50+ Unmissable EDC Outfit Ideas for Men, Women, and Couples: Where to Buy the Best Rave Outfits

Festival season is back in full swing, meaning that if you’re attending Electric Daisy Carnival, you’ll need some unique EDC outfit ideas to complete your rave experience.

You see, whether you’re visiting EDC Las Vegas, EDC Orlando, or EDC Mexico, EDC isn’t your ordinary music festival. If it’s any indicator, the Insomniac, EDC’s parent company, now also operates EDSea, an EDM festival cruise. The three-day-long affair is an exuberant mix of art, music, experiences, amusement rides, and fashion. I’ve never been to another event that even comes close.

Electric Daisy Carnival’s tagline is “All are welcome here,” and it’s true. You could choose not to dress up whatsoever, and be just fine. However, getting a chance to wear whatever you want, and dress up in wild, unique rave outfits is so much fun.

Eva Phan wearing a custom lilac sequin EDC outfit.

Dressing up helps everyone get into the festival spirit, but at the end of the day, you should wear what’s comfortable for you! After all, it is a three-day, all-night-long marathon, not a sprint.

If you’re at a loss for what to wear to EDC, don’t worry, I got you. As a rave veteran and EDC-goer, I’ve become all too familiar with rave wear and elaborate festival outfits.

I’m laying out the best EDC outfit ideas for guys, ladies, and couples below, along with the online rave wear stores you should know about. As a bonus, at the end are my must-know tips for buying EDC outfits.

Click below to shop some of my favorite EDC outfit ideas:

EDC outfit ideas for women.

EDC Outfits for Ladies

There are so many women’s EDC outfit options that it’s easy to really get creative with your look! From coordinating sets, swimwear, bodysuits, harnesses, platform boots, and so much more are all on the table—I’ve seen so many unique rave outfit ideas over the years.

Options range from extremely budget-friendly options at online stores like Amazon, to elaborate, custom looks from small rave wear businesses.

If you’re ordering your outfit from a custom rave wear shop, make sure to order well in advance of the festival. Custom EDC outfits can take months to make.

Printed Spandex Sets

Don’t want to be annoyed with itchy lace and embellishment poking you all night long? Wearing a stretchy, spandex set might be a good alternative for you.

Printed sets help you look put together while keeping you totally comfortable. Materials range from spandex like that used for swimwear or athletic clothing, to soft, lightweight jersey that feels barely there.

Spandex rave sets are available everywhere from Amazon to custom rave stores. They’re a good option if you’re looking for inexpensive EDC outfits, as some can be found as low as $25 to $40.

Click below to shop comfortable festival sets:

Freedom Rave Wear Grove High Waisted Brazilian Bottoms and Grove Twist Tie Bandeau Top

iHeartRaves Liquid Tripp Underboob Speed Clasp Top, Liquid Tripp Bottoms with Harness, and Liquid Tripp Speed Clasp Skirt

BADINKA Festival Disco Outfit Women

Electric Couture Dolls Happy Trippin Smiley Face Rave Top and Happy Trippin Smiley Face Thigh High Rave Bottoms

Goddesses Designs Co Asymmetrical Rave Set Festival Outfit


I’m not talking knit basics here! Bodysuits can be an EDC outfit all-in-one when they’re embellished with fringe and beading, printed with bright, psychedelic prints, or made with interesting cutouts or big bell sleeves.

Find bodysuits for EDC below:

PLURBUNNY Boutique Golden Goddess Bodysuit

EVELUST Rave Outfits for Women – Festival Neon Bodysuit

BADINKA Rave Bodysuit

iHeartRaves Circuit Board Long Sleeve Cutout Bodysuit

Woman wearing a custom, embellished rave set at EDC.

Embellished Sets

Matching embellished rave sets have to be my favorite thing to wear to a festival. There are endless options, from ultra-feminine skirt sets with beaded or sequin designs to much edgier bikini-style sets that have grommets and lacing.

Pricing for rave sets ranges a lot based on quality and embellishment. Custom sets will run you anywhere from $150 to upwards of $500, while ready-to-wear sets could be as low as $50 or as much as $150 or $200.

You can save a lot of money on festival sets by making them yourself! I made the one above from scratch for less than $100 (plus several hours of my time).

Shop some of my rave sets for Electric Daisy Carnival below:

Fractal Witch Starry Sky Set

Kitty Kitty Couture Red Lace Festival Skirt Set


Braided Clothing

Lately, braided clothing has been becoming popular in the festival scene. This clothing is typically made from soft, knit jersey fabric which makes it a really comfortable EDC outfit idea.

Existing garments are cut apart and rejoined by hand through rows of intricate knots. It’s much edgier than wearing lace and sequin sets, that’s for sure.

