17 Best Travel Organizers for Your Suitcase

We’ve all been there: arriving tired and late at night to a new destination, only to open your luggage to a jumble of clothing, shoes, toiletries, and everything in-between. While I do try my best to roll my clothes and keep them organized, as a trip goes on, my luggage always ends up in a sorry state. Realizing that something needs to be done to make my packing life easier, I recently started deep diving into the best travel organizers.

The best travel organization accessories are innovative, lightweight, and solve some of the biggest pain points I’ve had while traveling near or far.

Previously, I stayed away from travel organization products overall because I had a difficult time finding organizers that fit my style. The organizers below, however, are both stylish and functional. Even better, many of them come in multiple colors, are under $30, and ship with free shipping.

Disclaimer: In full transparency, I typically would never write a post like this unless I had tried every product myself, however, due to product availability and that I’m just now starting my foray into travel organization, I have not been able to personally try each of these products. They all come with high user reviews, and generous return policy for you all to make your own informed shopping decisions.

Click below to shop the best travel organizers for suitcases:

best travel organizer for clothing
1. Shoe Bag for Travel | 2. Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter | 3. Eagle Creek Pack-It Reveal | 4. Stow-N-Go Hanging Organizer | 5. Underwear Bag | 6. eBags Compression Cube

Best Travel Organizers for Packing Clothes

Eagle Creek Pack It Reveal best lightweight packing cubes for travel
Image via Backcountry

1. Best Lightweight Packing Cubes: Eagle Creek Pack-It Cube Reveal

One of the biggest drawbacks of packing cubes are that they add extra weight to your luggage. In a carry-on, this might not be an issue (unless you’re flying a budget airline), but for checked bags, it’s not ideal.

The Eagle Creek Pack-It Reveal Cubes have a reputation for being the best lightweight packing cubes. Don’t be fooled: being light doesn’t mean that these packing cubes sacrifice quality. Travelers have reported their Eagle Creek packing cubes lasting more than two decades, even with regular use.

ebags compression packing cube for travel
Image via eBags

2. Best Compression Packing Cube: eBags Classic Medium Compression Cube

As I’ve started traveling with packing cubes, I’ve quickly realized how useful they are for compressing clothing, allowing me to fit more in my luggage.

As I also quickly learned, not all packing cubes are meant to be used for compression. If you overpack a regular packing cube, you risk damaging the zipper or seams.

Enter: the compression packing cube. The perfect alternative to whipping out those old vacuum space bags from underneath your bed.

The eBags Classic Medium Compression Cube offers 1.5” of compression and is expandable, in case you buy additional items during your trip.

At 0.4 lbs per cube, this packing cube isn’t the lightest option on this list, but it also isn’t so heavy that it’s impractical. Plus, you’ll likely be able to use less cubes by being able to compress your clothing.

eagle creek pack it spector compression packing cubes lightweight travel organization for clothing
Image via Amazon

3. Best Lightweight Compression Packing Cube: Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Compression Packing Cubes

Here it is: the packing cube that balances the best of both worlds. The Eagle Creek Pack-It Spector Compression Packing Cubes are the best lightweight compression packing cubes.

These packing cubes use Eagle Creek’s Specter Tech® ripstop fabric to compress clothing, while remaining lightweight. The semi-translucent material allows you to see what you’ve packed, without having to actually open the packing cube.

Travelers have reported these cubes compressing to a third or half of their original height. Despite being so light, they don’t skimp on functionality.

hanging travel organizer for clothes stow n go
Image via Amazon

4. Best Hanging Travel Organizer for Clothes: Grand Fusion Housewares Stow-N-Go Luggage and Travel Organizer

I personally hate having to unpack my suitcase at a hotel. To be honest, most of the time I just don’t, because I don’t want to have to deal with the hassle of repacking or leaving something behind in a closet or drawer accidentally.

This hanging travel organizer folds down to be packed easily into a suitcase. Just hang it up, pack your clothing, collapse and latch the system, then pack it in your bag. When you arrive at your destination, pull the organizer straight up and hang it in a closet—no tedious unpacking and refolding required.

Shop the best travel organizers for clothes by clicking below:

travel organizer for underwear bras
Image via Amazon

5. Travel Organizer for Underwear: Freegrace Travel Organizer Underwear Bag

If you’re tired of misshapen bra cups and loose underwear in your bag, this travel underwear organizer is for you.

The large bag 2-level bag features a top level for socks, and a lower level with compartments for underwear, and a large space for bras.

best travel organizer for shoes
Image via Amazon

6. Best Way to Pack Shoes: Moulyan Shoe Bag for Travel Shoe Organizer

Previous to finding this travel organizer for shoes, I thought the only proper way to pack shoes in a suitcase was by wrapping them in a plastic bag and throwing them in there.

