Where I Stand Now – Week of March 5th

March 8, 2017

I been informed as of recently that I never update you all as to what’s actually happening in my life, so I’m launching this series in an attempt to remedy that. I’ll post a little update for you every Wednesday, it’ll probably be fun, probably be a little sarcastic, and sometimes a little too ponderous.

So without further adieu, here’s the life of E:

CURRENTLY –  Sitting in the Minneapolis Central Library typing to you all. The stacks at this library are my happy place {because they have Vogue issues dating back to January 1966 and spanning through the present day}. The only thing that could possibly be better is finding an archive/stacks that had every issue of Vogue dating back to 1892-1905.  Until then, I’m perfectly happy with my favorite little study spot in these stacks.

WATCHING – New Girl, obviously. Until this season ends, you better bet that’s what I’ll be watching every Tuesday/Wednesday. I call it the updated version of “Friends.”

WONDERING – What in the world the Dior Fall/Winter ’17 show was. Please bring me Raf Simons or Christian Dior himself to fix this situation.
Of course, the show did have a few looks I couldn’t help but love because well, Dior is my favorite, but overall I was disappointed that the iconic fashion house seems to have lost touch with it’s original ultra-femme roots. Christian Dior did ballgowns, sparkle, ruffles, and detail like no one else. He did not do Calvin Klein wannabe and Justin Timberlake from the 2001 VMAs {If you don’t know what I’m talking about, click on this link to see the Dior logo walking down the runway in Calvin Klein font and this link to see Dior’s monochromatic denim on denim combination}. Overall, I do understand that Chiuri will have a different, unique vision for Dior, however I think there’s a way for her to combine her style with Dior’s roots a little more seamlessly. In my opinion, this was just too much of a harsh contrast, however was still incredibly safe in that it was designed to satisfy today’s trends instead of portray Dior’s vision for fashion. I feel as if Dior has a level of whimsy and imagination to their house, and this collection just didn’t show it. That being said, I’m a big fan of this coat {the tailoring is fantastic}, and I’m in love with the skirt of this dress {the styling and fit, however, has got to go}.

OVER-DEBATING – Current politics and other U.S. socioeconomic and political theories. Not that I’m complaining. I love love talking politics and current events {for a couple years I seriously considered being a career politician}, but I think I’m starting to annoy many most of the people I’ve been debating with who would rather just try to forget that politics even exists.

OBSESSING – Over this Kate Spade agenda. I’ve decided that even though I already have my Lilly one, I absolutely 100% need this one in my life too. I’m planning on using it as a blog/social media planner, so luckily I have a legitimate reason to have it in my life. My posting schedule across all of my channels has been a mess lately.

MISSING – New York. I really really miss New York. Actually I really miss traveling in general, but especially New York. Hopefully I’ll be back soon. 😉

STRESSED – Because it’s finals, and I have approximately 15 open orders to complete and ship out by the end of this week, and I start my new job next week. Oh yeah, and I still can’t find a photographer in the Twin Cities {if you are, or if you know of one here, please PLEASE let me know}.

EXCITED – Because I’ve decided to start integrating YouTube videos into this blog!  I stopped doing hauls a while ago because they were difficult to photograph and edit, and because they got realllly long, but just filming everything is so much easier and should be more entertaining for all of you! I’ll also start doing more travel vlogs, I’m glad you all seemed to like the last one!

So there it is, a small snapshot of my life this week!  Until next post,

Love and Stay Preppy,




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  1. What a thoughtful series! I pray that your finals go well and that you're able to get your orders out successfully!

  2. Very cool stream of thoughts. Thank you for sharing and good luck on finals.

  3. I absolutely LOVE the idea behind this post! It was nice to get a run down of YOU and learn more about you! I may have to steal your idea one of these days. XO

  4. Oh I love vintage fashion and classic pieces, I can only imagine the inspiration from those past copies of Vogue. Congratulations on your new job! Sounds like this week is truly a busy one! Looking forward to your integrating YouTube into your blog, I hope to do the same with mine very soon as well! Wishing you a happy rest of the week!
    Maria| http://www.noonetocompare.com

  5. Awesome series! It sounds like you are having a great time. Will check back to see other updates.

  6. Ellie Chan says:

    I love this idea of writing what you love, stress about, miss… etc… I love flipping through old copies of Fashion magazines too!


  7. Love the way you write your post. You have an easy way to connect with your readers. I agree with most of your mentioned issues, especially on politics! Yikes!


  8. I too love flipping through old magazines. To find a vogue that is dated back to the 60's is classic. Will keep an eye out for your next update:)

  9. theivoryfawn says:

    I've really been thinking about starting a series like this on my blog… I think you've sparked my inspiration even more:) Also, love sitting in libraries, being surround by books! Would love to flip through Vogue magazines dating back to the 60's!


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