Due to the labor involved in making each piece, braided clothing is typically small-batch, made-to-order, or one-of-a-kind.

Discover braided clothing by clicking below:

Shop Play it Cool Gemstone Braided Tie Dye Romper

Triplicity Design Pixie Chain Top

The Heady Mama Wook Shop Sacred Roots Playsuit

Click below to shop women’s rave outfits for EDC:

Rave Bra

Back in high school, when I first started getting into the rave scene, rave bras were all the rage.

Elaborately decorated with everything from rhinestones and glitter to fake flowers and carefully pleated organza, wearing a rave bra to EDC is a fun throwback to festivals past.

Recently, the EDM community has been coming together to designate a single day of festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival and Electric Forest to be a “throwback day.” Festivalgoers forgo the edgy rave wear popular now for fluffies (faux fur legwarmers) and rave bras.

You’ll know if and when a throwback day is going to happen at EDC by keeping up with the EDC Facebook groups or Reddit.

Shop rave bras by clicking below:

RW Rave Costume Couture The Demeter Bra + Choker Costume

Plursona Conversation Hearts Kandi Charm Chain Bra

Wear Seedless Grapes Blue Samba Bra

Fishnet and Mesh Clothing

Some might go so far as to say that some sort of fishnet is a must at EDC. Personally, I’m not usually one for it, but it is an incredibly popular choice for EDC outfits.

Fishnet and mesh can be seen in all forms at Electric Daisy Carnival, from fishnet tights to mesh crop tops and fishnet dresses—it’s truly everywhere at the festival.

Find examples of fishnet and mesh clothing below:

iHeartRaves Cybernetic Fishnet Top, Cybernetic Fishnet High Waist Bottoms, and Fishnet Mini Skirt

IMEKIS Women Rainbow Rave Outfit Fishnet Dress

iHeartRaves Holo Star Mini Skirt

Rolita Couture X IHR Electro Matrix Outfit

Woman wearing an inexpensive EDC outfit in front of Kinetic Field.


One of the easiest ways to put together an inexpensive EDC festival outfit is by turning to swimwear. It’s easy to find cute, affordable swimsuit sets.

Personally, I always lean towards the three-piece bikini sets that include a skirt, like the one I’m wearing above. I found that set for less than $25—comfortable and easy!

Aside from being wallet-friendly (read: more money for future festival-going), swimwear makes for a good base layer to make your own. The accessorization opportunities are nearly endless—sheer pants, mesh tops, body chains—you name it, you can layer it.

Shop swimsuits for music festivals below:

UCadego Women’s Metallic Snakeskin One Piece Swimsuits

JUMISEE Women’s Neon Shiny Hologram Strappy Bikini

3 Piece Triangle Swimsuits for Women Metallic Bikini Sets

SOLY HUX Women’s 4 Piece Swimsuits Triangle Bikini Bathing Suits with Mesh Beach Skirt & Bandana

Pants and Leggings

Electric Daisy Carnival gets cold at night, regardless of which location you’re attending! If you tend to get cold easily, wearing pants or leggings as part of your EDC outfit might be a good idea.

In recent years, high-waisted bell-bottom pants with large flare legs, and stretchy spandex pants, along with chaps, have been popular picks for bottoms.

Click below to shop pants for EDC:

The LYTE Couture LUCID DREAMS | Cut Out Flare Bell Bottom Pants

Coquetry Clothing Bell Bottom Flare Chaps in Lilac Holographic

BADINKA Transparent Pride Pants

Celestial Threads White Mesh Bell Bottom Pants

Coquetry Clothing Neon Green Lightning Lace Up Bell Bottom Chaps

BADINKA Mesh Leggings

Find trendy EDC outfit ideas for ladies by clicking below:

Cute Crop Tops

EDC outfits can add up, especially if you’re buying three! If you don’t want to have to buy a completely new outfit, a beaded or sheer crop top can be a fresh update to bottoms or sets you already own.

For example, this beaded top easily layers over a swimsuit or bodysuit. You could also layer it with a camp shirt and pair it with spandex or denim shorts.

Shop crop tops for EDC:

Qoinied Women Sexy Pink Jewelry Pearl Halter Backless Body Chain Bra

Urban Outfitters Keoki Beaded Bra Top

Mocure Womens Glitter Sequin Butterfly Crop Top Low-Cut Tank Top

Faux Fur Coats

Electric Daisy Carnival, especially at the flagship Las Vegas festival, gets cold at night. You’ll need some sort of layer for your EDC outfit, whether it’s a light jacket, pashmina, or coat.

If you don’t want to ruin your EDC outfit with a basic coat, a faux fur coat is a warm alternative that pairs a little better with the whimsy of the festival than that black puffer jacket in your closet.

