How to Determine Your College Pros and Cons + Free Printable Worksheet!

This past weekend I had the pleasure of meeting up with some of my extended family in Minnesota while they were on their east coast college tours! When I asked my cousin if she had a school in mind, her first response was “I don’t know.” The August before my senior year, if you would’ve asked me which college I dead set wanted to attend, my answer would have been the exact same. As a matter of fact, it was. That’s why I’ve created this free printable college pros and cons worksheet to help all of you come to your decision a little bit easier.


A lot of the deciding criteria in this worksheet comes directly from questions I was asked by all of you for my Parsons Q + A video!


College lifestyle blogger in NYC Eva Phan of Eva Darling free printable college pros and cons worksheet for high schoolers high school seniors


Everyone prioritizes college picking criteria differently, which is why this worksheet hits on several of the most popular:


-Location: Where is the school? Are you going for someplace in the action of it all or a school that’s a little more secluded and collegiate-feeling? I could never see myself going to a school in a small town or far away from a city, so this narrowed down a lot of schools for me quickly.


-Price: Is the school public with the option for special in-state tuition? Does the school offer financial support to those who need it?


-Education: How accessible will your professors be? How much support does the school give in finding a job after graduation? Class size for me was one of my top factors. I knew that being in a class with 400 other students would make it difficult for me to focus. My current school ranges from 8-18 students per class on average, which also means that our professors get to know us all individually really well.


-Housing: Does the school give you the option to opt out of on-campus housing freshman year or is it mandatory that you live in a dorm? How convenient are the dorms on campus to necessities such as your classes and you know, FOOD. My dorm last year was 15 minutes from the one dining hall on campus and let me tell you, when you’re running a fever of over 100 degrees, walking 15 minutes for food feels like walking 3 hours in the desert.


-Extracurriculars: What can you do outside of classes? If you plan on pursuing a sport, how well does the school do in that sport?


-Student body: How diverse is the student body? How similar is the student body to you? Where do students come from? How do they behave?


Download the worksheet by clicking this link!


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Need to make the decision of where you’re going to school soon? Pin this image to save the college pros and cons worksheet for later!

College lifestyle blogger in NYC Eva Phan of Eva Darling free printable college pros and cons worksheet for high schoolers high school seniors


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