11 Restaurants Near Lake Bled to Try Now

The best Lake Bled restaurants don’t just serve authentic Slovenian cuisine and northern Italian fare. Nestled around the edge of the stunning natural attraction, many restaurants in Bled boast beautiful views that quite literally can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

Old Cellar Bled, one of the best Lake Bled restaurants.

When I visited Lake Bled, trying to figure out which restaurants were actually worth dining at was a little tricky. Because the attraction is so popular, there are tons of touristy places to eat that frankly, aren’t worth your time, calories, or money.

After some digging, I managed to discover several Lake Bled restaurants that are destinations in their own right. After exploring the best things to do in Lake Bled, they’re welcome places to relax and unwind over an amazing meal. 

Best Lake Bled restaurants.

1. Oštarija Peglez’n

A smattering of rustic trinkets line the walls at Oštarija Peglez’n, a lakeside restaurant in Bled serving Italian and Slovenian cuisine.

The restaurant receives the most praise for its seafood and fish, such as the seafood risotto, trout, and fish soup. Ćevapčići, grilled minced meat, is also a menu highlight. The restaurant offers just one vegetarian dish—vegetable risotto.

Oštarija Peglez’n is one of the most loved Lake Bled restaurants for its home-like atmosphere. Expect a short wait if dining during peak hours.

Štruklji at Old Cellar Bled, one of the best Lake Bled restaurants.
Comforting štruklji is one of the few vegetarian plates at Old Cellar Bled.

2. Old Cellar Bled

Old Cellar Bled, one of my favorite restaurants in Slovenia, is a cozy, romantic enclave with a seriously impressive wine list.

My love affair with this restaurant started on a rainy night in Bled. We had just arrived in town and needed somewhere to eat that was open late.

After walking up to Old Bled House, the guesthouse where the restaurant is located, we were turned away. Our disappointment didn’t last long—before we even made it down the hill that the hotel is located on, the hostess was chasing after us (in the rain!), asking if we would be willing to wait because a table was opening up in five minutes.

Eventually, we were seated at what the hostess deemed one of “the most special tables in the restaurant.” She didn’t exaggerate. We found ourselves in Old Cellar Bled’s intimate cellar, a truly unique, romantic space with just three tables.

Old Cellar Bled is family-owned and serves locally sourced, traditional Slovenian cuisine. It’s perhaps best known for its lengthy wine list, which highlights local Slovenian wines that are hard to find outside of the country.

Make a reservation in advance by calling the restaurant to ensure your table in the restaurant’s cellar.

3. Public & Vegan Kitchen Bled

Vegetarian and vegan food can feel nearly impossible to track down in Central Europe. As a lactose-intolerant vegetarian, I often found myself frustrated trying to find things I could eat that didn’t involve pools of bland heavy cream and loads of mild cheese (Germany, I’m looking at you).

For this reason, Public & Vegan Kitchen Bled stands out. The vegan restaurant in Lake Bled has an entirely plant-based menu, focusing on vegan burgers that are often hailed as some of the best in Slovenia.

Notably, Public & Vegan Kitchen has a vegan Bled cream cake, giving dairy-free diners a chance to try Lake Bled’s most famous dessert.

Exterior of Bled Castle Restaurant in Lake Bled, Slovenia.

4. Bled Castle Restaurant

Bled Castle Restaurant is undoubtedly among the best Lake Bled restaurants with a view. Nestled in Bled Castle, a medieval castle towering over Lake Bled, the restaurant’s floor-to-ceiling windows offer breathtaking views to diners lucky enough to snag a reservation.

This restaurant is one of the few fine-dining restaurants in Bled. From 6 pm onwards, only seasonal tasting menus are served, with options for four or six courses.

Lunch is when the restaurant truly shines (literally) as light streams through its windows, allowing diners to see Lake Bled in its full glory. At lunch, guests can dine à la carte or opt for a three-course menu.

Though Bled Castle Restaurant is truly unique, it lacks in service. When my boyfriend and I tried to call them, the phone lines were hardly answered, and when they were, the employees were rude. Make your reservation online to avoid dealing with staff.

As this restaurant is located inside the castle, which is a museum, some diners need to buy admission tickets to enter. If you’re having the dinner tasting menu or a three-course lunch, admission is included in your reservation price.

Those dining à la carte will need to buy tickets. Adult tickets for Bled Castle are €17 ($18.50 USD). Seniors, students, and children receive discounts.

You need to have a reservation to visit this restaurant. While you technically can try to walk in, you’ll have to buy castle admission just to check if the restaurant has space.

