8 Tips for Visiting Wynwood in Miami, Florida

Miami’s Wynwood Art District is arguably one of the most iconic neighborhoods in Miami. Filled with art and local eateries, Wynwood is full of culture and life. After briefly living in Miami, and returning several times since, I can truly say that a trip to Miami is not complete without a visit to the walls. I’ve been to Wynwood Walls and the Wynwood Art District several times and am now sharing what I’ve learned with you!

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When the official Wynwood Walls was unveiled in 2009, Wynwood was still synonymous with being a relatively shady, unsafe neighborhood in Miami. Even when I initially visited in late 2015, I was warned by locals not to stay too far after dark in the area.

I returned to Miami in early 2017, and again in spring 2019. Every time I return, it’s amazing to see just how much more the neighborhood has developed and grown in a short amount of time. As a result of Wynwood’s increased exposure and popularity, it is much safer than when I initially went.

If you want to get that perfect shot against the walls, you’ll need to go as early in the day as possible to avoid crowds. I recommend going on a weekday instead of a weekend, if possible.

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What keeps me coming back is that the walls are constantly changing. Coming only a year and a half apart, half of the walls I saw on my first visit had been painted over with something new. You’ll likely never have two visits that are exactly the same. With that being said, don’t come expecting to hunt down a set of specific walls you saw on Instagram. While yes, several have been around for years, certain walls change more quickly than other. Between my second and third trips, a wall I photographed {left} was painted over to the mural on the right. If you’d like a feel for the walls currently in the area, I recommend looking under the most recent images on the Wynwood Walls Instagram geotag.

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The cafés, restaurants, and bars in Wynwood are known for their artsy feel and cultural flair. For a night out with your friends, Wynwood really can’t be beat.

Have a casual bite at Coyo Taco, or a sit down meal at one of my personal favorites, Joey’s Italian Café. Joey’s was actually the first restaurant to open in the Wynwood Arts District back in 2008!

1-800-Lucky is one of the best restaurants in Wynwood—this open air food hall boasts all kinds of Asian food vendors such as popular Taiyaki NYC, and Usagi Tokyo. You’ll find everything from Thai to Japanese, along with the occasional DJ. 1-800-Lucky is also a great place for late night food in Wynwood as it stays open until 3 am from Thursday to Sunday, and is located near trendy concert venue, Oasis Wynwood.

Despite being a chain, the Joe and the Juice on 2nd Ave is one of the cutest spots on the whole block. It also has some fantastic juices and smoothies!

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I wholeheartedly believe that the best color to wear at Wynwood Walls {if you don’t want to do five outfit changes}, is white. This way, you know your outfit won’t clash with the walls you want to shoot at. Any bright color will also do to help you stand out against the walls!

The piece above is by world renowned muralist, Shepard Fairey aka Obey the Giant. I’m a huge Shepard Fairey fan myself, and this mural is what initially got me into his work! By wearing white, I was able to pop out agains the busy mural.

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Wynwood Walls technically refers to the gated set of walls located at 2520 NW 2nd Ave, however the art expands way past that! Wandering up and down 2nd Ave as well as the surrounding side streets will open your eyes to some really amazing installations. For the true art aficionado, Wynwood is also full of unique art galleries to explore as well. The mural below on the left is by famed artist Alec Monopoly, but is located a few blocks outside of the official Wynwood Walls.


As public transportation in Miami is nonexistent scarce, renting a car and driving or rideshare are the best options to get to Wynwood Walls. Street parking in Wynwood is $1.50/hour from 7am-2am, seven days a week, with a $10 limit. During special events, Wynwood parking goes up to $5/hour. Parking is very limited. You’ll need the PayByPhone app to park on the street. If you’re going to Wynwood during peak hours, expect to park several blocks away as your chances of parking nearby will be slim.

If you’re between renting a car or using rideshare, I recommend taking a Lyft to avoid the hassle of parking. Wynwood is close to Miami’s downtown area, and is a reasonably priced ride from South Beach.

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Wynwood wouldn’t have become as Instagram-iconic as it is without having some amazing photo opps! If you’re posing in front of the Instagrammable walls, keep these things in mind:

  • The neighborhood gets very little shade. If you visit on a sunny day, you will have a lot of direct, harsh light in your images. Avoid noon and early afternoon, especially. I recommend morning golden hour for the best photos without the crowds.
  • Stand away from the wall. This will help prevent strange shadows, and help to keep you in focus.
  • Bring a wide angle lens. As the outside walls are relatively squeezed in there, having even my 18-35mm lens meant that my photographer had to stand halfway in the street to get the shot.
  • iPhones are underrated when it comes to shooting in Wynwood. If you don’t have a wide angle lens, shooting on an iPhone is a great alternative for casual photography at Wynwood. I oftentimes take advantage of the panoramic camera feature while I’m there!
  • Visiting Miami as a solo traveler? No worries. Use this iPhone tripod attachment and phone remote to take your photos all yourself!
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Like any popular destination, Wynwood is full of tours. While tours typically really aren’t my thing, I do think that Wynwood has some particularly interesting ones. Visit Expedia to read reviews on several of the most popular tours. Wynwood Art Walk is one of the leading tour services. Their Golf Cart tour and Wynwood Street Art and Gallery Tour both offer a great overview of the Wynwood neighborhood. For those of age, they also offer a Wynwood Brewery and Art tour.


Although Wynwood Walls is inland, I would actually recommend staying on South Beach. South Beach is much more accessible to other things to do in Miami. It offers a wider variety of hotel options, from budget and quiet, to ultra-luxe and in the center of the party. Below are some of the best hotels in Miami:

Wynwood Walls FAQ

Is visiting Wynwood Walls free?

Wynwood Walls was previously free, however now charges admission. Admission is $12 for adults, and free for children under 12.

Where do you park to see Wynwood Walls?

Wynwood is mostly street parking, which fills up quickly. If you’re not in the mood to hunt for parking, there is a parking garage next to Wynwood Walls at 311 NW 26th St.

Is Wynwood worth visiting?

Yes! Whether you’re visiting the open-air museum, or just wandering the neighborhood, walking around Wynwood for a few hours is a must when in Miami. The neighborhood is home to some of the best street art in the United States.

Is it legal to do graffiti in Wynwood?

All of the amazing street art in Wynwood has been commissioned by Wynwood Walls, the neighborhood’s open-air street art museum, or by Wynwood businesses. Doing graffiti on your own is still illegal.

Are the Wynwood Walls lit up at night?

The Wynwood Walls are lit up at night, however street art in the neighborhood outside of the museum typically is not. For the full Wynwood Walls viewing experience, visit during the day to see all the colorful walls, and come back at night for the neighborhood’s popular nightlife.

Can you walk around Wynwood Walls?

Walking around the Wynwood Walls museum and the surrounding neighborhood is not just allowed, but encouraged. Wandering the neighborhood by walking is the best way to see all the street art—don’t stay in the car!

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