Sephora Caudalie Birthday Gift 2017 Review

March 10, 2017

Y’all. I’m having my paycheck divided evenly and deposited directly to Lilly Pulitzer, Chanel, and Sephora. Seriously.

Between liquid lipsticks from Huda Beauty and Ciaté nail polish, it’s rare for me to walk out of Sephora without wanting to buy something.

Even if shopping at Sephora isn’t something you’d usually {or ever} do, signing up for Sephora’s Beauty Insider program gives you a free makeup gift on your birthday, even if you don’t make a purchase {granted that you redeem it in-store}!

This year, the choice came between a Tarte gift with their Tartiest Creamy Matte Lip Paint in Birthday Suit and Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Paaarty, or a Caudalie skincare gift featuring their Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet and Vinoperfect Serum.

I’ve tried Tarte products several times before, and while I do like them, I didn’t love the colors in this year’s gift, and wanted to try something new, so I opted for the Caudalie.

Being someone who isn’t really skincare obsessed {but has really sensitive skin}, I figured this would be a fantastic way to try something that I wouldn’t ever normally reach for.

Although my birthday was at the beginning of January, I figured I’d try these products for a few months so I could give you a more in-depth opinion, something necessary when deciding on skincare products!


First Impression: Great consistency, smell a little off

In the reviews for this moisturizer, you’ll quickly find that one of the main points of conflict for this moisturizer is the smell. Some think it smell okay, others absolutely horrible, and some can’t smell it at all. While the moisturizer definitely doesn’t have the fruits and florals of L’Occitane, I don’t think Caudalie was going for a scented product in creating this.  I do really like this moisturizer, it’s light and has a fantastic, almost whipped, consistency. My main complaint is that when I wake up in the morning, my face looks greasy and oily from the moisturizer {I get that skin has natural oil, however this is bad}. As far as I can tell, this residue hasn’t caused any major breakouts, but it is kind of annoying. Caudalie recommends using this twice a day, with or without the Vinosource Serum. I tried following these guidelines, however didn’t like the idea of putting on this moisturizer knowing it leaves residue then putting makeup on top of it, so I only use it in the evening and it’s been fine.

The Bottom Line: The price is a little more expensive than I would prefer for the quality of this product {I feel as if $30 or $32 would be more reasonable to account for the residue}, however what’s fantastic is that you only really need a small amount of product to use it and it is a really nice moisturizer.


First Impression: Lovely scent, cooling

Of the two products in the gift, this was what I was most excited/curious about. I’m probably way out of the skincare loop, but I hadn’t really seen a product like this before. The consistency is somehow both runny and kind of creamy, but regardless, it comes in a glass bottle using a dropper for application, which is, in my opinion, slightly genius for this type of product. The serum spread really well, which makes it possible to cover your skin with only a small amount of serum. The serum feels fantastic. It’s cooling and calming making it both the best way to calm down your skin at the end of the day, and to start your beauty routine at the beginning of the day. Caudalie does recommend using this product twice a day, once in the evening and once in the morning, which unlike the Vinoperfect Moisturizer, I do follow. I usually apply the serum right when I wake up, get dressed, check my phone etc., then continue applying my makeup, just to give it a chance to dry and set in before I apply makeup on top of it. I would’ve never reached for this on a shelf, however I’m glad this was in the birthday gift for this year, because I can honestly say that it is one of the best products I’ve found to cool and calm my skin.

The Bottom Line: At $79, this serum doesn’t come inexpensively, however it doesn’t take much product to use it, and it is truly a fantastic skincare product. When this trial runs out, I’ll definitely be tempted to repurchase.

As  someone who was completely new to Caudalie prior to trying these products, I can honestly say that I’m impressed. While I had seen some of my fellow bloggers try {and love} the products, I’m always a skeptic, especially when it comes to skincare. If the rest of the Caudalie line is anything like these products, they’re definitely worth giving a try!

Love and Stay Preppy,
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  1. Maral Alto says:

    I've heard good things about this caudalie product! Going on my wish ♥ list now.

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