Click below to find unique faux fur coats for festivals:

Wild Like Us Sequin Black Fleece Lined Jacket Coat

Chromatiicat Handmade LED Cropped Furbaby Festival Coat

Cosmic Babes LED Cropped Festival Coat

Namillia Pink Dick Dollar Faux Fur Crop Jacket

iHeartRaves Finish Line Fur Jacket-Ivory

Adidas Ultraboost 1.0 shoe, the best EDC shoes for women.
Image: Adidas

EDC Shoes for Women

Platform boots are a popular choice for rave outfits, but at Electric Daisy Carnival, I’d skip them.

EDC requires a ton of walking. I walked over 20,000 steps each night of the festival last year! Between running between sets, dancing, and trying to hit all the rides and art installations, you’ll be walking miles without even realizing it…until the next morning.

Save your feet so you can enjoy all three days of the festival by swapping your cute platform shoes for comfortable sneakers instead. Your feet will definitely thank you!

Personally, I love the APL TechLoom Pro for music festivals, but veteran EDC-goers swear by the Adidas UltraBoost Running Shoes.

Find the best women’s shoes for EDC below:

APL TechLoom Pro Knit Running Shoe

Women’s HOKA Clifton 9

Women’s adidas UltraBOOST 1.0 Running Shoes

Man wearing an EDC outfit.

EDC Outfits for Guys

Trying to find interesting EDC outfits for guys is arguably much more difficult than it is for ladies, but then again, putting together an EDC outfit might be easier overall—guys get the luxury of being able to go shirtless if desired.

For the men out there struggling to figure out what to wear to EDC, I’ve put together some EDC outfit ideas for guys that go beyond a basic t-shirt and shorts.

Camp Shirt and Short Sets

A coordinating short sleeve button-up and shorts set is becoming the rave uniform for men. You’ll definitely see guys walking around EDC in these sets, which come in everything from neutrals to eye-catching prints and tie-dye.

Even better, it’s usually easy to find these for a great deal—I’ve seen them as low as $20 for both pieces.

Below are a few fun matching sets for men:

CandyCatz Rave Outfit Men

Feim-AO 80s 90s Hawaiian Shirts for Men Retro Button Down Shirt 2 Piece Sets

iHeartRaves Fantastic Fungi Camp Shirt and Fantastic Fungi Men’s Shorts


Jerseys are by far one of the most popular EDC outfit ideas for men. Guys at EDC wear jerseys in all forms to rep their favorite artists, types of music, or sports teams.

Artist jerseys are definitely the most popular choice, though rave brands like Rave Wonderland also make jerseys with streetwear-like art that plays off common EDM terms like PLUR.

Click below to shop rave jerseys for EDC:

Rave Wonderland Hardstyle Baddie Anime UV Neon Green Baseball Jersey

Little Kitty Creation Zeds Dead EDM Rave Festival Jersey

Rave Wonderland Trance All The Feels Reflective Jersey

Little Kitty Creation Porter Robinson Jersey

Discover EDC outfits for guys by clicking the images below:

Tie Dye Clothing

Tie-dye doesn’t need to look like it came straight from summer camp. Lately, intricate tie-dye designs have been trending. It’s incredible to see what these artists can do with the medium!

Wearing tie-dyed clothing to EDC is comfortable and encourages that carefree, festival vibe. There’s usually at least one vendor in the Rainbow Bazaar selling all kinds of tie-dyed clothing and tapestries.

You could easily create a tie-dye set out of sweat shorts and a t-shirt, or could pair your tie-dye with solid colors you already own to cut down on how many items you need to buy for your EDC outfit.

If you’re tired of dropping money on EDM festival outfits instead of on the festivals themselves, but still want a unique look, tie-dye might be the solution. While you can easily spend $100+ on detailed tie-dye designs, this EDC outfit trend lends itself to a DIY approach also. Just order some plain shirts and tie-dye supplies, and your whole rave fam could have a coordinating group look on a budget.

Shop tie-dye clothing by clicking the links below:

Woo City Tie Dyes Ripple Tie Dye T-shirt

Psychedelic Serenity Color-Reverse Handmade Tie Dye T-shirt

Gold Star Tie Dye Fancy Rainbow Kenney Style tie dye shirt

A group of guys at Electric Daisy Carnival music festival wearing rave outfits.

Festival Tanks

Festival tanks are nice for beating the heat in Vegas, Orlando, or Mexico City and give off a laidback vibe.

Designs typically include logos for popular DJs, tie-dye, bright prints, or are made out of an unusual material like mesh or fishnet.

Find men’s festival tanks below:

That Electric Touch Reflective Mystic Moon Shirt

Rave Wonderland Wild N’ Out Tank Top

ASOS DESIGN oversized tank top in white with cartoon back print


Techwear has fully infiltrated the rave scene like a direct reaction to the kitschy fluffies of past ravers.