5. Restavracija Central Bled

True Slovenian cuisine reigns supreme at Restavracija Central Bled, a humble restaurant in town.

The humble eatery serves country favorites such as kranjska klobasa (parboiled sausage, similar to kielbasa), štruklji (rolled Slovenian cheese dumplings), and golaž (goulash). I tried štruklji at Old Cellar Bled and enjoyed it—the dish is totally unlike any other dumplings in the world and is more similar to a cut and boiled or baked wrap.

Prices at Restavracija Central Bled are reasonable for the area. You won’t need to shell out too much to fill up here.

It can be tricky to get a table at Restavracija Central Bled without a reservation. Call ahead to secure yours.

Lake Bled view from a restaurant.

6. Market by the Lake

Quality fast-casual lunch spots are tricky to come by in Bled. I should know—my boyfriend and I ended up getting grocery store sandwiches one day because we couldn’t find anything nearby that wasn’t sit-down.

Market by the Lake is a cute cafe that sells local goods and an array of fresh, reasonably priced food, such as salads, sandwiches, pizza, croissants, and Bled cream cake.

Right on the edge of Lake Bled, the restaurant has a lovely view and free WiFi for those who need to get some work done.

7. Restavracija Sova Bled

Perched along the shore of Lake Bled, Restavracija Sova Bled’s up-close view of the attraction is reason enough for diners to flock to it.

Food at the restaurant bridges cuisines, pulling mostly from Slovenian and Italian cuisines, while also incorporating Japanese and Thai flavors.

Truffle makes multiple appearances throughout the menu via the Istrian pasta, octopus, veal paté, and Sova steak. These plates are the restaurant’s most popular by far and are, surprisingly, affordably priced.

Olive oil—an often overlooked ingredient—is a standout at Sova. Order the bread and olive oil to taste the rich oil.

8. Restavracija Julijana

The Grand Hotel Toplice’s crown jewel is Julijana, an elegant restaurant overlooking Lake Bled. The fine dining restaurant is one of the few in Slovenia recognized on the Michelin Guide.

Four to eight-course seasonal tasting menus are available, along with wine pairings rooted mostly in French and Italian techniques. Alternatively, a four-course  “Gorenjska selection” menu is available, which highlights modern approaches to Slovenian dishes from the Carniola region where Lake Bled is Located. Ingredients are sourced locally to maintain quality.

Julijana’s hours are extremely limited. The restaurant is only open on Friday and Saturday nights from 6 to 10 pm. Request a table on the terrace for the restaurant’s most impressive view of Lake Bled.

Bled Cream cake at Kavarna Park (Cafe Park) restaurant in Lake Bled, Slovenia.
Fluffy cream cake is Kavarna Park’s claim to fame.

9. Kavarna Park (Cafe Park)

You can thank Kavarna Park (Cafe Park) at Hotel Park for creating the famous Bled cream cake. According to Turizem Bled, Bled’s tourism authority, the sweet, airy dessert was developed at the restaurant right on the lake shore in 1953.

For this reason, tourists flock to Kavarna Park daily to try a slice of the original Bled cream cake—myself included.

Service at the restaurant is dismal, and food other than the cream cake is frankly, unmemorable. Stop by during the day to take in Kavarna Park’s breathtaking view of the lake over a slice of cream cake. Then, have a full meal elsewhere.

10. ARROI Restaurant

At some point during my trip to Central Europe (okay, very early on during my trip) I began to grow tired of the heavy, creamy food synonymous with most of the region.

If you want a break from it also, stop by ARROI Restaurant, an Asian restaurant in Bled serving Japanese and Thai plates.

Food is solid for the region but isn’t necessarily the most authentic you’ll find in the world. Locals appreciate that the restaurant provides a change of pace from typical European fare.

Word to the wise: go for the flavorful Thai curry or plates, and skip the sushi.

11. Pizzeria Rustika

When I first arrived in Slovenia, the country’s Italian influence surprised me—but it shouldn’t have. Bordering Northeastern Italy, it isn’t hard to find quality Italian fare in Bled, pizza included.

Pizzeria Rustika is often hailed as one of the best Lake Bled restaurants for pizza. The neighborhood joint specializes in wood-fired pizza topped with fresh ingredients such as mozzarella, tomatoes, and prosciutto.

Also on the menu are a few pastas, and larger plates like steak and filet, along with a robust list of craft beer.

If the idea of dining out sounds exhausting after a day of sightseeing, just call Pizzeria Rustika—it offers a full menu, including drinks.


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