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I am such a music person.  I love music, it calms me down, it lifts me up, and there’s basically music to fit every mood. I also love singing, but I feel like if you asked any of my friends or family members, they might have a different opinion on my singing. What these random facts about Eva are leading to is the announcement of a new weekly {or maybe every other weekly} feature on The Preppy Ballerina, where I bring to you all of my must-listen to songs of the week!


Daisy- Zedd

This is the perfect song to end the summer on.  It’s sweet, it’s fun, it’s bright, and sparks a feeling of summer nostalgia with gorgeous violin in the beginning to a powerful chorus. It stays true to Zedd’s style, yet is different from anything I’ve ever heard him put out, in the best way possible.

Closer- The Chainsmokers featuring Halsey

Okay, close your eyes. Think of the ultimate teen summer road trip driving through the desert and stopping at run down diners.  That is exactly what I think of when I hear this song. It’s the epitome of never wanting to leave but knowing you have to go. I’d be lying if I said that The Chainsmokers weren’t my favorite artist right now, but trust me, you’ll want to hear this.  Impressively, the male vocalist on the track is actually half of the DJ/producer duo The Chainsmokers, Drew Taggart. Halsey’s vocals are absolutely perfect for the track, and the two of them together make this completely worth a listen.

How I Want Ya- Hudson Thames featuring Hailee Steinfeld (Dawin Remix)

I would have never in a million years expected Hailee Steinfeld on a song like this, but somehow it works.  This is such a fun song, whether you’re dancing at a party or by yourself in your room.

Sweet Amnesia- Emeryld

This may not be the end of the summer fun party song, but it’s completely beautiful. It picks you up and throws you down and somehow manages to be calming and angry at the same time.

Come- Jain (Frank Pole Remix)

Try not to sing along by the end of this song.  I dare you. Pulling from a more indie/folky style mixed with a brighter chorus, this will be stuck in your head on repeat for hours.

Beauty From the Ashes (Fedde le Grande)

I can appreciate this song alone simply because it sends a message of rising up from the ashes and getting yourself back together, however what I think makes it worth listening to is not only the beautiful sweeping drops, but that unlike most songs of empowerment {think Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger” and Hailee Steinfeld’s “Love Myself”} It doesn’t have the usual powerful, bright, in your face chorus and instead sends the point in an darker, softer {if you can count drops soft}, yet equally powerful way.

The Ocean- Mike Perry

In case you haven’t already heard this song on the radio 100 times, I’m putting it here again. This song is gorgeous, from crystal clear vocals to beautiful drops reminiscent of well, the ocean.

All of the songs here are available full length for free on Spotify!  If you have any song recommendations for me, leave them below and let me know your thoughts on these songs, I’d love to hear them!

Love and Stay Preppy,

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