How to Pack Beauty Products in Your Carry On Luggage

This post is sponsored by L’Oreal Paris. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Packing beauty products in your carry on luggage can be stressful when flying. With tons of products, not a ton of space, and restrictive TSA liquid carry on rules, a packing misstep can result in getting some of your beauty favorites confiscated at security.

As an all-too-frequent flyer, I’ve gotten my carry on bag down to a science, which is why I’m here to offer some of my best beauty packing tips for your next trip to paradise!

My latest carry on suitcase in my collection is the L’Oreal Paris Lash Paradise coordinating luggage. It’s such a pretty shade of mauve-y rose pink and I love the gold accents! The best part about this luggage is that the built in organization is phenomenal. Both zipper and elastic pockets keep your getaway essentials easily accessible — crucial if you have an extended layover or hate digging through luggage. The luggage is also expandable if you need a little more space.

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TSA’s rule on carry on liquids is known as the “3-1-1 Liquids Rule.” This rule states that each passenger is allowed one quart size bag of carry on liquids. Within that bag, each container must be under 3.4 ounces or 100 milliliters. This is typically about six bottles per bag. There are a few exemptions to this rule, however none apply to beauty.


Travel size beauty bottles are typically rather inexpensive for a set, and make sure that your liquid skincare, haircare, and makeup products are TSA accordant. I don’t like using hotel toiletries, so these small bottles have been amazing for bringing along my own shampoo and conditioner. For my skincare, I purchased travel size bottles of my favorites from the brand itself, and refill them from my larger bottles at home, so they’re still identifiable and I know which is which.


Size in carry on bags is limited, so it’s important to narrow down the beauty products you’re bringing to your core essentials! I try to limit myself to one mascara, one eyeliner, one liquid foundation, a highlighter, a mini eyeshadow palette with four to nine shades that can be used either day or night, and either translucent powder or setting spray, but typically not both {setting spray can be difficult in carry on luggage. try finding travel spray bottles if you intend on bringing it to avoid issues as most setting spray is above the volume restriction}. If you’re looking for a mascara to take along, L’Oreal Paris’ Lash Paradise Mascara is the perfect option for your future travels. It offers natural volume, perfect for any look. Currently at Walmart, receive a bonus luggage tag with your Lash Paradise mascara!

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More than once now, I’ve tried to pack nail polish, hand sanitizer, shampoo, conditioner, you name it, only to open my bag at the hotel to a sticky mess all over my luggage. Although TSA states liquids only need to be in the container within the quart bag, I recommend putting containers with “high risk” products in their own small ziplock bag within the quart size bag. Learn from my mistakes, you definitely don’t want bright pink nail polish or soapy shampoo all over your things!


Before placing your travel sized bottles in your quart sized bag, make sure you squeeze the the bottle just until a small amount of product comes out. This makes them less likely to explode during the flight and helps avoid catastrophic mess in your suitcase!

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Although travel may be limited now, the L’Oreal Paris Lash Paradise Mascara and coordinating luggage has me planning my next paradise getaway! Click here to shop the Lash Paradise Mascara with bonus luggage tag, as well as the coordinating carry on luggage now at Walmart.



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