How to: Easy Geometric Manicure in Just Three Swipes

April 17, 2018

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my short, but productive life, it’s that there’s a reason I pay manicurists. I’ll scroll through hundreds of nail art goals on Instagram and I even have a whole board dedicated to cool nail art ideas on Pinterest, but when it comes to me doing my own nails, they tend to look more like I did them in the dark and using one of my fingers instead of a brush to paint on the polish. A few months ago, I shared this ultra easy glitter manicure that even I can’t mess up. Now, I’m back with a sleeker, more minimalist geometric manicure that’s just as easy. As a matter of fact, I’ve done this manicure in just three swipes.


geometric french tip manicure beauty hack hacks deborah lippmann gray grey light pink silver nail polish jason wu lacquer easy quick simple minimalist nail art tutorial


My grey nail polish {I unexpectedly LOVE this color, the consistency of the polish is amazing} | My silver nail polish {this is such a stunner on} | My pink nail polish {my go-to color!}


For this manicure, you’ll need:

-A base polish {this is mine}

-A solid accent color {what I’m using}

-A metallic accent color {one of my favorite chrome polishes to date}

-A topcoat {I usually use this one. Mostly because it’s only like $1.99 and honestly pretty good for the price. I tend to get excited and put on topcoat before things are fully dry, so I can’t justify buying an expensive topcoat knowing that I’ll just get it murky from the not quite dry nail polish I get on the brush.}



This manicure is so simple, that the photo basically explains itself! That being said, there’s definitely a few ways to do this manicure best:



-Start with your base polish color. Don’t make this coat too thick, or it won’t dry all the way. This is going to be annoying later when you try to paint on your accent colors and end up getting your base color on the brush of your accent color. I recommend doing two coats of your base color. With the polish I’m using, that was enough to keep my nails semi-sheer and give them a little bit of color without making them look too bare or like they were obviously pink. If you have a moderate amount of nail polish on your brush and start painting at the center bottom of your nail, you can get this done in one swipe of the brush!



Using your first accent color, paint a clean strip at an angle going from just under the white of your nail to the opposite corner. I switched off accent colors every nail, so that the color on top changed with each nail.



-After your first accent color dries, pending that polish is opaque, take your second accent color and paint a strip going from just under the nail tip white of the other side of your nail to the opposite corner.


-Wait until everything is completely dry, and you’re done! Finish off with a top coat if you want to seal in the manicure and make it last just a little bit longer.







geometric french tip manicure beauty hack hacks deborah lippmann gray grey light pink silver nail polish jason wu lacquer easy quick simple minimalist nail art tutorial

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