How to Shop the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale – Tips, Prices, and Hacks

The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale makes the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale look tame. There, I said it. Yes, the #NSALE might be huge and talked about a little more, but does it make the entire Nordstrom website go down for hours at a time? I think not.

I’ve been shopping Lilly’s APS for years and yes, I’m guilty as charged for being one of those people waiting online for five hours just to get into the Lilly website and shop. When I was living in Minnesota, the sale started at 7 am Central Time, and you know that I was definitely setting 10 alarms and dragging myself out of bed at 6 am to pull up the Lilly Pulitzer website on every device imaginable. It’s no secret that my closet has its fair share of Lilly Pulitzer items, and over the years, I’ve picked up on several tips to help you better shop the After Party Sale!

Preppy style blogger Eva Phan of Eva Darling in a Lilly Pulitzer Dusk Jumpsuit in Drop in long brown curled hair brunette thick hair ponytail after party sale tips

Do Not Refresh Your Browser at 8 am EST

I repeat. DO NOT. REFRESH YOUR BROWSER. AT 8 AM. The website will automatically refresh and place you in the virtual line. Refreshing your browser manually can and will place you farther behind in the queue {I’ve tested this myself}.

Eva Phan of Eva Darling style blogger with long brown curled hair in Lilly Pulitzer Brynn Dress in Local Flavor for the After Party SaleItems released just after the previous After Party Sale such as this Brynn Dress in Local Flavor are likely to be on sale.

There’s a 95% Chance The Website Will Go Down

This has been an issue especially after the influx of Lilly lovers after the Lilly x Target collab hit stores. Unless IT has worked the next thing to a miracle, just factor the time that the website will go down into your schedule. Sometimes it’s five minutes, sometimes it’s fifteen. Sometimes it’s an hour, sometimes it’s 3. The website will go down, we’ll all get annoyed and upset on Twitter because we’re cranky from getting up early and have been sitting in front of three different Lilly Pulitzer screens all morning, the website will go back up, and we’ll all spend way too much money anyway like it never even happened.

Lilly Pulitzer Drop in Dusk Jumpsuit Spring new release NYC Preppy Outfit idea hairstyles for long hair steps of the met Blair Waldorf the metropolitan museum of art Lands' End shoesJumpsuit from spring? Could go either way, but I’m leaning towards this Dusk Jumpsuit going on sale.

You Can Shop Early In-Stores

Officially online, the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale is September 10th-12th for 2018, however stores will be having “preview” days where you can shop the sale on the 8th and 9th. This will let you try everything on and make your purchases before the stores are bombarded with calls and customers when the online sale hits. All sales are final during APS, so if you can make it to a store, do it!

Lilly Pulitzer Shelli Shift in Pineapple White Jacquard spring new release try on dressing room Lands' End shoes mirror selfie how to style glassesWhite dress after Labor Day? Not a thing, traditionally. Wouldn’t be surprised if this Shelli shift hits the sale.

Item Sold Out Online? Call a Store

I still remember when the ONE item I wanted during APS in 2017 was the Going Coastal Marlowe and it sold out in my size online almost instantly during APS. One call to to the Dallas store who managed to find it at the Domain in Austin and a transfer call to the Domain got me the very last one in the company in my size! Stores ship to you with free shipping, just like the website, and the Domain sent a follow up handwritten thank you note for my sale dress that cost all of $49, which was a lovely touch.

Lilly Pulitzer Marianna Dress in Boho Bateau Outside of the NYC Flatiron Building cherry blossom trees flowering blooms spring new york city wedding guest dress outfit ideas midi floral wrap dress with ruffle long brown hair curled brunette in gold strap metallic chunky heels madison square park may asian american trendy womens fashion inspiration inspo what to wear summer outdoor wedding event party target cheap shoes a new day pink blue purple orange greenAssuming this dress will be on sale. {Marianna Wrap Dress in Boho Bateau}

Take Out Allll of Your Devices

I’ve heard of Lilly lovers roping their friends and family members into this sale just so they have everyone’s phones, laptops, tablets, and what have you all trying to get into the sale for the one dress they want. The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale – A true bonding and team building event for friends, family members, and co-workers. 😂 Seriously though, I’m guilty of having three devices out and open to Lilly to get into the sale. The number in line each of them was placed in was so different, that it was worth it completely. In past years, Lilly has claimed that everyone on the app gets priority access. I’ve found that it’s a little faster, but not substantial. Every minute counts in the first moments of the sale, though!

national wear your lilly day lilly pulitzer preppy girl style in ann arbor michigan pink printed scallop skort white smocked crop top with bow tie knot straps colette skort in aquadesiac University of Michigan gold metallic chunky block heels comfortable girl standing in archway tunnel with long brown hair blowing a kissA few items in the print Aquedesiac {shown above} are already on sale, so I’m guessing that this skirt could go on sale as well.

Make an Account and Save Your Credit Card the Night Before

I’m usually not one to support saving card information online, HOWEVER, I’ve had items sell out literally as I’m checking out, so I’m all for it for this sale. Make sure you already have an account, are logged in, and that your shipping and billing addresses are up to date. Save the information for one card, and yourself the stress of having to type that information in while in the heat of the moment.

Minnesota Canterbury Park girl with long brown hair wearing white Vineyard Vines skinny denim jeans Lilly Pulitzer navy ruffle asymmetrical one shoulder Mandarina Top and metallic gold chunky heels with black Gucci Soho Disco and Dior Mitzvah Tarot TwillyThis asymmetrical sweater tank is a tossup, but I’m leaning towards yes. Click here to shop it.


As I stated earlier, things sell out within moments of the sale starting. Lilly doesn’t hold items when they’re in your cart. If there’s a dress or skirt you’ve had your eye on for the last season that you just HAVE to have, prioritize all of those items first, then checkout immediately. Shipping is free, so if there’s casual shopping you want to do that isn’t as focused, you can get back in line and shop again without having to pay shipping twice.

eva phan eva darling NYC travel blog blogger red rocks trail boulder colorado lilly pulitzer run around shorts blue boho bateau vs pink sports bra sperry topside 7 seas seven brunette long hair ponytail brown hiking shoes tennis water shoeThe print Boho Bateau {above} is already on sale in stores, meaning these super comfortable shorts are likely to be on sale as well {they’re my favorite}!


If you’re shopping online, your items will ship the next day or a month and a half later. Shipping during APS is unpredictable and the warehouse gets backed up. If there’s an After Party Sale dress you have your eye on that you need sooner than within two months, call a store and see if they can find it for you.

The After Party Sale can be tiring and crazy stressful, but it can also be a lot of fun and you can get some awesome Lilly pieces out of it! Happy shopping!



P.S. Stay tuned on @eva_phan for a pre-APS giveaway. Lilly Pulitzer gift card? I can’t spill the juice. 😉


Have these Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale tips, tricks, and hacks easily at your disposal when the time arrives by pinning the image below!

Preppy style blogger Eva Phan of Eva Darling on everything you need to know about the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale APS Colette skort in aquedesiac smocked tie shoulder crop top target heels university of michigan ann arbor long thick brown brunette hair

Preppy style blogger Eva Phan of Eva Darling in a Lilly Pulitzer Dusk Jumpsuit in Drop in long brown curled hair brunette thick hair ponytail after party sale tips


Shopping the sale? Click here!

Photography courtesy of Will Ortiz, Yaron Erkin, Annie Fairfax, and Mia Nguyen


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