Brutally Honest Oak & Luna Review: Should You Buy Personalized Jewelry From This Popular Brand?

In the height of 2000s style, customized name necklaces were all the rage, and I, of course, was dying to have one. Personalized jewelry has made a comeback in a big way since, but I’m sure if you’re reading this Oak and Luna review, you know that already.

Although I can’t say it’s at the top of my wishlist anymore, Oak and Luna’s well-priced, unique custom jewelry styles drew me in enough to order for the sake of seeing if the brand was the real deal. Now, I’m sharing my honest Oak and Luna review with you: the good, the bad, and the just kind of okay.

Disclaimer: I was not directly compensated by Oak and Luna, nor was I gifted jewelry in exchange for writing this review. This article does contain affiliate links. When you purchase through these links, I earn a small commission at no additional cost to you that allows me to continue providing unfiltered takes on popular brands.

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Oak and Luna review.

About Oak & Luna

Oak and Luna is a personalized jewelry brand offering stylish name necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and more. Much of the brand’s appeal is in its fair pricing for high-quality materials like gold vermeil and diamonds, in addition to its trendy styles that bring something fresh to the custom fine jewelry space—some of its pieces remind me of Sequin Jewelry, one of my favorite jewelry brands.

Oak and Luna doesn’t offer much information about the brand’s beginnings on its website, simply stating, “Oak and Luna was created by a community of women as a space to celebrate our beauty, individuality and strength,” suggesting that the brand is woman-founded and owned.

So, I did some digging.

In my experience, brands that remain vague about their origins sometimes have something to hide, and it seems like that may be the case with Oak and Luna.

As I began to research Oak and Luna’s origins and business practices further, I only got more confused. Here’s what I uncovered:

Oak and Luna might not be female-founded at all. The brand is owned by Tenengroup Ltd., a jewelry-holding group in Tel Aviv founded by Ran and Zur Erez—two men. “A community of women” might be a euphemism for “a team of employees in a corporation composed of approximately 65% women.”

Per its “Womanfesto,” Oak and Luna aims to create long-lasting jewelry and “celebrate [women’s] beauty, individuality and strength” while considering sustainability.

Oak and Luna was contacted for clarification, however did not provide a response.

Oak & Luna Quality

Is Oak and Luna jewelry actually made to last a lifetime?

In my experience, some, but not all.

Oak & Luna Materials

Oak and Luna has several metal options for its custom jewelry: 925 sterling silver, 18k gold plating, 18k gold vermeil, rose gold vermeil, 14k solid gold, and 14k solid white gold. While some options, such as 14k solid gold, will definitely withstand a lifetime, others, like sterling silver and 18k gold plating, will require much more maintenance to prevent tarnishing.

Though Oak and Luna has so many different material options, only some styles are available in all of them. As a baseline, most styles are offered sterling silver, 18k yellow gold vermeil, and 14k solid gold. The brand also has gemstone options for lab-grown diamonds and colored or clear cubic zirconia.

I ordered my personalized Oak and Luna necklace in 18k gold vermeil—the best Oak and Luna material option if you’re looking for something affordable with minimal potential to tarnish.

The materials of the necklace appear to be legit—despite wearing my necklace in water, it hasn’t tarnished at all, nor has it caused me to have any kind of allergic reaction. The gold is pretty and sparkly.

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Oak and Luna necklace.

Oak & Luna Jewelry Construction

Materials aside, the construction quality of the necklace itself leaves something to be desired in my eyes. I ordered the Singapore Chain Name Necklace, which, based on the images on the website, appeared to have embossed letters for the vertical name pendant.

Instead, what showed up were completely flat pendants. Letters are only distinguished by thin engraving between them. The pendants really have no dimension at all. To me, this is a much cheaper way of construction compared to having raised letters.

The pendants are on a twisted chain, which is pretty and solidly made. My only callout is that it’s really not layering-friendly, even though it’s advertised as such. When I wear other necklaces, their chains get tangled in the twists of the Singapore Chain Name Necklace’s chain almost instantly.

Overall, the quality of the necklace feels relatively fair for the price I paid, especially compared to pricier competitors like Tiny Tags.

Oak and Luna jewelry review.

Oak & Luna Shipping

Oak and Luna offers free shipping for all US orders placed on its website. On Etsy, the brand charges for shipping.

US orders placed with Oak and Luna’s free shipping typically take three to four weeks to arrive. Expedited orders usually take 10 to 12 days to arrive. Orders placed with “urgent shipping” arrive within a week.

International shipping takes longer. Customers in the United Kingdom can expect to receive their packages on a similar schedule to the United States. Orders to Canada and Australia with free shipping take four to five weeks to arrive. All other countries only have paid shipping options, with lengthy arrival times.

My Oak and Luna order took eight days to arrive with expedited shipping. It arrived three days ahead of my projected delivery date. Turnaround times with expedited shipping put Oak and Luna in line with competitors, which makes the free shipping option a little underwhelming, especially if you’re shopping for a gift.

Oak and Luna Returns

Oak and Luna’s return policy is surprisingly reasonable, considering that most of the brand’s jewelry is personalized. All unworn items can be returned within 60 days of delivery.

Non-custom jewelry can be returned for a full refund within 30 days of delivery. Personalized pieces can’t be returned for a refund to your original payment method. However, personalized jewelry can be returned for store credit or exchanged.

Oak & Luna Sustainability

In Oak and Luna’s “Womanfesto,” the brand states that one of its guiding pillars is “[Working] towards sustainable practices that harmonize with Oak and Luna’s forward-looking vision.”