I’m glad to be mistaken. This travel organizer for shoes has three different compartments: one large compartment for shoes or heels up to size 13, and two slimmer compartments for flip flops, sandals, socks, or whatever else you may need. The organizer has a strap on the back to allow you to slip it over a luggage handle.

While I’d probably still wrap my shoes in plastic bags before sliding them into this organizer (as not to get it dirty), I love that this organizer keeps shoes secured in a bag much better than a plastic bag, which have been known to open up when luggage is tossed around.

This shoe organizer is so versatile and would also be a great addition to a gym bag, or work bag.

best travel organizer for electronics
1. GRID-IT! Accessory Organizer | 2. Airplane Tray Table Cover | 3. Peak Design Tech Pouch | 4. Silicone Zip Ties | 5. BAGSMART Electronic Organizer

Best Travel Organizers for Electronics

Peak designs tech pouch travel organizer for electronics
Image via Best Buy
peak designs tech pouch small travel organizer for electronics
Image via Best Buy

7. Best Travel Electronics Organizer for Carry-Ons: Peak Design Tech Pouch

Don’t let your eyes deceive you: this isn’t just a run-of-the-mill cosmetic bag. I can’t get over how innovative the Peak Design Tech Pouch is.

This lightweight travel organizer for electronics and cables uses origami-inspired design to create pockets that make efficient use of space. An external zip pocket allows you to pass a cable through the bag, for charging.

The way that the Peak Design Tech Pouch allows you to pack more in a small space while keeping everything organized, makes the bag great for throwing into personal items or carry-ons. The small size also allows the bag to easily slip into a camera backpack, or tote bag.

grid it accessory organizer minimalist travel organizer for electronics
Image via Amazon

8. Best Compact Travel Electronics Organizer: Cocoon CPG20BK GRID-IT!® Accessory Organizer

The GRID-IT! Accessory Organizer is so simple yet so brilliant. This electronics organizer uses rubberized elastic to create a travel organizer that’s custom to your needs.

The organizer is ultra-thin—no extra space here. The board-like approach to organizing cables and electronics makes it perfect for sliding into a backpack or tote bag, especially if you are tight on space because you’re skip lagging, backpacking, or traveling for a lengthy amount of time.

If you find yourself reaching into your bag frequently to dig out headphones, chargers, sunglasses, or lip balm, the GRID-IT! Accessory Organizer might be able to help you out. Because this travel organizer doesn’t zip shut like others, all of your travel essentials are easily locate and grab anytime.

Find the best travel organizers for electrics and cords by clicking below:

bagsmart large travel electronic organizer
Image via Amazon

9. Best Travel Electronics Organizer for Techies: BAGSMART Electronic Organizer

If you tend to travel heavy with electronics, you’ll probably find that other travel organizers for electronics don’t have quite enough space for you.

This dual-level travel organizer is likely a better fit for you. On the top level, the BAGSMART Electronic Organizer has elastic slots and small pockets for organizing cables and SD cards. The bottom level offers larger compartments for storing point-and-shoot cameras, earbuds, external batteries, and other similarly-sized gadgets.

airplane tray table cover seat back travel organizer for essentials electronics
Image via Amazon

10. Best Travel Electronics Organizer for the Plane: Airplane Pockets Airplane Tray Table Cover

Do you ever find yourself trying to play music chairs with your phone, headphones, and charging cables on the plane? As if there’s never really a good place to put them?

If so, you’ll love this tray table media organizer. The stretchy organizer slips over your tray table, to give you multiple pockets for keeping your travel essentials and keeping them at arm’s reach.

This organizer also has the added benefit of covering your tray table in a clean surface. Airplane Pockets Airplane Tray Table Cover is 100% machine washable and water resistant, which makes for convenient cleanup if turbulence accidentally knocks over that drink.

silicone zip ties travel organization for electronic cables
Image via Amazon

11. How to Organize Cables While Traveling: GELIAL Silicone Zip Ties

I always learned that the safe way to secure a cord is by folding it in half, then in half again, before looping each end into a simple knot. While this is a great way to keep my charging cables tangle-free at home, when I’m traveling, the cords get tossed around and end up unraveling.

These silicone zip ties are reusable, and just $10 for 20. By gripping onto your cables, they help prevent charging cables from unraveling and getting tangled. During your trip, they can also be used to tie up bags, similarly to how you’d use a twist tie.

Best Travel Organizers for Jewelry

benevolence la velvet travel jewelry box organizer
Image via Amazon

12. Best Compact Travel Jewelry Organizer: Benevolence LA Plush Velvet Travel Jewelry Box Organizer

I know that hanging jewelry organizers and jewelry rolls are popular for travel, but they’ve never been that practical for me. I have both a hanging jewelry organizer and a jewelry roll, and I find that I never really reach for them when I’m packing.

