Refusing Fall in Vineyard Vines

The transition periods between summer and fall and fall and winter have to be my least favorite times of the year. Okay those, and winter to spring. Don’t get me wrong, I love the smell of cinnamon and being able to wear my pink Hunters and cozy infinity scarves as much as the next person, but transitioning from the land of shorts and sunshine to jeans and jackets is enough to make me want to cry {Yup, I get it, I’m dramatic}.

So here’s to one last day of the endless summer.

I saw this Vineyard Vines dress in the store and instantly fell in love with it. It’s classic, and so so versatile.

DRESS: Vineyard Vines Cotton Linen Stripe Dress

I love pairing this basic braided brown leather belt with this dress for two reasons: 1, it provides contrast and gives definition against all the stripes, and 2, this dress is a little too big so it brings the waist in {good job Eva}.



Honest truth: When I saw the back of this dress in-store on the hanger and online, I hated it. I can guarantee that it looks so so much better in person and on.



Love and Stay Preppy,

Photos: Haydin Olivia Photo


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