Boston- A Travel Guide to the Popular, and the Hidden Secrets

August 29, 2016

Boston oh Boston. I don’t think I could’ve chosen a better city in America to live in for five weeks. While Boston is home to some of the oldest and most meaningful monuments from Colonial America, I managed to find some newer areas that while may not have the same history, are definitely worth going to.

1. Bodega
Allow me to introduce you to Bodega, possibly one of the coolest stores you’ll ever go to. Bodega is a luxury streetwear store, and has managed to gain a reputation as one of the best sneaker stores in New England.  Now I know what you’re thinking, “Eva, you can barely be convinced to wear Sperry sneakers or a basic Nike, why in the world would you be recommending a luxury streetwear store?” The answer is simple: Bodega easily has one of the coolest store concepts I’ve ever seen.  When you pass it on the street, just a few blocks off of Newbury, it’s so easy to just walk right past it and miss it entirely.  Why?  The exterior of the store is made to look like a run down Bodega.  Boxes and cans with Andy Warhol inspired packaging line the tile windows up and down, and when you step inside, it looks like an old, run down bodega. There’s snacks and sodas, and even someone working at the front counter.  In order to reach the actual Bodega, you have to trigger a tile in the back corner of the store where a fake Snapple machine will then slide over to reveal a store with floor to ceiling wood installations and chandeliers.  To read more about Bodega and to see more photos, click here.

2. Maria’s Pastry
It is nearly impossible to visit Boston without hearing the mention of Mike’s Pastry or Modern Pastry.  Chances are, you’ll probably hear both, and people will either be Team Mike’s or Team Modern.  These two cannoli places have a rivalry almost equivalent to that of the Yankees and Red Sox. While Mike’s and Modern are both good, they pale in comparison to Maria’s!  Maria’s is located just off of the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway on Cross Street, about a block and a half from the main Hanover Street.  Maria’s is truly the embodiment of the small family run Italian bakery. In addition to their amazing cannolis, they also have beautifully crafted marzipan and other Italian pastries.

3. The Juice Bar
Anyone who knows me knows that I love my bubble tea.  Anywhere I can go where I can get good bubble tea is fine with me!  I discovered The Juice Bar, a small, family run bubble tea place, while wandering around Chinatown, and they instantly got my stamp of approval.  The Juice Bar is the one and only bubble tea place that I’ve found Longan bubble tea. LONGAN {For those of you who don’t know, longan is a sweet white fruit from Southeast Asia that grows on a branch in an unappetizing looking brown shell that is in the same family as lychee and rambutan}. At $3.50 for a decent sized drink, boba included, there’s very few places it can’t beat!

4. The Boston Public Library
I know, a library on vacation?!  Trust me, this isn’t your average, cold, gray, public library. The Boston Public Library is not only the first public library, but so amazingly gorgeous that I could’ve been fooled into thinking it was a museum. The museum library has the original historic building, featuring two halves, a beautiful courtyard, and a surprisingly interesting collection of old maps. The second half of the original building has a connecting entry to the new section of the library, which is bright, colorful, and full of life {the Teen section has READ marquee letters filled with succulents!}.


5. Flour Bakery
I always love checking out new bakeries whenever traveling, and after passing Flour on my daily walk from Copley Square to the studios, and having it be recommended by a friend, I knew I had to go in!  They have a variety of Vegan and normal pastries, but I’d have to say my most recommended item on the menu is their Grilled Artichoke Melt!  It is absolutely amazing and unlike any sandwich I’d tried previously.

6. The Freedom Trail
It’s safe to say that the Freedom Trail is easily one of the most talked about tourist activities in Boston. While it may be tempting to want to walk through the entire trail and hit up every stop, here’s what I did and would recommend: Head to the North End {where several stops of the trail is located} a little before dinner time. If you are in the North End around dinner, I’d definitely recommend Carmelina’s! As you’re exploring the culture, restaurants, and pastry shops of the North End, pop into the Freedom Trail stops as you pass them {I personally found the Old North Church beautiful}!  This allows you to experience both some of the culture AND the history in Boston, it’s such a fun and interesting combination!

7. Primark
Primark may be a huge chain in the United Kingdom, but it’s definitely not as popular here in the United States!  The Primark store at Downtown Crossing may be a little overwhelming with four floors filled with clothes, however once you get over the initial overwhelm, shopping at Primark becomes so much fun!  Prices are insanely inexpensive, making it so tempting to want to buy everything!

I didn’t want to make this post incredibly long and overwhelming, but if you’re looking for more sweet treats, I’d definitely recommend L.A. Burdick’s, for the best hot chocolate; Amorino, for flower gelato that’s as delicious as it is pretty, and J.P. Licks for creamy and delicious ice cream.

Comment down below if you have any other must-see/eat/shop places in Boston!

Love and Stay Preppy,

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