How I Monogram my Lilly Pulitzer Binder Covers

It’s essential.  Really.  If your binders aren’t monogrammed, how will you be able to prove that your notes are even yours? 😉 Here’s how I monogram my Lilly Pulitzer binder covers:

I monogram online two different ways: the first is using a font, and the second is using Chicfetti. (MUCH EASIER!)

OPTION #1: Doing it by hand (On the computer)

To do this, you’re going to need to download my favorite free vine monogram font, Monogram KK.  You can download it from DaFont here. (The website looks sketchy, I promise it’s not.)

1) Open Paint.

Yes, I just wanted to prove that Cortana could be one of my favorite things about the new Windows 10 upgrade.

2) Select the text tool, then choose the font size you want.  I used 96 px.

3) Type your center initial (your last initial) as a CAPITAL letter.

4) Type your first initial in the same size font, in a separate text box as a LOWERCASE letter.  Move the first initial around so it overlaps with the center initial.

5) Repeat step four with your middle initial (it will got to the right of your center initial.)

5) Use the “Select” tool to grab the monogram and drag it as close to the upper left corner as possible.

6) Adjust the canvas so that it is a tight as possible around the monogram and save.

Scroll to the bottom for instructions on how to insert the monogram into the binder cover!

OPTION #2: Chicfetti

For those of you who don’t know what Chicfetti, formerly Printable Monogram, is, you’re missing out big time.  Chicfetti is this totally awesome sight where you can download tons of free printable monogram and party decoration files for FREE.  All they ask is that you either make an account or connect with them on social media, easy!

1) Go to Chicfetti and select the monogram you want, download it!

2) Open your downloaded file with ADOBE READER.  (This is important!!)

3) Edit the monogram so it has your initials.  Type your first and middle initials in lowercase, and your last initial in uppercase.

Note: If a red line appears under your monogram, highlight the monogram and right click.  A menu should open under your cursor.  Select “Ignore All” under the spelling suggestions.  🙂

4) Screenshot the edited monogram, getting as close to the monogram as possible.  (I did this before realizing the red line was there.  I had to redo it after I fixed spell check.)

5) Save the screenshotted monogram as a JPG or PNG.


1) Download an ever-so-lovely Lilly Pulitzer binder cover from the Preppy Ballerina!  Click here for the 2013 covers, and here for the 2014 covers!  A little secret: The 2015 covers will be released Monday!

2) Open Picmonkey, one of my favorite free photo editing websites!

3) Choose to “Edit” and upload your chosen binder cover.

4) When in the editor, go to the overlays tab (it looks like a butterfly) and choose to upload your own.  Upload either the handbuilt or Chicfetti monogram.

5) Size and center the monogram in the circle so no corners peek out!

6) Save, print, and enjoy!

Love and Stay Preppy,
Eva Phan


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