Self Portrait Hexagon Lace Mini Dress + A Brooklyn Rooftop

February 21, 2018

I’ve been known to find myself in a lot of interesting situations during NYFW, but this season happened to be particularly crazy. From laundromat photo shoots at 1 am to climbing up five stories of grated stairs and a slightly sketchy ladder in a Self Portrait mini dress and pumps for a rooftop shoot, I had no idea what New York Fashion Week had in store for me this season.


This dress has to be one of  the most interesting pieces in my closet. I’m usually not one for mixing types of lace, but somehow in this dress it just works {something Self Portrait is known for in general}. The light blue pairs well with deeper burgundy, navy, and black, making this dress a fantastic transition piece between seasons. Although it’s technically called a “mini” dress, the length is longer than many of the dresses I own. To be quite honest, it’s really a perfect length on me {for reference, I’m 5’6″}. I wouldn’t feel uncomfortable wearing a dress this length to a school event, networking party, etc.


I don’t know about you all, but if I have multiple pairs of shoes I can wear with one clothing piece I’m all for it. All the different colors in this dress make it easy to pair with navy, black, grey, burgundy, gold, silver, light blue, teal, you get the idea. The dress has quickly become one of the most color versatile pieces I own.



Alright, so now that I’ve explained the dress and the shoes and the styling, it’s time I explain how I was so poorly prepared to climb up to a rooftop in Williamsburg.


Here’s what happened:


Two of my friends here at Parsons, Yaron Erkin {photographer} and Jose Thompson {photographer and aspiring Instagram model}, and I had plans to shoot at the lovely Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, Monday at 3 pm.


Parsons teaches us a lot of really wonderful things in the realm of design, engineering, technology, sustainability, and art, but evidently they didn’t teach us anything about how to use our technology to design and engineer a successful schedule. Right when we got on the subway, we finally checked the hours of the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens are closed every Monday. Like all day, every. single. Monday. Trying to think of a decent place to shoot that wasn’t going to be crowded or full of tourists, we switched trains and made our way to Williamsburg {aka the big small town of New York City. Williamsburg is adorable}. We walked down the streets trying to find an okay place to shoot, one thing led to another, and all of a sudden I was climbing a very narrow ladder in my 3.5″ heels and Self Portrait lace mini. Which, might I add, I did successfully.


Despite all the craziness, what was originally a disappointment turned into an amazing surprise and new discovery for all us.

Yes, maybe it pained me slightly to be sitting on a rooftop in such a gorgeous dress, but all in all it was 100% worth it.


Below I’ve linked everything I’m wearing in this post.




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  1. Absolutely stunning dress!! Love it!

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