My Go-To Winter Scarf at l’Arc de Triomphe

Confession: I have an entire closet full of scarves of every style, texture, material, and color, but ever since the beginning of January, there’s only one winter scarf I’ve been wanting to wear. Naturally, seeing as how the weather wasn’t going to be just cold, but freezing when I was in Paris, it came along with me.



My go-to colors have been and probably always will be pink, navy, and white. This shade of lilac was so pretty though that I just couldn’t resist. It is a color, however it’s light enough to match nearly anything and be a subtle accent vs. an overpowering statement piece. It’s so big and soft that I’ve honestly been known to use it as a blanket while traveling. 😂  Between the sub-zero temperatures in Minnesota, the harsh winds of NYC, and the snow in Paris, this scarf is one of the few pieces I count on to keep me warm.


TOTE BAG | SHOES {similar} | COAT

The day was so, so cold, It was snowing and in the low 20s in Paris. The lilac scarf not only kept me warm, but added the perfect something interesting to my otherwise black outfit.


Facts: When I went through Border Patrol in the UK I was wearing this exact outfit. The border patrol agent supervising the agent questioning me turned to me and just said “You’re a very stylish young lady.” Thank you sir, please let me enter your country.





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