Easter Dress Guide – Dresses Perfect for Church and Family

Let’s rewind to a few days ago. With Easter just a few weeks away, I needed an Easter dress, and what place could possibly have more options than the internet? After scrolling through a few of my favorite websites, my mind was baffled. Everything was too short, or too low cut, or too casual, or too formal, or too dark, or all around just downright inappropriate for Easter. Now with Easter being one of the most significant Christian holidays, I just don’t think that a 1 OAK worthy dress is really acceptable for the occasion. Especially when a family-filled dinner usually follows {at least in my family}!


Admittedly, I scrolled through hundreds of dresses vetting for the “church appropriate, family appropriate, Easter appropriate” dresses for more hours than I really should have. Now, I’m sharing the best options I found with all of you, to save you the time and stress when searching for an Easter dress! Wow, I think I just unintentionally rhymed.

Every price point, multiple hemlines, different sleeve lengths, bottom line: options. They’re even color organized, click to the right to see the cooler colors!

I understand that everyone’s churches and families have different dress codes and expectations when it comes to what is considered appropriate attire. Your church frowns on exposed shoulders but you fell in love with a strapless dress? No problem! Throw on a lightweight cardigan or add a wrap to keep your look classy while still remaining modest. My personal favorites to pair with an Easter dress are white, mint, light pink, and light blue to keep the outfit sweet and springy.





  1. March 15, 2018 / 2:32 pm

    Since Easter is early this year, sweaters are a must! Spring dresses are fun but they can be quite chilly.

    The Pink Paperdoll

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