Wrapping up 2016- Favorite Blog Posts + 2016 Highlights!

December 31, 2016

It’s the final edge of 2016 before we jump into 2017, and all I can say is THANK GOODNESS. 2016 needs to END. IT’S GOT TO GO.

Despite my evident hatred of the mess that was 2016, I did have quite a few blog posts that I absolutely adored, and while my stat lines tell me and you probably know which ones you liked best, I thought I’d take a moment to look back on the ones that were my favorites.

*Guys I got super nostalgic while looking through my old posts to gather my favorites and I definitely wasn’t expecting that. Crazy to see what’s happened in just a year.

8. “Awe, Your Really Gonna Love This Post…- How to Correct Your Online Grammar Mistakes and
      Stop Trying to Give me an Anxiety Attack”
    While this may not have been one of my most successful posts page view wise this year, I loveddd writing this post.  As someone who makes it a point to always always be {relatively} grammatically

correct, it was fun putting a sarcastic twist on an otherwise boring grammar lesson for the internet troll in all of us.

7. “Georgetown Cupcake- Tips and Tricks on How to Visit the DC Cupcakes Phenomenon”

     Being a fan of DC Cupcakes for several years I of course wanted to visit Georgetown Cupcake. Despite having been to D.C. several times, I hadn’t managed to visit Georgetown Cupcake until early 2016. While I was very aware of the long line the bakery attracts, I never fully realize just. how. slow. that line moves. I liked being able to hopefully prevent some pointless waiting time to other Georgetown Cupcake visitor hopefuls.


6. “25 Things You May Not Know About Me”
      This post was kind of cool to write just because I had to really think about what 25 completely random facts were somewhat important to me and that even some of my friends might not even know. The post turned into an interesting introduction to me for new or even longtime readers!

5. “Boston- A Travel Guide to the Popular, and the Hidden Secrets”
After spending 5 1/2 weeks living, dancing, and running around exploring Boston, it definitely became a special place to me. I loved being able to pass on some of the hidden secrets the city has to offer and travel tips I discovered.

4. “When the Little Black Dress Becomes the Little Pink Dress”
This was the very first look from the very first shoot I ever did with Ashley Beard, it was slightly freezing that day and I had no idea how to pose for a photographer but this is still one of my favorite dresses, this is still one of my favorite outfits, and these are still some of my favorite photos. If you’re looking for a photographer in the Twin Cities area, Mo Ashley is always a pleasure to work with {seriously, somehow she managed to teach me how not to look awkward in front of a camera in an hour}!

3. “Classic Stripes Take a POP”
If you want a look that perfectly describes what I’m wearing on a given day, this is it. The perfect striped top, my absolute favorite skirt, and a classic pair of pumps. End of story.

HAYDIN. If you’re reading this, I’m blown away by how much talent you have for someone so young. Working with you on these photos was hilarious and fun and I’m in love with all of them. If I’m ever in Nashville, you better bet you’ll be getting a call for another shoot.

2. “E Spotted in New York…Again”
In August I took my second trip to New York and managed to hit some of the more touristy spots and a few unexpected spots that I hasn’t seen before. Somehow it turned into a semi-decent New York mini travel guide and I love it.

1. “E Spotted on the Steps of the Met: XOXO, The Preppy Ballerina”
I’ll admit- content-wise, this really wasn’t my strongest post, but it is definitely one of my fondest memories from this year. Ever since I can remember I’ve been absolutely dying to visit New York City and in May, it finally happened. I was in the city for an audition and had literally 24 hours there, but the whirlwind trip still managed to be one of my favorites from this year. Here’s to much more New York in 2017.

-Amongst all the photographers I worked with this year, Mo Ashley and Haydin Olivia were two of my favorite!  I love how the photos from both of these photographers turned out.

-Going to my first event as press was a really cool and fun experience!  College Fashion Week was incredible fun, thanks for inviting me!

-I FINALLY PURCHASED MY DOMAIN!  3 1/2 years later and I finally gave in. It was about time.

Love and Stay Preppy,
P.S. If you have any standout posts of mine from this year leave them below!  I’m interested to see what you thought.  🙂

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