How I’m Saving Money on Textbooks This Semester

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The first week of fall semester has officially struck, and with it, so have the extensive supply and textbook lists from my professors. If someone could please let them know that 200 pages is not what I would consider a “light reading assignment,” that would be wonderful. This semester, you’ll be able to find me with graphite stains all over my hand and permanent finger cramps from all the note taking!

I’ve set out to try shopping for textbooks online before, but found that a lot of them were honestly still as expensive as in the bookstore. I’d then purchase them, and never want to take them anywhere. Not the library, not to a coffee shop, not even really off my bookshelf. Why? Textbooks. Are. Heavy. Like if I have to walk more than one block carrying just one in my tote bag I might actually break my shoulder off, heavy. I’m a college student with more than one job. I’m rarely in one spot for an extended amount of time, and carrying textbooks uptown, downtown, and back up to midtown while climbing up and down steep stairs in subway stations is simply just not practical in the slightest. Unless, of course, you’re trying to cancel your gym membership and turn the endless stairs to the subway into your own personal stair-master.


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That’s why I decided to try out Cengage Unlimited. Cengage Unlimited is a new subscription service that allows you to access their library of over 22,000 textbooks, eBooks, and study materials with just one flat rate. It’s only $119.99 per semester, which makes it a much more affordable option to traditionally shopping for textbooks. I started searching around the Cengage Unlimited website to see what study materials I could find, and really appreciated that Cengage Unlimited’s search filters include being able to refine your search by discipline. That way I could separate out textbooks on design basics from textbooks on law for design professionals!

Although I might complain about carrying around textbooks, when it comes to finals season, I appreciate having a print copy in front of me. Cengage Unlimited allows you to rent print copies of textbooks for $7.99 with free shipping. If you prefer having a print copy in general, no worries! You’re allowed to keep the rental for the entire duration of your course.


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I’m able to keep the print copies at home when I’m in need of a cram session, but can access the digital textbooks from anywhere, no matter what I’m doing. This is making Cengage Unlimited the perfect flexible option for my busy lifestyle, which is exactly what I need. My school tote bag is currently two textbooks lighter, and my spine is thanking me for it. Plus, instead of avoiding reading assignments until last minute to avoid having to take out a textbook, I’m able to get them done on a more reasonable schedule because accessing my course materials is so much easier now.

After your Cengage Unlimited subscription ends, you’re allowed to keep up to six digital materials for a year afterwards. Just in case you want to look up that excruciating reading assignment again to prove to your parents that yes, it actually was that bad, or argue a point to a friend that you know was written in one of your textbooks.

So far this school year, Cengage Unlimited has been able to help me keep all my textbooks organized and accessible. I’m no longer doing the subway stair-master, and instead just thinking about how I need to get a gym membership so I can do an actual stair-master.






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Eva Phan of Eva Darling how I save money on college textbooks cengage unlimited blogger with macbook laptop computer pink case long brown brunette thick hair normandale community college


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