How I Stay Connected With My Friends Through Gaming

Thank you Microsoft for sending me the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition to review. All opinions are solely my own.

Growing up, my cousins, sisters, and I would spend so much time together in the summers that my aunt nicknamed her house “Camp Phantastic.” She even had custom shirts made. Some of my best memories with my cousins are the times we spent being our own version of the The Partridge Family on Rock Band, trying to see who could hit the most notes in Hit Me With Your Best Shot on Guitar Hero, or having all night dance marathons on Just Dance. To this day, we still love playing together!

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Being a travel blogger, I’ve been incredible lucky to have had the opportunity to make friends with amazing people all over the world. Unfortunately, the downside to having friends spread out around continents is trying to keep in contact with them when life seems to be moving all too fast. Whether it’s family or friends from where I grew up or friends I’ve met from my travels, gaming is a fun and unique way to stay connected with the people that matter most.

Xbox is making it even easier to game with your friends through their newest console, the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. The All-Digital Edition of the Xbox One S eliminates the need for physical game discs. The need for physical games with previous consoles always dissuaded me from purchasing a new console as I’d need to buy new discs for each console, and every time I wanted to play a new game. Instead, I’ve turned to Xbox Game Pass. Xbox Game Pass allows you to access over 100 games for a low monthly subscription price. Think of it as the Netflix of gaming. Every time you want to play something new, it can just be downloaded from Game Pass, no need to pay for the full game! Game play saves to the cloud, so you can continue playing on any Xbox One by signing into your Microfsoft account. You can try Xbox Game Pass for as little as $1 for your first three months by clicking here. Additionally, by eliminating the disc drive, the console is also $50 less expensive than the Xbox One S! At just $249.99, this console is an affordable way to get into gaming.

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Through Xbox Live, my friends and I are able to team up and conquer together, or go 1v1 with each other. Being able to create a memory and experience together no matter how far away we might be from each other beats the sporadic “hey what’s up” text by far. Some of our favorite games to play multiplayer online together include Grand Theft Auto 5, Rocket League, Batman Lego, and the Halo series of games {because playing soccer with rocket cars knows no distance}. Multiplayer also has voice audio, so with compatible headsets we can talk to each other through the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition as well! Gaming for us has been a fun escape into a fantasy world, that we can take part in together.

With other gaming consoles, I’ve found delays in live multiplayer gaming or streaming and processing speeds. The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition’s processing is fast and reliable. I’ve been playing it nonstop and have yet to come across any delay or issue with gameplay or any of the entertainment features!

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Speaking of entertainment, the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition has also made for some fun movie nights and hang outs in my apartment. The console is integrated with 4K streaming from Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Spotify, and more, giving my friends and I endless watch options {hellooooo Bachelorette season, my apartment is currently the place to be}. Being able to seamlessly switch between entertainment and gaming has been really convenient. I love being able to stream on Spotify while gaming when I’m not playing with friends!

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I’ve always found consoles to be a little intimidating to set up. Setting up this console couldn’t have been easier or faster! Easy instructions are included in the box. Once the console is connected to electric and your TV, just connect the console to your internet and log into your Microsoft account.


The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition has already allowed me to stay close to the people in my life who matter most, even though thousands of miles separate us! We’ve already made so many great memories through Xbox, and I’m sure we’ll continue making many more. To check out the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition for yourself, click here.



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