Kate Spade Cedar Street Stacy Wallet Review

January 23, 2017

If there’s one thing you need to organize your life, your purse, and your finances, it’s a wallet. For years, I never quite realized the importance of having a really nice wallet, and somehow tried to get by by throwing all of my cash, IDs, cards, and receipts into something like a single compartment wristlet or an ID case. The issue?  I absolutely never knew where anything was. Cash and cards were hidden between layers of receipts, change fell straight to the bottom, and don’t even get me started on trying to find my IDs, because it would probably take me at least five minutes to do so.

Now don’t get me wrong, wristlets are absolutely fantastic when you’re running around on the go, or going to an event, really. Just not so much when they’re your primary form of organization, at least, not for me {if it works for you, I’m very jealous}.

After struggling for so long, I finally gave in and bought an actual wallet. When I finally decided I wanted one, however, I had no idea what I actually wanted. The tri-fold wallet just seemed to bulky, and like it won’t fit in smaller crossbody bags. The zip around wallets all seemed like they were much too big for smaller bags, and I was concerned that many of them didn’t open all the way, something I found inconvenient when trying to get cards out of the flat slots.

After months of searching {seriously. That actually happened and that was actually way too much time to try to find a decent wallet. I’m saving you the months.} I came across the Kate Spade Stacy Wallet.

Lovelies, I’m in love. What’s perfect about this wallet is that it has plenty of space for various cards {12 slots} as well as plenty of space for bills and receipts {two billfolds, each with two slots}, and has a zippered pocket on the back perfect for change, BUT is still a really slim and sleek wallet.


That large polka dot print you see is the lining, there’s clear plastic over it for your ID! I just removed my ID for the photo. I show you guys a lot of photos of me, but trust me, my ID photo is not one you want to see.


Of course, I purchased it in a light/platinum gold color. As you all know, gold is a neutral for me and this wallet matches basically everything I own, a definite plus!

Initially, I was concerned that the wallet wouldn’t stay closed, or that things would fall out because the only closure is a single snap, however that’s proved to be absolutely no problem. The snap is really secure and has yet to unexpectedly open, and the leather interior holds everything in place perfectly.

Kate Spade really came through with options on this style, offering tons of pretty colors, prints and textures {I’ve done some pre-shopping for you and have linked my favorites in the gallery below, I’m personally tempted to purchase the light pink and beautiful new rose print ones}, and also two different sizes.  I have the original, smaller size, which I think is perfect, but if you’re someone who prefers something a little larger, it’s out there!

I’m really pleasantly surprised with how much I really do like, and really do use this wallet and am sure that it will be the first of many, with so many different options it’s difficult to pick just one!

Love and Stay Preppy,


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  1. Great review! This wallet is so pretty, I really love the floral option as well.

  2. Love this wallet. Kate Spade has to be one of my favorite designers

  3. IamNicholesf says:

    I really like this wallet. Great review.

  4. Chloe says:

    This is such a cute wallet! 🙂 Looks super slim and chic! Been looking to invest in a good wallet, I love the pink one the most!

    xo, Chloe // http://funinthecloset.com/state-mind-wearing-tie-dye/

  5. This pretty much nailed it. Ive recently invested in a good wallet and I am so glad i did. My cards, coins and cash are in order and there is even space for my phone 🙂

  6. This is a nice wallet. I especially like the pink one. I have always carried nice wallets and I like to change them every 3 months and use a different style or colour. I like having my things in order.

  7. This might sound strange, but I love wallets! I have so many, and this Kate Spade wallet is lovely! It really does make a nice difference in being/feeling organized when you have a good one! Love this one!

  8. I enjoy Kate Spade as a designer! She knows how to add structure and practicality along with making her items chic. The wallet looks great, I'm loving gold this season!


  9. Wow such a sleek design.Love the colour and practical design
    Would love to try this out

  10. Wow such a sleek design.Love the colour and practical design
    Would love to try this out

  11. Harris Smith says:

    nice wallet review . all are good looking .
    tyni wallet .

  12. They are primarily designed and sized to hold a lot of cash or currency and just a few cards, IDs and other items. In reality, most of us carry lots of cards, photos, and receipts, but little or no cash. https://casaubinhminh.com/

  13. Mark Roberts says:

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