The edgy style is perfect for those into bass, hardstyle, techno, trance, you name it.

Although the endless pockets and buckles on techwear tend to be there for decoration first, there is something to be said about having no shortage of pockets while at the festival.

Women’s outfits almost never have pockets so I’ve found myself wishing for one more than once at EDC. Just be careful what you put in there—Electric Daisy Carnival is rife with pickpockets.

Cyberdog is one of the most popular brands for tech wear in the rave community right now, though it’s easy to buy into the trend for much less than the popular brand’s price point. Online stores like Amazon have tons of utility clothing options that won’t break the bank.

Add rave tech wear to your EDC outfit lineup:

Rave Wonderland Flash Reflective Utility Vest

iHeartRaves Daylight Rainbow Reflective Joggers With Cargo Pockets

DUDHUH Cargo Pants for Men Techwear Hip Hop Harem Pants Streetwear Fashion Men’s Tactical Track Jogger Pants


Yimoon Men Utility Vest Travel Safari Vest Summer Outdoor Pockets Photo Fishing Vest

A group of friends wearing rave outfits at Electric Daisy Carnival music festival.

Robes and Shawls

Sigh, the true advantage that men have over women at EDC is being able to say “screw it” and just go shirtless if they don’t feel like messing around with a full EDC outfit.

That said, and as mentioned previously, EDC can get cold. Take my first year at the festival, for example, when high winds shut down the main stage, Kinetic Field, people whipped out their emergency blankets, and I found myself trying to take shelter from the dust, wind, and cold in one of the VIP tents as I watched Fischer try to keep his unbuttoned shirt from carrying him away like a techno Mary Poppins (even after buttoning it, it wasn’t until his crew brought him an actual jacket that the shirt stopped trying to escape his body).

If you’re going to EDC shirtless (and even if you’re not), you’ll definitely need some sort of layer for when temperatures drop. That’s where festival shawls, kimonos, and robes come in.

Shawls and robes can be fun to dance with, but will also help keep you warm when temperatures drop. If anything, they’re definitely a vibe at raves.

My boyfriend, Sean, went for an all-lace kimono that didn’t necessarily help with warmth but did help give him a unique EDC outfit past a tank top and shorts.

Shawls are perfect if you don’t want to be stuck in a robe all night, but want to up your EDC outfit with something that can provide warmth, be used as a prop while dancing, and also folds up easily into a backpack or hydration pack.

Look at festival shawls and robes below:

That Electric Touch Men’s Rave Kimono

Rage Nation Apparel PROTECTED By INTENT • WHITE • Festival Shawl

PRIJOUHE Men’s Lightweight Kimono Jacket Seven Sleeve Open Front Cardigan

Man wearing a "Here for the wubz" EDM graphic t-shirt.
Image: Redbubble

Graphic T-Shirts

Simple, easy comfortable—things that a good t-shirt is. Does the thought of having to put together a full EDC outfit stress you out? If so, you’ll love these graphic t-shirts.

There are tons of EDM-themed t-shirts that are perfect for wearing to a festival or rave. T-shirts tend to be relatively inexpensive and are easy to wear outside of the festival in everyday life also (we love a versatile option!).

Even if you’re going all-out for your EDC outfits, an EDM t-shirt is a good addition to your EDC packing list if you’re going to EDC Las Vegas and are planning on hitting up the EDC Week pool parties. Depending on what you go for, they’ll make a nod to the festival without being too out there or obvious.

You can cop an EDM t-shirt designed by me here for less than $25!

Find EDM T-Shirts for your EDC outfit below:

Eva Phan Here For the Wubs – EDM, House, Dubstep, Rave Quote Classic T-Shirt

Rave Wonderland Space Yacht Hot & Fresh Pizza Tee

Rave Wonderland PLUR Vibes Only Trippy Chess Board Tee

iHeartRaves Flora Invaders Tee

Printed Shorts

Going for printed shorts is not only comfortable but also might help you feel like you made a little more effort in dressing up for Electric Daisy Carnival past putting on your basic gym shorts.

There are tons of fun, novelty, or EDM-themed printed shorts out there, and they’re usually not too expensive. Plus, stretchy, elastic-waistband shorts are easy to wear while running errands or just chilling at your house—you’ll definitely use them again.

You could style your shorts with a camp shirt, graphic t-shirt, robe, harness, or just go shirtless. The styling options are plenty.

Shop printed shorts for festivals below:

Rave Wonderland Thank God For House Basketball Shorts

iHeartRaves Trippy Treats Neon Shorts

Rave Gear Co Mushroom Reflective Festival Shorts

iHeartRaves Deep Night Reflective Shorts

Daisydaydreamz Dragon Slayer Shorts

Flexliving Mesh Flex Shorts 5” – Peach Power

Men's Adidas Ultraboost, the best EDC shoes.
Image: Adidas

EDC Shoes for Men

One thing is clear about the best EDC shoes for men: the Adidas Ultraboost range reigns supreme.

