10 Free Whimsical NYC iPhone Wallpapers

February 12, 2018

Lightroom has become a game-changer for me. Although I was initially terrified to learn how to use it, I’ve been having fun experimenting with how far I can push the photo editing limits on both Lightroom and Photoshop. Inspired by Matt Crump’s, candy minimal project, I’ve been editing photos in what I call the “cotton candy style.” After receiving so much positive feedback on them on Instagram and Facebook, I’ve decided to release ten of my cotton candy-inspired edits as iPhone wallpapers for all of you!



Although my editing skills are no where even near Matt’s, I’ve really been liking experimenting with and pushing the colors on these photos. The majority of these were taken in New York City {some even out of my own window}. There are a few exceptions, London and Minneapolis were just too photogenic not to edit!


DUMBO, Brooklyn


East Village, Manhattan {from 10 stories up}

Parsons + The New School University Center, 63 5th Avenue

The World Trade Center

{Same perspective, different building}

Union Square Park, 14th St and University Avenue

The London Eye

Betty Danger’s Country Club, Minneapolis, Minnesota


All of these wallpapers were taken with and sized for the iPhone 7. If you’d like different dimensions {iPhone 7 plus, iPhone 10, etc.} let me know in the comments below, and I’ll consider doing a part two! I think it could be fun to continue making these iPhone wallpapers for every city I visit. My three favorites from this collection have to be the DUMBO wallpaper, the Parsons wallpaper, and the Minneapolis wallpaper. I might be slightly biased, though. I go to Parsons {see a day in my life there here}, and I’m originally from Minnesota! I’m also loving the colors of the World Trade shots. Maybe that’s just my slight obsession with the color pink. 😉






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