Heart Hair Clip

Your choice of cardstock {I used three shades of pink!}
Red Fine Tip Sharpie
Bobby Pins or Alligator Clips
3/8 inch wide ribbon that coordinates with your cardstock
Glitter {optional}
Mod Podge {optional}

1. Cut out your preferred heart shape from a piece of cardstock.  Use this as your stencil and trace a few hearts in each color of your cardstock and cut them out.  The amount you draw can vary by the number of hairpins you’re making.  Given the size of my hearts, I found that I could fit 5-6 on a bobby pin.

2. Using your red Sharpie on your lightest color of heart, write your conversation heart messages!  I used some of the classics such as “love you” and “cute,” but also went for some personalized ones such as “tutu cute” and “Lilly Lover!”

3. Optional: Make your hairpin really pop with adding glitter to a few of the hearts!  To do this, Mod Podge the heart and sprinkle glitter over it!  After the Mod Podge dries, add another layer on top to seal it.

4. Prepare your bobby pin or alligator clip by cover the top of the pin or clip with your 3/8 inch wide ribbon.  THIS IS IMPORTANT!  Doing this ensures that your hearts will adhere to the clip and not just fall right off!  To do this, measure out ribbon twice the length of the pin or clip and slide one end in between the top and the bottom.  Add a layer of hot glue to the top of the pin or clip and press the two halves together.

5. Start hot gluing the hearts to the pin or clip in any pattern you choose!  To achieve a clip similar to mine, put your plain heart on the bottom, then the glitter hearts, and finally the “conversation hearts” on top!

6. Enjoy your cute and easy hair pin for Valentine’s Day!  These would make such cute favors for a Valentine’s Day party or a cute addition to a Valentine’s Day card for your friends!



Love and Stay Preppy,

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  1. A.Darling.Prep
    February 9, 2016 / 5:49 pm

    Love Love Love this!!! So creative������

  2. February 11, 2016 / 8:58 am

    Thank you! That's good to hear! 🙂

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