I don’t think I’ve ever, ever seen a single Reddit or Facebook thread that doesn’t mention the Adidas Ultraboost several times when the question is asked.

Guys love the Adidas Ultraboost collection for being ultra-comfortable, bunion-friendly, and super durable (some have said that theirs have lasted for years, despite going from rave to rugged terrain).

While you could go for a fashion shoe like Converse or Crocs, I wouldn’t recommend it, especially if you have flat feet or other foot issues. EDC Las Vegas is located at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway so most of the festival grounds are on hard pavement. You’ll want all the cushioning you can get!

Click below to shop the best EDC shoes for men:

Adidas Men’s Ultraboost Shoes

Men’s HOKA Bondi 8

Asics GEL-Cumulus

Rave couple wearing coordinating EDC outfits.

EDC Outfit Ideas for Couples

Want to match your rave bae? Finding EDC outfit ideas for couples is easy if you have an idea of what to look for.

I went to EDC with my boyfriend, Sean, last year. We made an effort to coordinate each day, even if it just mean wearing similar colors (okay fine, it was more of a one-sided effort to coordinate with me on his end. He let me shine).

The below rave outfits for couples range from pulling together things you might already own, to going for true couple goals and wearing matching prints. There are so many different ways you can take EDC outfits for couples!

Tip: If you’re going to EDC as part of a couple or group, order your outfits together to save on shipping or hit free shipping minimums.

Matching Sets

Couples outfits for EDC have become such a market, that a lot of rave wear stores now carry the exact same prints in women’s clothing that they do for men.

This makes it incredibly easy to put together matching couples’ festival outfits—if you’re willing to spend the cash.

Freedom Rave Wear and iHeartRaves are the easiest rave brands to find matching couples’ outfits for EDC. Both sites have been known to run generous sales, so keep an eye out if full-priced EDC outfits have you feeling sticker shock.

Below are some of the best matching EDC outfits for couples:

Smiley EDC couples outfit:

For her: iHeartRaves Melty Fantasy Buckle Top and Melty Fantasy Bell Bottoms

For him: iHeartRaves Go Grin Camp Shirt and Last Laugh Smiley Shorts

Wavy rave outfit for couples:

For her: Freedom Rave Wear Sugar Rush O-Ring Halter Top and Sugar Rush High Waisted Brazilian Bottoms

For him: Freedom Rave Wear Sugar Rush Open Festival Tee

Reflective edgy couples rave outfit:

For her: iHeartRaves Turn Up The Lights Speed Clasp Rainbow Reflective Crop Top, Turn Up The Lights High-Waist Speed Clasp Rainbow Reflective Bottoms, and False Alarm Fishnet Rainbow Reflective Chaps

For him: LZLRUN Mesh Rainbow Reflective Cargo Multi-pocket Vest for Men Fishing Outdoor Work Jacket and Beauty Crafts Official Men’s Holographic Running Reflective Rainbow “Zebra Pattern” Sport Shorts

A couple wearing coordinating EDC outfits.

Coordinating Colors

You don’t need to be totally matchy-matchy to wear couples outfits at EDC. Instead of wearing exactly the same print, coordinate colors.

For example, I wore an iridescent sequin set in lilac, light pink, and light blue, so Sean wore a white button-up and pin shorts that coordinated with me without totally matching (getting him in iridescent sequins would have been a hard sell, let’s be honest).

Click below to shop coordinating EDC outfit ideas for couples:

Moody green and black couples festival outfit:

For her: Fractal Witch Forest Pixie Set

For him: Rave Wonderland Bass Wasteland Dystopia Muscle Tee and Tripp NYC Harness Dark Street Pants

Reflective outfit for rave couple:

For her: The LYTE Couture REFRACTION | REFLECTIVE | Long Sleeve Buckle Top and iHeartRaves Unisex High On Bass Reflective Cropped Puffer Jacket

For him: iHeartRaves Psychedelic Machine Men’s Fishnet Reflective Tank and Rave Wonderland Reflective Hardstyle Biohazard 150 BPM Or Die Men’s Shorts

Euphoric butterfly EDC outfit for couples:

For her: Fractal Witch Rainbow Fairytopia Dress and iHeartRaves Chrysalis Holo Butterfly Patches Leg Wraps

For him: Rave Wonderland Ms. Techno Baddie Anime UV Neon Pink Fishnet Sleeveless Hoodie and Floerns Men’s Letter Graphic Print Drawstring Waist Workout Track Shorts

Popular Characters

Sometimes EDC feels a little like Halloween in that festivalgoers will skip rave trends altogether in favor of what I can only call “rave cosplay.”

