A Bell Sleeve Moment in the Bowery

Never in a million years would I have bought a sweater like this for myself. It’s crew neck, which is never flattering on me; and the bright red is just way more red than I’d ever usually be caught wearing. Also, what’s even the point of wearing a sweater if it’s cropped and cold air can hit your bare skin anyway? If there’s one saving grace for this sweater, it’s the bell sleeve detail that I just fell in love with.


Yet my aunt came into NYC with it, and I ended up with this sweater. Somehow, it’s become my absolute favorite.




It is cropped, but somehow it’s still warmer and cozier than all of my full length sweaters. I really can’t explain it to you. I paired my ironically short sweater with my taller than a NYC skyscraper over-the-knee boots. Was the length cropped from the sweater added to my boots? I don’t know, but the tall boots are definitely making up for the missing length from the sweater. I like how the bell sleeve + the embroidered mini + the suede over-the-knee boots give this look something of a modern throwback look.




Bonus points to this sweater for matching my favorite Huda Beauty liquid lipstick shade perfectly. This perfect pairing is just another excuse for me to get even more use out of both of these items, which I appreciate.


My skirt is actually UNDER $20! The price fluctuates from time to time {I actually got mine for $12}, but I’ve never seen it above $18.


Overall this outfit definitely gives me those Bowery funky artist/creative vibes. If you’ve never been to the Bowery, go! Although at one point it was regarded as a dangerous and sketchy area of New York, the Bowery is now home to some interesting boutiques, restaurants, and cafés, plus a TON of pop culture history.



I have styled this skirt once before, back in the fall, which you can see here. Out of both looks, I almost think that I like this one better. It’s a little more dynamic and bold, vs. taking the easy way out and pairing this skirt with plain white. This skirt has so many gorgeous colors in the embroidery that it seems wrong not to try playing around with color!





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  1. Chloe
    February 26, 2018 / 1:43 pm

    This look is so trendy! I am loving every piece you’re wearing, especially the embroidered skirt! This is definitely a bolder look with the red bell sleeve sweater! The red really makes you stand out! 🙂 I’ve always wanted a bell sleeve sweater!

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