Airport Essentials for Any Flight

July 10, 2017

Of all the things that can make traveling go wrong, being uncomfortable at the airport or on a flight seems to be at the top of that list.

Luckily, before you make the same mistakes I have, you can learn from mine! I’ve compiled a short list of items that can make long flights and even longer layovers much more bearable.

{Going clockwise from top left}

1. S’well Bottle – While at first I completely, totally, and utterly, did not understand what made this particular water bottle so special, two bottles later I am a full and 100% supporter of the S’well bottle. When S’well claims that water can stay cold in there for up to 24 hours, they aren’t kidding. What makes the S’well bottle so completely ideal for airports is that ice really does last an extraordinary amount of time in there {full S’well review coming soon}. When having to refill water bottles in airports or taking one on the plane for several hours, having chilled instead or lukewarm water is definitely something you’ll appreciate.

2. Ted Baker Cosmetic Bag – My Ted Baker cosmetic bag was probably one of the best purchases I’ve ever made when it comes to cosmetic bags because it’s just so easy to clean. Really any cosmetic bag with a plastic shell instead of a traditional fabric outer is so easy to just wipe down and clean instead of having to throw it in the laundry or take it to be cleaned. Little cosmetic bags are perfect for traveling just to toss pens, hand sanitizer, lip balm, etc. into so they don’t end up getting lost in the black hole called the bottom of your carry-on. When in the air and changing air pressure with liquids, you really don’t want to have to worry about something accidentally leaking and ruining your favorite bag too.

3. Hinge Bow Back Cardigan – The idea here is really any open and longer cardigan. I highly recommend bringing a cozy sweater or fleece to the airport. I cannot stress enough how many times I’ve shown up to the airport in shorts and a lightweight top just to be hit with cold air in the airport and even colder air for several hours on the plane. An open and longer cardigan such as this one is the perfect way to be comfortable, stay warm, and still look at least semi-chic and put-together while traveling. The trick to travel is dressing in layers, and with this one, you can always use it to double as a small blanket on the plane.

4. Wireless Earbuds – Let’s be clear — any flight I show up to forgetting my earbuds is more than likely not going to be a good flight. Between music, movies, podcasts, and just generally trying to tune out the sounds of other people and *ahem* engines, earbuds are a must.

5. Crabtree and Evelyn Hand Therapy – You all already know that I can’t say enough good things about this tiny bottle of sheer hand cream goodness and because it’s all true. This stuff is my only trusted hand therapy for dry hands, and when traveling, having to deal with dry hands and airport security is just not something that should have to happen.

6. Kate Spade Scarf – Just like with the cardigan, scarves are an ideal layer to have because they’re easy to just take off and tie around a bag when you get warm, but can also double as an extra layer on planes and in airports as well. Ideally, I usually try to go for one that has at least some cashmere in it so it’s both soft and warm.

Any airport essentials of yours that I missed? Comment below if so and if you’re interested in seeing a part two of this little series!

Love and Stay Preppy,

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