Six Shoe Styles Every Woman Needs in Her Closet

If there’s one thing that can always elevate your outfit, it’s your shoes. As a shoe-holic, I’ve got everything from bright blue big bow stilettos to the simplest slip-on sneaker. Whether you’re shoe obsessed like myself or you couldn’t care less, there’s six types of shoes that are absolutely essential to your closet. While having brocade booties and sparkly sandals are fun, these six are basics that will have you covered in a pinch for any occasion!



{Clockwise from top left}

A Sandal Stiletto

Need a shoe that you can wear to lunch or dinner, for a special occasion, to go out, or anything in-between? That’s where the sandal stiletto comes in. I recommend having a sandal stiletto in nude first, over black or gold. Why? Nude matches absolutely everything and is casual enough to be worn during the day. Black can’t be worn with dark navy or medium to dark brown, and gold will be perceived as being more dressy.


A Basic Pump

Have this shoe in both nude and black. This is your wear to work shoe, wear to church shoe, wear to dinner shoe, you get the idea. A basic pump is classic and acceptable for nearly any occasion. Unlike the stiletto sandal, a basic pump can be worn year round without freezing your toes off. Pointed toe or round toe, it’s up to you {but you’ll probably never catch me in a round toe. If you do, you should probably make sure that I’m okay}.


A Flat or Loafer

If your feet are sore, you’re doing a lot of walking, or heels just aren’t your thing, turn to a flat or loafer to keep your look elevated while being comfortable. If I know that I have a long day or that I’m doing a lot of walking, but I’m going to something where heels are more appropriate, I’ll wear the heels and bring the flats in my handbag. The nice thing about them is that they’re a slim shoe that fit easily into a handbag.


A Riding or Tall Boot

Some sort of riding or taller boot, like an over the knee boot, is perfect for fall and winter. Personally, my over the knee boots have been a lifesaver when I want to wear a skirt or a dress in the colder months. A riding boot is a good boot to have as a casual boot to wear to school or just with friends. Less of my leg exposes = a much warmer Eva. I recommend brown riding boots to match the warmer fall colors, and black over the knee boots to match skirts and dresses.


A Bootie

Booties are a shoe closet essential because they keep your feet warm during the colder months, however are still a completely wearable shoe. I’ve worn booties to everything from school to dinners to parties. I recommend having a brown bootie for warmer colors, and a black bootie for cooler colors. I’ve found overall that my black booties are a lot more versatile and easier to dress up.


A Sneaker

Although I can’t say that I ever wear my sneakers for a casual day out, they are necessary if you’re hitting the gym or a yoga studio. Growing up, I always saw sneakers as clunky, ugly, shoes that I didn’t want to wear, but now there’s so many cute options for tennis shoes that you’ll want to go to the gym just to wear them!


These six options are just the base of your shoe closet. Have fun adding on and experimenting with different colors, prints, and styles! Below I’ve linked all of these styles in various options.





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