Both types of organizers are relatively large, and I hardly fill up any of the slots or pockets with the jewelry I bring on trips. That leaves me with a lot of wasted space and extra weight for no particular reason.

That’s why this compact velvet travel jewelry box caught my eye. It’s small—just 3.5 inches on each side, with the perfect amount of space for the amount of jewelry I typically travel with.

I’m not alone in appreciating this little box—the Benevolence LA Plush Velvet Travel Jewelry Box made its way onto Oprah’s Favorite Thing. It’s available in multiple colors, and even better, your purchase gives back.

For each sale of the Benevolence LA Plush Velvet Travel Jewelry Box, Benevolence LA will donate to Water Mission, an organization that helps increase accessibility to clean water around the world.

Shop travel jewelry organizers below:

best travel jewelry organizer faux brown leather
Image via Amazon

13. Best Foldable Travel Jewelry Organizer: storageLAB Travel Jewelry Organizer

If you tend to need more space for your jewelry when you travel, the storageLab Travel Jewelry Organizer provides ample space but folds flat for a slim silhouette.

I’ve noticed that a lot of travel organizers have quilted exteriors, which, honestly, really isn’t my style. I like that this travel organizer for jewelry has a leather-look instead. Using faux leather instead of genuine leather also helps reduce the weight of the organizer.

Best Travel Organizers for Toiletries and Beauty Items

fyy daily pill organizer best travel medicine case
Image via Amazon

14. Best Travel Pill Organizer: FYY Daily Pill Organizer

My boyfriend travels with what I’ve nicknamed the “mini pharmacy.” It includes basically any medication you could need when traveling. It was a mess of bottles until I found this travel pill organizer.

The FYY Daily Pill Organizer is sleek and surprisingly spacious, expanding to 7 sections. It’s under $9, comes in multiple colors, and slips easily into any bag.

vera bradley curling and flat iron cover for travel
Image via Vera Bradley

15. Vera Bradley Curling & Flat Iron Cover

I’ve had my Vera Bradley Curling & Flat Iron Cover for years, and it still looks just as good as when I got it.

Admittedly, when I bought it, I wasn’t sure if I’d ever actually use it, or if it was just another pointless travel accessory.

This curling and flat iron cover is perfect for keeping the cords of your curling wand and straightener organized, and makes it easy to find the hot tools you need in your suitcase.

This cover has also helped me so much when I need to get ready for the day, but also pack up quickly. Due to the heat-resistant lining, you can throw your hot tools straight into this case, even if they’re still warm.

nishel hanging travel toiletry bag organizer
Image via Amazon

16. NISHEL Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag

The NISHEL Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag is an all-in-one solution for traveling with toiletries and makeup. This organizer folds out to offer tons of pockets for separating all the liquids you may be traveling with.

All of the compartments in this organizer are clear plastic and nylon, making the organizer easy to clean if something explodes mid-flight, and saving your bag from spillage.

Click below to shop the best travel organizers for toiletries and makeup:

lay n go cosmo makeup travel organizer drawstring cosmetic bag
Image via Amazon

17. Best Travel Organizer for Makeup: Lay-n-Go Cosmo Drawstring Cosmetic & Makeup Bag Organizer

Laying out all of your makeup might make it easier to get ready, but it also can be frustrating to unpack and pickup, This unique travel makeup organizer is a drawstring bag that expands to be flat, so you can easily see and access all your favorite products. When you’re done, just pull the drawstring tight again.

The Lay-n-Go Cosmo Drawstring Cosmetic & Makeup Bag also has zip pockets and elastic sections to allow you to also store your makeup brushes and jewelry.

Travel Organizer FAQ

Are travel organizers worth it?

I hate to admit it, but I’m a travel organizer convert. Travel organizers are worth buying, and they don’t have to break the bank. It’s easy to find inexpensive travel organizers online.

Do packing cubes save space?

Yes, packing cubes can be used to save space. Although any packing cube can compress your clothing, I recommend specifically buying compressing packing cubes for the best results.

What is the most space-efficient way to pack?

To save space while packing, roll your clothes instead of folding them. When rolled, place your clothing into a compressing packing cube to condense them even further. Make sure to buy packing cubes with soft sides so they can squeeze together in your suitcase, even if overpacked.

Are packing cubes better than rolling?

Rolling tends to save more space than packing cubes, but packing cubes certainly help. These two popular methods of packing a suitcase can actually work together to save the most space possible. Just roll your clothing before placing it in the packing cube.

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