DIY Easy Glitter Glam Manicure

January 15, 2018

There’s a reason my nails typically have two states of being: completely au naturale or perfectly done by a professional. When I do my manicure myself, my nails tend to look like a three year old tried finger painting for the first time or like I did them in the dark. In a cave. In the depths of the ocean.


Knowing that I can’t always count on other people to be doing my nails, I’ve created a manicure that only requires two or three different nail polish colors and none of those additional special brushes {that I always end up losing anyway}. This manicure gets me compliments every time I leave my house, partially because it looks way more difficult than it actually is, and partially because um, sparkles. 💁🏻




-A base polish in the color of your choice {I’ll be using Deborah Lippmann’s “Life is Rosy” because I’m a lover of all things light pink and involving roses}

-A shimmer polish similar in color to your base {optional, but I’ll always say yes to extra sparkles. I’m using Sinful Color’s “Light Peach,” but it’s honestly more of a true shimmery light pink than peach. Best if your shimmer is sheer so it blends into your base polish like a beauty blender blends that highlight.}

-A glitter polish of your choice {I’m using one of my all time favorites — a Sephora by OPI shade that’s no longer available, but this is similar. This manicure really works best if you can find a glitter polish that has both larger and smaller flecks of glitter in a bottle}

-A top coat {optional if you’re me and can’t be bothered with it}

-Elmer’s Glue {optional if you need this manicure to come off ASAP}


-Paint on your base nail polish color. I recommend using 1-2 coats if you’re using a shimmer polish as well, or 2-3 if you’re not

NAIL HACK: Need this manicure for one night and not the next? Avoid harming your nails and skin with harsh nail polish remover by painting on a layer of Elmer’s School Glue and letting it dry before painting on your base polish color.


I told you, didn’t I? Me trying to paint my nails is like trying to do one of those absurdly detailed adult coloring books — I just can’t stay in the lines.


-If want to use a shimmer polish like I am, now’s the time! Paint 1-2 coats of your shimmer polish over the base coat.


-Onto the glitter — paint two coats of your glitter polish {or until you get the level of sparkle you desire} on just the bottom half of your nail.


-Paint one coat of your glitter polish on your entire nail and finish up with a topcoat if preferred {I never do, why add an extra step if the glitter is a clear polish anyway?} and voila! You have a glittery manicure perfect for an event or just everyday that didn’t even require any striping brushes or painter’s tape {or require you to drip nail polish into cups of water and carefully submerge your finger. Oh, the water marble trend}.


Below I’ve linked the nail polish I used in this DIY + a few others because a girl’s gotta have options, you know?





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