That’s right, dressing up like your favorite characters is totally in the realm of possibility for EDC! While I wouldn’t recommend going for a 1:1 imitation like you would on Halloween, rave brands have started making outfits specifically to incorporate popular franchises like Naruto and Pokemon into their apparel.

Take a look at EDC outfit ideas for couples using popular characters below:

Naruto couples outfit:

For her: iHeartRaves Heroine One Shoulder Cut Out Bodysuit and Im.Create Anime Costume Cloak

For him: Little Kitty Creation Illenium Jersey (N/Black Sleeves) and Bioworld Naruto Shippuden Naruto and Kanji Men’s Black Sleep Pajama Shorts 

Pokemon couples costume:

For her: Lipgloss Costume Sylveon Costume

For him: Flexliving Mesh Flex Shorts 5″ – Pokeball Parody (Preorder)

Dragon Ball Z couples rave outfit:

For her: Fit2BTiedClothing Goku Z-kini

For him: Anime Ape Goku Dragon Ball Z Dream Cloak Coat and iEDM Goku Weekend Shorts

Super Mario couples festival outfit:

For her: Lipgloss Costume Princess Rosalina with Full Skirt

For him: Flexliving Mesh Flex Shorts 5″ – Donkey Strong

Woman wearing colorful hair extensions, kandi, and a sequin rave set at Electric Daisy Carnival music festival.

Must-Have EDC Outfit Accessories

No EDC outfit is complete without the right accessories. Accessories are big at EDC—you’ll see ravers wearing layers upon layers of body chains, harnesses, body gems, and of course, kandi.

In the midst of your adult Claire’s shopping spree, remember that there are some EDC accessories you’ll need purely for festival survival. Don’t forget a hydration pack and phone anti-theft system (I explain how that works and everything you need to prevent your phone from getting stolen in my EDC tips guide for first-timers).

Colorful Hair Extensions

Festival braids have absolutely taken over the rave scene. From bubble braids to boxer braids and braided space buns, you’ll see people at EDC wearing entire rainbows of hair extensions on all three days of the festival.

Most ravers get their hair braided the day before EDC or the day of and keep their braids through the festival. More ambitious ravers switch up their braids for each day of the festival, but honestly, that’s always sounded like a ton of time and money to me!

Professional hair braiding for EDC can easily cost upwards of $100 or $200. To save money, buy braid-in hair extensions and learn how to do your own braids. There are lots of helpful YouTube tutorials for this, or you can take my approach of attaching the extensions to a hair binder for easy installation.

I bought my braid-in hair for just a few dollars online—way cheaper than paying someone else to do it! Was the hair as high quality as when I got my hair braided at the Lunautics braiding bar available to EDC VIP wristband holders? No, but for less than $10, I’m willing to put up with some tricky-to-use hair.

Shop braid-in hair extensions for EDC below:

Imierfa Kanekalon Ombre Braiding Hair

Lunautics Kawaii Hair Extensions

Jumbo Braiding Hair For Women Mix Four Colored Hair Extensions

Face and Body Gems

Body glitter and gems are so much fun to wear at festivals. I’m absolutely guilty of putting early-2000s levels of body glitter on when I’m going to a music festival or rave. When the lasers pan out to the crowd, having that sparkle somehow makes the whole event feel a little more magical.

Body gems don’t need to be expensive. After all, you’re probably only going to wear them once! Purchase them last, after figuring out your outfits, so you know what style will go best with your look and how many you’ll need (and bring a few extra just in case). You can usually find gems in multipacks like these, which are perfect for sharing with others in your rave squad.

Find body gems for music festivals below:

Lunautics X IHR Butterfly Beatz Body Jewels

Le Fu Li 10 sets Face Gems Stickers

Duufin 12 Sets Face Jewels Sticker Body Gems

Man wearing a rave outfit with kandi at Electric Daisy Carnival music festival in Las Vegas.


Kandi is a must for any EDC attendee. An important aspect of community in the EDM scene, kandi is meant to be gifted or traded to anyone you meet along the way that you form a connection with.

To trade kandi, you’ll do the PLUR handshake with the person you’re trading with, symbolizing peace, love, unity, and respect.

Kandi goes hand-in-hand with perlers, large designs created out of perler beads. Both kandi and perlers are usually made by hand by festivalgoers rather than being purchased unless they’re big statement pieces that are part of an EDC outfit.

Making kandi is easy—you just need some elastic cord, letter beads, and pony beads. All of these items can easily be found online and aren’t very expensive, though some EDC-goers have been known to make fancier kandi by purchasing special charms and beads, like these 3D-printed EDC beads.

