Craft Preppy: Minky Cuddly Bow Pillow DIY Tutorial

Apparently I love bows so much that I just had to do ANOTHER bow pillow DIY for you guys.  If you missed the first one, you can read it here!  This pillow is perfect for all ages, minky fabric is so soft and cuddly and totally irresistible!  It does shed a little when cut, though, so make sure you’re working in an area that can be cleaned up easily!

1 yard of minky fabric
1/2 yard in a coordinating minky color
Fiberfill (Stuffing)


Start by cutting out two 20″x18″ pieces out of your base color.

Now toss those aside and cut one 22″x13″ piece out of  the coordinating color.  Also cut a piece out about five inches long and three inches wide.  This will be the center of the bow.

Take the 22″x14″  piece you cut out of the coordinating color and turn the long edges over 1/2″ and sew.

Grab one of the base pieces you cut and lay the coordinating color on top of it, pinning in one side.

Fold the bow center piece into thirds, so that it is approximately one inch wide.  Pleat the coordinating color and wrap the center around it.  Pin the bow center at approximately the circumference you want it at, and slip it off the unpinned end of the bow.  Sew the bow center together.

Pinch the center of the coordinating color in the center.  It helps to pin in with two pins: one going upward and one going downward!

Slip the now sewn bow center onto the unpinned end of the coordinating color and center it.  Pin the unpinned end the pillow base.

If the edge of the bow fans out a little bit from the edge that’s totally fine!  Just let it do that, and make sure the top and bottom corners of the bow are equal on each side.

Turn the other, unused, pillow base piece and lay it on top of the pillow base with the bow right sides together.  Pin together.  Move the pins holding together the pillow base and the bow to the outside to include the second pillow base piece.

Sew around the whole pillow using a 1/2″ seam allowance.  Leave about a five inch opening on one side.

Stuff the pillow with fiberfill through the five inch opening.  To close the pillow, use a blind ladder stitch.

To do a blind ladder stitch, simply take your needle and grab opposite sides of the open fabric, alternating each time.


This picture is sooo blurry and I’m so sorry, but you get the general idea as to why it’s called a blind ladder stitch, right? I loosened mine up so you could see the ladder, but make sure you’re always pulling yours tight!

You’re done!


Love and Stay Preppy,

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