How Oak & Luna is Working Towards Sustainability

A previous blog post on the brand’s website details a few ways the brand is working towards sustainability:

  • All Oak and Luna is made out of lab-grown diamonds, not mined
  • 80% nylon reduction in Oak and Luna factories
  • Pieces are made-to-order to avoid wasteful inventory
  • Corporate offices are plastic-free
  • 100% recyclable packaging
  • 80% of Oak and Luna’s silver, gold-plated, and gold vermeil jewelry pieces are made of recycled materials

Oak & Luna Packaging Sustainability

Oak and Luna’s current sustainability measures are definitely a start, but the brand could be doing more to be truly sustainable, in my opinion. For example, my necklace was packaged in a cardboard jewelry box on a piece of foam, with a ribbon pull to open it.

The box itself isn’t super high-quality—not exactly the type of box I’d save for storage. Foam and ribbons are considered non-recyclable by many waste departments, so I’m not exactly sure why Oak and Luna is claiming they use 100% recyclable packaging.

In my Ana Luisa review, I mentioned how much I loved that the brand shipped in a cardboard box (no tape), packaging its jewelry in reusable dustbags. I’d love for Oak and Luna to move to a model like this to improve sustainability in its packaging.

Is Oak & Luna Greenwashing?

Oak and Luna’s lack of transparency in their supply chain and manufacturing processes makes it tough to truly say that the brand is sustainable. Many brands striving to be ethical and environmentally friendly release in-depth, public-facing sustainability reports, as seen in my NAADAM cashmere review.

Oak and Luna should follow suit if they’re serious about sustainability. Right now, it’s exceptionally difficult to know exactly how its manufacturing processes are considering sustainability at every step, and there’s no assurance of quality working conditions and pay for its workers throughout Oak and Luna’s supply chain.

Without greater transparency, Oak and Luna’s sustainability efforts feel like a start but a bit like greenwashing.

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Oak & Luna Review: Pros

If you’re looking for the best personalized jewelry brand, Oak and Luna brings a lot to the table. Here’s what I like about Oak & Luna:

  • Tons of style options for anklets, bracelets, charms, earrings, necklaces, and rings
  • Styles are more youthful, trendy, and unique than traditional custom jewelers
  • Tons of metals to pick from
  • Choose-your-own chain length
  • Gold vermeil is offered more frequently than gold plating at an accessible price
  • Pricing overall is fair
  • Turnaround times are reasonable for made-to-order jewelry

Oak & Luna Review: Cons

Most of what I don’t like about Oak & Luna is due to its vague statements rather than its product. That said, there are a few things that could be improved across both.

This wouldn’t be an honest Oak & Luna review without a few cons.

  • No personalization previews
  • Twist chains are beautiful but prevent necklace layering with others as they easily get tangled
  • Spring ring clasp can be tricky to use—lobster claw would be a lot easier
  • Name pendants are totally flat with no embossing or dimension, which makes them look a little less luxurious
  • Pricing is fair but could be a lot more competitive—it’s easy to find custom sterling silver and solid gold jewelry pieces at lower prices through independent Etsy sellers
  • Packaging feels cheap and does not match the quality of the jewelry
  • Vague statements on the brand’s origins, values, and sustainability efforts come across as misleading and greenwashing

Where to Buy Oak & Luna Jewelry

Oak and Luna doesn’t just sell its jewelry through its own website. In addition to the brand’s site, you can buy Oak and Luna necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more through its Etsy shop.

Keep in mind that prices on Etsy are higher than they are on the brand’s website. Oak and Luna has frequent sales on Etsy for 15 to 35% off, sometimes making purchasing through Etsy less expensive than purchasing through the brand’s site.

Best Oak & Luna Products

Can’t figure out what the best custom Oak and Luna jewelry pieces to buy are?

Find Oak and Luna bestsellers and a few of my favorites below:

Affordable Oak & Luna Alternatives

Oak and Luna not quite your style? If you’re in the market for personalized jewelry, check out one of these stylish alternatives instead:

Fashion blogger Eva Phan wearing a gold Oak and Luna necklace with gold Sequin Jewelry snake earrings.

Oak and Luna Review: The Bottom Line

Is Oak and Luna worth it?

After writing this full Oak and Luna review, I think my answer is that it really depends. Oak and Luna jewelry is worth it if you’re looking for custom gold vermeil jewelry, or are tired of the same boring name necklace styles and want something more chic and interesting.

However, if you’re just looking to purchase sterling silver or solid gold jewelry, you might find that your money will go further with an independent seller than with Oak and Luna.

Overall, Oak and Luna is reliable. I would feel comfortable buying personalized jewelry for gifts from Oak and Luna in the future or another piece for myself, especially considering the brand’s reasonable return policy.

Oak and Luna Review: FAQS

Does Oak and Luna sell real gold?

Oak and Luna has several options for real gold jewelry. Oak and Luna jewelry can be made in genuine 18k gold plating, 18k gold vermeil, or 14k solid gold.

Is Oak and Luna real silver?

Oak and Luna uses real 925 sterling silver in its jewelry pieces.

Can you shower with Oak and Luna jewelry on?

Avoid showering when wearing Oak and Luna sterling silver, gold plated, and gold vermeil jewelry, as the water will cause these pieces to tarnish more quickly. Oak and Luna’s solid gold jewelry can safely be worn while showering.

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    May 3, 2024 / 7:27 pm

    Product is really low quality. But good advertising.

    Returns are almost impossible.

    • Eva Phan
      May 5, 2024 / 12:08 pm

      That’s good to know—I haven’t had to deal with a return yet.

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