Bass Head Beads and Hidden Heart Treasures are both known for making special kandi beads that include popular DJs and EDM festivals.

Shop kandi-making supplies by clicking below:

Hidden Heart Treasures Festival Season Mix and Match Kandi Beads Choose Your DJ Event Rave 

Bass Head Beads PLUR Kandi Beads

Simetufy 3840 Pony Beads for Bracelet Making Kit

Bass Head Beads Headbanger Kandi Beads

Body Chains

A simple swimsuit or bodysuit can easily become festival-worthy by layering on body chains and harnesses.

Body chains and harnesses are available for any budget. You can find them for just a few dollars at large retailers online like Amazon or can find totally unique creations at indie rave wear stores like Magical Minnie. If you’re picky like me, you’ll love that body chains are also easy to make yourself if you’re handy with some jump rings and jewelry pliers.

If you’re going to EDC with a group, value packs for body chains like this make jumping in on the trend even more affordable.

Click below to discover body chains and harnesses for EDC:

Tornito 12Pcs Thigh Chains Snake Heart Pearl CZ Leg Chain

Midnight Moon Threads CUTIE PIE Charmed Rave Bikini Top & Bottom Set

Sinkcangwu Sexy Body Chain Set Layered Necklace

Kandi Toybox Strawberry kandi harness

Tornito 4-8Pcs Sexy Body Chain Belly Waist Chain

MTcoffinz Color shifting glitter attachable body chain

Click below for all the EDC accessories your outfit needs:

Festival Shawl or Pashmina

Use it as a prop while dancing or use it to protect yourself from the desert dust—a shawl or pashmina is a nice item to have in your backpack at EDC.

You could probably stop by your local Target and find something that works, in all honesty. Those that want something a little more edgy or EDM-specific should check out Etsy where rave wear brands like Rage Nation sell hoods, shawls, and pashminas more geared toward festival crowds.

Discover shawls and pashminas for your EDC outfit below:

Rage Nation PROTECTED By INTENT • UV-Reactive Neon Green • Festival Shawl

Hailstorm Apparel Sparkly white shawl

Rave Wonderland Classic Paisley Pashmina Scarf

Backpack or Hydration Pack

One of the easiest, and most dangerous mistakes to make at a music festival is not drinking enough water. EDC is in the desert. You’re raving all night long, and standing for probably all of that time. Hydrating is so important.

Keep the fanny packs at home. EDC has free water refill stations, but having to leave the crowd to grab water every single time you want it is a time killer. Luckily, the festival allows hydration packs to be brought in, as long as it fits the size requirements (see those in my guide for your first time at EDC) so you can hydrate in the crowd.

If you don’t have a hydration pack already, skip all these EDC outfit ideas, because that’s exactly what you should buy first.

Find the best hydration packs for EDC below:

CamelBak Classic Light Bike Hydration Pack 70oz

Sojourner Hydration Pack

CamelBak HydroBak Hydration Pack 50 oz

Woman wearing an inexpensive rave outfit.

Where to Buy Women’s EDC Outfits: Best Rave Wear Stores

Personally, I much prefer shopping from indie rave boutiques rather than large retailers like Amazon or Shein. It’s easier to find something unique at a small rave business than it is at one of those, plus there’s the ethics of it all.

That said, shopping at a small rave wear brand usually comes with a higher price point, which isn’t realistic for everyone. It’s also easier to find some items, like basic accessories, on Amazon rather than at smaller stores.

Smaller stores also win on sizing. Indie rave boutiques, like Rolita Couture, tend to carry more plus size options, or offer the option for custom sizing so you can really get the perfect fit.

Most top ravewear stores ship internationally to countries including the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Mexico, among others, but you should still double-check that your order can be shipped internationally, and what the turnaround time is.

I’ve rounded up the best of both worlds. Below are some good go-to rave wear stores for additional EDC outfit ideas for ladies.

Where to Buy EDC Outfits for Guys: Men’s Rave Outfit Stores

Finding good rave outfit stores for guys is much tougher than it is for women. Even major rave retailers, like iHeartRaves, put a much heavier emphasis on women’s outfits than they do men’s.

It’s unfortunate because I know so many guys in the EDM scene that want to dress up for festivals, but are constantly at a loss trying to find good places to shop!

I’ve tried my best to round up rave brands for guys that offer something unique or interesting compared to another SHEIN coordinating set. See below for the full list:

  • Cyberdog – techno streetwear with a punk feel
  • Etsy – small businesses and sellers with t-shirts, printed shorts, and more that you won’t find anywhere else
  • Flexliving – athletic apparel with unique art
  • Freedom Rave Wear – bright, eye-catching printed apparel
  • iHeartRaves – all kinds of festival apparel and accessories for men and women
  • iEDM – psychedelic printed apparel
  • Rave Wonderland – EDM-themed printed apparel with a streetwear feel
  • Redbubble – printed apparel from hundreds of individual artists
  • Sea Dragon Studio – holographic clothing designed for everybody
  • That Electric Touch – kimonos and minimalist graphic tees
  • VibeWire – print-filled tops, shorts, and hoods
  • Amazon – basics and EDC essentials
EDC outfit inspiration for women.

