7 Essential Types of Handbags Every Girl Needs

As someone who’s bought way too many handbags in their lifetime, I’ve managed to buy a few I thought I needed and rarely use, and has had several I was missing in my collection that I could’ve desperately used sooner. Once again, my mistakes are your gain, as I’ve gotten the perfect handbags every woman could use in her life down to a science.

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{Listed from left to right, going down, starting at the top left}

1. The Small Yet Spacious Crossbody
There’s two main problems with crossbody handbags in this world: they’re ether flat and barely able to fit an iPhone, or they’re so big that they cold fit an entire math textbook. By having something that’s a happy medium, you’ll have a bag that’s big enough for everything you need, but small enough that it doesn’t feel like you’re dragging around more handbag than you are actual items in your bag.

2. The Larger Than Life Tote
This bag is an absolute essential. It’s the handbag you grab when you have just too much stuff to carry, as your classy school or work bag, or when you’re spending a weekend away and just packing the essentials. No matter what you’re using it for {and trust me, there are several}, this bag should be classic, and able to match just about anything and everything.

3. The Everyday Satchel
You’re not headed somewhere where you’d only need your phone and a few cards, but you’re also not dashing off with your laptop and a change of clothing in tow. That’s where this bag comes in. It’s large enough to hold your phone, a notebook, your full-sized wallet, and probably also a few makeup items and your phone charge and extra battery, but not so big that it’s heavy and annoying to drag around

4. The Wristlet
Day at Disney? Headed around the corner to the market? Enter the wristlet. It’s small, easy, no-fuss, and bare minimum essentials, perfect for the casual grab-and-go when you’re running out of the house. It’s also incredibly easy to take day to night thanks to the basic, classic, style!

5. The Cosmetic Pouch
To be clear,  I’m not recommending this as an actual handbag, but because every woman should own at least 10 of these to organize her handbags. They’re lifesavers, seriously.

6. One Basic Dressier Clutch
I never thought I’d actually need this bag, and to be honest, you never think you do until you do. Formal event? Clutch. Fancy date? Clutch. Fundraising gala? Clutch. You can even pair the right basic dressy clutch with a casual outfit such as distressed jeans and a baggy sweater with a dressy clutch to create an interesting juxtaposition of styles that somehow still works.

7. The Classic Luxury Piece
I think in the perfect world, we’d all have a closet full of luxury handbags, regardless, there’s something so special about even having one. This may not be the most important essential handbag on this list, however the right luxury handbag will withstand the test of time way longer than the $30 bag from Target. One thing to remember when contemplating whether or not to invest in luxury is that luxury handbags have a fairly decent resale value if cared for properly. I’ve even seen some pieces go for over retail, especially if they’re in a a color or material that was created in a limited quantity!

What are your favorite handbags in your collection? Let me know in the comments down below!





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