Is Ana Luisa Jewelry Actually Worth the Hype? I Tried it to Find Out

If there’s anything I love, it’s a good pair of earrings. As such, it’s been tough to ignore Brooklyn-based ethical jewelry company Ana Luisa, which has quickly become a favorite for everyday earrings. The brand went viral with its direct-to-consumer jewelry that doesn’t come with the high price tag of traditional jewelers, yet despite sifting through dozens of sponsored posts from influencers, I couldn’t find a comprehensive Ana Luisa review anywhere.

So, I bit the bullet.

Ana Luisa review.
Wearing the Ana Luisa Kodi Gold Huggie Hoops

I ordered Ana Luisa jewelry for myself to finally see what the fuss is about and if the brand is worth the social media hype.

Disclaimer: Though this article is unsponsored (I was not compensated by Ana Luisa to write it, nor was I given press samples for review), it does contain affiliate links, which I earn a small commission off at no expense to you.

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Ana Luisa review.

About Ana Luisa Jewelry

In 2018, Ana Luisa was founded by Adam Bohbot and David Benayoun in New York City to achieve three key pillars: providing consumers with quality jewelry that is sustainably and mindfully made at an accessible price point.

To Bohbot and Benayoun’s credit, they seem to be accomplishing that goal. In 2022, 75.5% of Ana Luisa’s jewelry was made from recycled base metals. The brand publishes a regular impact report and audits factories to ensure they adhere to ethical labor standards—proof that on-trend jewelry and fine metals don’t need to come at the cost of physical sacrifice.

Ensuring quality, the brand runs rigorous chemical and physical tests in addition to periodic onsite inspections to ensure that all of its jewelry is hypoallergenic and tarnish-resistant. Ana Luisa doesn’t just talk the talk when it comes to quality—they walk the walk by offering customers a two-year warranty on all jewelry, which, for pieces mostly under $100, sounds almost too good to be true.

Although the brand is best known for its earrings, Ana Luisa offers a range of styles, including rings, necklaces, bracelets, and charms. Customers can shop the affordable main range, or those looking for something more elevated can peruse Ana Luisa’s solid gold collection.

Ana Luisa huggie hoop earrings.

Ana Luisa Jewelry Quality

Does Ana Luisa’s jewelry quality live up to the brand’s claims?

Ana Luisa is best known for their Huggie Hoops—a collection of tiny, dainty hoop earrings perfect for everyday wear. I’m not typically one for minimalist jewelry (just ask my armoire of statement earrings and large studs), but when in Rome, right?

I caved and ordered the Kodi Gold Huggie Hoops, a pair of small gold hoops accented by three cubic zirconia stones, like an engagement ring. When I opened the box, I was a little disappointed—I knew the earrings would be small, but they were just a smidge smaller than I expected them to be (read: tiny).

I’m pleasantly surprised by the earrings’ quality. Admittedly, I purchased them with very low expectations. I have a healthy amount of skepticism toward viral brands, but my Ana Luisa earrings are the real deal.

The earrings are sturdy, sparkly, and well-made. Despite their small size, they don’t feel flimsy. Ana Luisa’s Huggie Hoop earrings open and close with a hinge, which is usually not my preference, but the earrings are easy to put on and really comfortable to wear, so it’s a non-issue for me.

Speaking of which, I love that my Ana Luisa earrings are comfortable to wear. I struggle with metal allergies and am no stranger to red, itchy ears, but my earrings are made of 14k gold over sterling silver, which means no allergic reactions for me, which is a huge bonus.

As previously mentioned, the Ana Luisa Huggie Hoops are small. If your piercings are higher up your lobe, or you have longer earlobes, you might find these a little uncomfortable to wear. For me, it wasn’t an issue at all.

Shop Ana Luisa jewelry by clicking below:

Ana Luisa jewelry.

Is Ana Luisa Jewelry Actually Sustainable?

In my eyes, Ana Luisa is sustainable and ethical. Good On You, a sustainability rating authority, agrees, rating Ana Luisa as “good” for its environmental impact and “it’s a start” for its labor. Good on You cites the brand manufacturing in countries with a high risk of labor abuse and failure to provide evidence of fair wages as reasons why Ana Luisa’s labor score is lacking.

In an effort to be transparent, Ana Luisa publishes a regular impact report in addition to the results of their latest supply chain audits. In 2022, it joined the Science Based Targets Initiative and completed its first Greenhouse Gas (GHG) inventory to better understand how the brand can further reduce carbon emissions.

To that point, Ana Luisa is carbon neutral, earning a Climate Neutral Certification multiple years.

In addition to its other sustainability ventures, Ana Luisa gives back to several local charities and organizations. The brand has donated over 13,000 pieces of preowned jewelry in the last two years and partners with the Princess Project and the North Brooklyn Angels.

Ana Luisa shipping packaging.

Ana Luisa Shipping

Ana Luisa offers free “No-Rush” shipping via USPS First Class Mail for all orders delivered within the domestic United States.

Free international shipping is available for orders that meet a minimum purchase amount, which varies by country. International shipping rates also vary by country.