EDC Outfit Tips

As you’re planning your EDC outfit ideas don’t make these mistakes! There are a few things you should keep in mind while you’re planning, packing, and traveling to EDC with your festival outfits.

Plan Your EDC Outfits Early

There is so much that can go wrong while planning festival outfits, but your outfit not arriving on time might be the worst offense.

During festival season, many small rave businesses become overwhelmed with orders and as a result, extend their shipping turnaround by several days.

If you’re ordering a custom EDC outfit, your outfit might have an order deadline of two or three months before the festival.

Even if you’re ordering from a store with a quick turnaround, like Amazon, planning your outfits in advance will give you some buffer time to return things that don’t fit and switch your outfits out.

Bring a Backup Outfit

I hope it doesn’t happen, but wardrobe malfunctions are definitely a possibility with festival clothing. If something happens to your EDC outfit before the festival, like it breaking or getting stained, having a backup outfit on hand is a lifesaver.

By day three of the festival, you might find your skin irritated by scratchy embellished looks from days earlier or chafing. A comfortable backup outfit can help make that last day of the festival much more bearable so you still want to rave and dance the night away.

Make your backup outfit something comfortable that can be split up to coordinate with other looks you’re wearing. The versatility of holographic and solid-colored swimsuits makes them a good backup outfit choice. Plus, you can also wear them to EDC pool parties.

Click below to shop my favorite EDC outfit ideas:

Separate Your Outfits Into Bags

Unpacking and organizing myself at a hotel is always much easier when I pack each of my festival outfits into their own ziplock bag. Accessories, clothing, hair, pasties, underwear, and hosiery all go into a ziplock bag together so that I’m not digging for individual pieces or stressing about something getting lost.

Take the extra time while packing to separate each of your outfits into a dedicated bag for each. EDC gets chaotic quickly after your flight lands, and you won’t want to spend time digging in your suitcase while getting ready.

Flying to EDC? Pack Your EDC Outfit in Your Carry-On Bag

Lost luggage is one of the worst travel problems to deal with, but unfortunately, it does happen.

It would be crushing to have the EDC outfits you spent time planning to get lost with a checked bag.

Pack your EDC outfits in your carry-on bag to make sure that they actually get to the festival with you, along with other essential items like your wristband, passport, and ID. If your carry-on luggage needs to be gate checked, move those things into your personal item.

Break in Your Shoes in Advance

The comfiest of tennis shoes still need a little breaking in to form to your foot.

Electric Daisy Carnival should not be the first place that you wear new shoes. If you’re buying new shoes for EDC, wear them out while you’re running errands or working out to get them fully broken in before getting to the festival—you’ll want every anti-blister prevention measure you can get.

Need Last-Minute EDC Outfit Clothing or Accessories? Head to the Pop-Ups

If you forget part of your outfit or realize that you need the perfect finishing touch last minute after reaching Las Vegas or Orlando, you’re not out of luck.

Several popular rave wear brands like Dolls Kill, iHeartRaves, and Rolita Couture operate pop-up shops at major festivals like EDC.

Las Vegas gets the most pop-up rave wear stores of any EDC location, though some brands have been known to operate pop-up locations in Orlando as well.

The brands hosting pop-up stores change every year. Typically, they’re announced on Instagram a few weeks before the festival.

EDC Outfit Ideas: FAQ

What is EDC attire?

Outfits for EDC push the limit, often featuring sequins, fringe, tie-dye, and psychedelic prints. Tons of festivalgoers love wearing holographic and reflective clothing to EDC to catch the light of the lasers. Swimwear and matching sets are also popular attire choices for EDC. The most important thing is to wear something comfortable and breathable so you can dance all night long.

What do men wear to EDC?

Men typically wear matching short sleeve button up and short sets, artist jerseys, festival shawls, graphic t-shirts, and festival tank tops to EDC. Men also commonly wear tech wear like cargo vests and shorts.

Why do girls dress up for EDC?

EDC is an amazing opportunity to wear out-of-the-box ravewear. Girls love dressing up for EDC to wear outfits they wouldn’t be able to wear elsewhere, and to be able to move freely and dance easily.

Do people wear pants to EDC?

Anything goes at EDC, including pants. Some years, EDC is hot while others, it’s relatively cold, especially after sunset. If you’re prone to getting cold easily, pants are a good option for staying comfortable when the sun goes down at the festival.

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