A Casual Spring OOTD at the Met

Being a student at Parsons, I think I’ve paid as much in Met admission fees as I do for housing {kidding…kind of}. The Met is actually one of NYC’s “pay as you wish” museums, my professors just had us up there every week!


For a casual afternoon at the met, cute and comfortable is the key. That museum is like a maze. An actual, literal, maze. My friend and I once spent twenty minutes running around just trying to get out, and somehow managed to make it above the exit, on the opposite side of the exit, and in rooms we had never even seen before, until finally, accidentally finding our way out.  That’s right, just as we thought we reached the center of the museum, we found the EXIT. I say I’m directionally challenged for a reason, y’all. 😂

Top | Skirt


Honestly, I can’t complain. The Met is an incredible museum. I could go on field trips that are a lot worse. I have gone on field trips that are a lot worse {ahem, the High Line in 40 degree Fahrenheit weather at 7 pm in November. In activewear. To do contact improv}.

Belt {similar} | Lipstick | Foundation

This light pink off the shoulder top is such a lovely color for spring. Bonus – it pairs well with everything from florals to this denim skirt, which is a year-round piece for basically everything but winter.


Boots | Socks {similar}

With the Met being such a maze, I needed a pair of shoes that were going to be able to handle me running around from room to room! I opted for a flat riding boot instead of my usual stiletto heels. I searched forever to find the perfect riding boot that matched all three of my criteria: narrow, leather, and comfortable, and these are it! I’ve also worn sandal wedges to the Met when it’s a little warmer, which I also highly recommend.


Look below to see everything I’m wearing in this post, plus a few similar items!




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