When I ordered, shipping was expected to take five to seven business days, so I prepared myself for a lengthy wait. I was thrilled to find my order in my mailbox three business days after being placed. I ordered on November 4th and had my new earrings in my hands on November 8th.

That said, Ana Luisa ships all of its orders from New York, where I live. If I didn’t live in NYC, my order probably would have taken four or five business days to reach me.

My order arrived in a small cardboard box with minimal packaging inside. No unnecessary receipts or marketing materials, just a well-constructed jewelry bag with the earrings inside on a small card. I hate when products are shipped with tons of plastic and in packaging that’s way too big—Ana Luisa’s approach was thoughtful and easily recyclable.

Discover Ana Luisa by clicking the images below:

Ana Luisa Returns

Ana Luisa’s return policy isn’t the most outstanding I’ve ever seen, but it is solid. Returns can be made within 30 days of delivery if the original tags and packaging are intact. During the holidays, that window extends to 60 days.

A $5.99 fee is deducted from all returns to cover shipping. If you’re making an exchange, the brand will give you 20% back as store credit as a bonus.

Remember that all Ana Luisa sale products (“Last Chance”) are final sale, in addition to a few other miscellaneous items like chain extenders, extra earring backs, and mystery products.

I haven’t done an Ana Luisa return myself (though I’m very on the fence about whether these hoop earrings are too small for my feminine, maximalist taste), so I can’t speak to how easy the process is. However, customers who have made returns report that customer service at Ana Luisa is phenomenal.

Although I commend Ana Luisa for its effort to be environmentally friendly, I really, really wish that they’d put a return label in the box for easy returns—I rarely print anything at home these days.

Ana Luisa earrings.

Ana Luisa Pros

There are many reasons to love Ana Luisa, especially if you’re into trendy 70s to 90s style jewelry (plus, this wouldn’t be a complete Ana Luisa review without a few pros and cons).

  • Tarnish resistant (won’t turn your skin green)
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Sustainably made
  • Quality materials that will last
  • Above average construction
  • Fair pricing (most jewelry is under $70)
  • Good business practice transparency
  • Lots of great basic pieces to choose from that won’t go out of style too quickly
  • Fast shipping
  • Eco-friendly packaging

Ana Luisa Cons

Here’s where Ana Luisa fell short for me:

  • Jewelry is smaller than it appears
  • Most jewelry is plated, so it likely will tarnish with regular wear within a couple of years
  • No free returns
  • No return label in the box

Best Ana Luisa Jewelry to Buy

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by options and don’t know where to start on Ana Luisa’s website, check out these bestselling pieces (and a few of my personal favorites):

Where to Buy Ana Luisa Jewelry

Ana Luisa can be purchased at the following retailers:

The Bottom Line

Is Ana Luisa jewelry worth it?

My honest, unsponsored opinion is that Ana Luisa’s jewelry is generally worth it. Jewelry is well made, fairly priced, packaged thoughtfully, and shipped promptly. Though pricing is fair, I do feel like it’s on the higher end of fair for plated jewelry—I’d love to see Ana Luisa convert to filled jewelry instead in the future. In this aspect, competitor Oak and Luna wins for its gold vermeil jewelry.

I wanted to dislike Ana Luisa so much, but I’ve been converted into a believer. I would absolutely order from Ana Luisa again, and honestly, I probably will because I really can’t get the Lyra Chain Link Earrings out of my head.

Ana Luisa is simply reliable—it doesn’t have incredibly unique designs or mind-boggling customer policies, but if you need everyday jewelry at a fair price with good service that will last for years to come, you can confidently buy from Ana Luisa.

Ana Luisa huggie hoop earrings.

Ana Luisa Review: FAQs

Is Ana Luisa reputable?

Ana Luisa is reputable, building trust with consumers through responsive customer service, quick shipping, and transparent reports on sustainability and its supply chain.

How long does Ana Luisa jewelry last?

The lifespan of your Ana Luisa jewelry will depend on how often you wear it, as many Ana Luisa pieces are gold-plated and will eventually tarnish. Regardless, Ana Luisa guarantees that its jewelry will last at least two years by providing a two-year warranty for every purchase.

Does Ana Luisa jewelry tarnish?

Ana Luisa jewelry uses tarnish-resistant metals, which are chemically and physically tested in a lab. However, all gold-plated jewelry will tarnish eventually with regular wear.

Is Ana Luisa good for sensitive ears?

Ana Luisa is amazing for sensitive ears. All of the brand’s jewelry is hypoallergenic, and solid gold pieces are nickel-free. Ana Luisa offers options for solid gold, gold-plated, and sterling silver jewelry. Gold-plated jewelry often uses a sterling silver or brass base.

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  1. Christin
    December 6, 2023 / 8:12 am

    This comprehensive review is fantastic! I had heard about the plating and was worried about tarnishing. Despite being plated, I still believe it could be a worthwhile investment. Thank you!

    • Eva Phan
      December 11, 2023 / 12:09 am

      I’m so happy to hear it helped! The gold plating seems decent but like any plated jewelry, I’d definitely baby it by avoiding exposure with water, cleaning frequently, and storing properly

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