Getting Nauti in Lilly Pulitzer Shorts

If there’s any summer wardrobe essentials I can’t live without, Lilly Pulitzer shorts, gold wedges, and white tops with the perfect details are at the top of that list. Those three items make it easy when I haven’t the haziest as to what to wear I’m trying to run out the door because I’m already running late the who knows what.

Shorts {shop similar}

Top {shop similar}

Honestly, I’m having a difficult time believing that July is almost over. This summer went by wayyy too fast and I’m now left staring at a closet full of bright summer things I have yet to wear, but that somehow all need to be worn before September 1st strikes {here’s to multiple outfits a day}. In just over a month, the Lilly shorts will have to be packed up and I’ll be living in a completely different city halfway across the country, crazy.

Wedges {shop similar}

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