How to Style Denim on Denim

I should’ve known denim on denim was coming back. Really, I should’ve. With the style of the 1990’s and early 2000’s coming back in a massive revival, denim on denim has made it’s comeback with it. Tending to lean towards more polished trends, the thought of trying to style denim on denim was not only a little bit scary, but also way out of my stylistic comfort zone.

Determined to style this trend in an elevated and more wearable way than Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake at the 2001 AMA’s, I channeled my inner Aly & AJ {aka the queens of early 2000’s style and just queens in general because you know I still listen to “Potential Breakup Song” to this day} and set out to make denim on denim work for me. Somehow I just wasn’t feeling like a full-on denim ballgown worked with my whole “classic with a twist” thing.


Jacket | Top {similar} | Belt {similar} | Skirt | Socks {similar} | Boots | Lipstick

For this look, my goal was to take a classic Americana look of a white t-shirt and jeans and give it a modern twist. Instead of a pair of jeans, I opted for this denim skirt. The raw edge makes it a little trendier and relevant to 2018 vs. the ultra mini skirts of early 2000’s Abercrombie past. I accentuated it with a polished leather braided belt to contrast the raw edge. A classic white t-shirt became an updated white ribbed crop top with a statement necklace added for a touch of flair to the whole look.


Necklace {similar} | Ring

Setting off the whole look? A classic red lipstick, of course. This liquid red lipstick is my absolute favorite true red and it stays put no matter what.


The trick to styling denim on denim is to mix it up. Whether you’re making a classic style modern or trying to be as 90’s fab as Britney Spears, a little variety goes a long way. Try breaking up the denim with another color {like white}, or using denim that isn’t quite uniform such as mixing light and dark wash denims, or distressed denim with “clean” denim like I am here.


Accessorizing is everything when creating the perfect denim look! Statement rings, necklaces, and earrings or fun scarves can make your basic denim look anywhere from boho chic to straight up glam. Think of denim on denim like dressing primarily monochrome, denim is the primary canvas, and needs to be offset by contrasting colors, textures, and finishes. That’s why the red lipstick pops so much against the blue!


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Below I’ve linked everything I’m wearing. Join Rachel, Madison, and I in sharing our ways to style 2018’s denim on denim!





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