E Spotted on the Steps of the Met: XOXO, The Preppy Ballerina

If you haven’t already guessed by the title, I’m slightly in love with Gossip Girl. Okay, I’m actually very in love with Gossip Girl to the point where I ask myself why I’m not yet Blair Waldorf.

Despite my obsession with the series, I hadn’t actually ever been to New York before!  As fate came to have it, I ended up finding myself in New York just a couple weeks ago for just 24 hours.  Although my trip may have been short, I of course had to fit in a few of my must-see places!

The Steps of the Met
This was #1 on my list.  Not “Go to the Met,” specifically “Sit on the steps of the Met.”

Sprinkles Cupcakes
No, this isn’t specific to New York.  No, this wasn’t started in New York.  Yes, this is my ultimate favorite cupcakery and yes, this also happens to be one of the few that won’t ship cupcakes so yes, I naturally had to go.

Lilly Pulitzer Madison Ave
Being an avid Lilly Lover myself and having seen some of my fellow Lilly Lovers take photos on the iconic print staircase, I had to go!  We don’t have any corporate Lilly stores in Minnesota, so I always make sure to go to them in other states!  This was my fourth, following Tampa, Miami, and Tyson’s Corner!

Vineyard Vines 3rd Ave
The big logo mural painted on the side of this store was of course something I had to go see. We also don’t have Vineyard Vines in Minnesota (at least not for a few more months) so this definitely made the list!  While the outside and inside of the store was adorable, I have to say that I was thoroughly disappointed with the stock. It seemed as if they were out of all XXS, XS, 00 apparel which was kind of frustrating!

The Flatiron Building
This building has intrigued me ever since before I new what it was called or the stories involving it.  I would have loved to stay there longer, but unfortunately it started pouring!  If you’re ever in the area, I’d highly recommend Obicà Mozzarella Bar for dinner!

Thus concludes the highlights from my first trip to New York!  I just got back from a second trip a few days ago, so look for New York Part Two sometime next week!

Love and Stay Preppy,

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