Uncovering the Tashkent Nightlife Scene: After-Dark Spots in Uzbekistan’s Capital City

A bustling Tashkent nightlife scene might sound like a farfetched dream for those unfamiliar with Uzbekistan. Then again, much of the modern city’s more progressive development efforts probably come as a surprise to those who haven’t been.

There are several bars in Tashkent, offering everything from craft cocktails to local wine and beer. The city even has a few nightclubs and hookah lounges, like Bla Bla Bar and VM Bar where crowds take to the dance floor until the early hours of the morning—at some, as late as 6 am.

Yes, alcohol is allowed in Uzbekistan. Even though drinking alcohol is legal in Uzbekistan, many Uzbeks do not partake as the country is widely Islamic. These bars and clubs all have robust drink lists that include both alcoholic and alcohol-free options.

When I was in the city, I had a chance to visit several top Tashkent nightlife spots, spending a ton of time researching others that I didn’t get the chance to go to. These are among the best things to do in Tashkent at night:

Best Tashkent nightlife bars and nightclubs.

Best Clubs and Bars in Tashkent

1. CMI Afterparty Bar

CMI Afterparty Bar (CMI Bar) is Tashkent’s go-to club for techno music. Neon lights line the walls at the popular spot, which frequently has live DJs.

Located in the same space as Silk 92 Wine&Lounge, the energetic club is a stark contrast to its upstairs neighbor’s cozy vibe. Expect to find a similarly long wine list, an extensive list of spirits, and hearty bar food like burgers and fries.

CMI Bar is only open on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.

Cocktail at a bar in Tashkent.

2. Embar

One of the best rooftop bars in Tashkent, Embar is nestled on the 17th floor of the InterContinental Tashkent. It’s the sister establishment to vogue, pan-Asian restaurant Ember, which it shares the floor with.

Drinks seek to channel the upscale mixology popular with top cocktail bars in the West—a relatively new concept in Uzbekistan. Expect to find flavors like fresh lychee and passionfruit that hardly exist anywhere else in Tashkent, much less in the country.

On the weekend, Embar often hosts local bands and other live music events. Don’t bring a first date, or you won’t be able to hear them.

The sleek terrace bar balances wood paneling with chic gold furnishings, allowing the Embar’s stunning view of Tashkent to shine. Its open-air design means the bar is only open seasonally from late spring to mid-fall and is always closed on Sunday.

3. Winesday, Cafe & Wine Shop

Wine bars in Tashkent have been popping up as the city continues to grow, and more foreigners are starting to call it home.

Winesday, Cafe & Wine Shop is among the best of these intimate hangouts. The airy, stylish bar boasts one of the largest wine collections in Tashkent, offering bottles to guests at fair prices. From time to time, it’s been known to offer guests complimentary glasses of wine, like rosé, with the purchase of food.

Guests who don’t wish to drink wine can order beer or signature cocktails.

In addition to wine, Winesday offers a menu of European plates such as beef carpaccio and filet mignon which attract guests to the bar for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Unlike competitor Silk96 Wine&Lounge, Winesday is a smoke-free establishment.

Silk96 Wine&Lounge, one of the best bars on the Tashkent nightlife scene.

4. Silk96 Wine&Lounge

Silk96 Wine&Lounge is not only one of the best restaurants in Tashkent but also one of the city’s top bars.

The wine bar and hookah lounge are much more chilled out than their sister bar, CMI Bar. It’s less of a party and more of a dimly lit hideout for friends who want to kick back and watch a sports game, smoke shisha, or chat.

You can order from an extensive wine list, many of which hail from France, Italy, Georgia, and Uzbekistan, or choose to go for cocktails, beer, or hard liquor like vodka, gin, and whiskey.

Don’t be fooled by Silk96’s bottle list—the bar does offer wine by the glass. When I visited, the staff was more than happy to listen to my preferences and pour a glass that matched accordingly.

Food should not be skipped at Silk96 Wine&Lounge. I absolutely love the bar’s crispy eggplant and burrata, which make for indulgent bar food.

5. The Bar. Speak Easy

High-end mixology is only just arriving in Tashkent and with it, speakeasies.

The Bar. Speak Easy is one of the first bars in Tashkent to attempt the concept. Though it isn’t a true speakeasy (you’ll be able to find the entrance), the bar seeks to channel the energy of New York in the 1920s that the best West Village cocktail bars do.

Located near the Lotte City Hotel Tashkent Palace, The Bar is becoming a top spot for those in Uzbekistan on business travel and Europeans visiting the country. If you’re traveling on a budget, ask the price of your drink in advance—bartenders are known not to provide a menu or communicate pricing upfront.

Bla Bla Bar, a top nightclub for Tashkent nightlife.

6. Bla Bla Bar

Bla Bla Bar is one of the largest and shiniest clubs on the Tashkent nightlife scene. The buzzy nightclub emulates Russian nightlife culture, attracting a dressed-up crowd on the weekend who come for house music spun by local DJs and elevated cocktails.

Like all the best nightclubs in the world, Bla Bla Bar isn’t exactly known for the friendliness of its staff or security. Come ready for a party, expect to pay a pretty penny for food and drinks, and don’t be surprised if you’re turned away at the door.

7. 7 Fridays

Every day of the week is Friday at 7 Fridays, the lofty nightclub in Tashkent that opens its doors until 1 or 2 am, seven days a week.

Unlike similar clubs in the Tashkent nightlife scene, 7 Fridays is praised by locals for its welcoming service, good live music and DJs, and reasonably priced drinks.

Come dressed to impress—7 Fridays enforces a dress code, including no open-toed shoes for men. On busy nights, a line forms at the club’s door. When that happens, you’ll likely be able to slide the bouncer a little cash to get in.

8. Steam Bar

Steam Bar is a steampunk-themed bar and restaurant that hails itself as the “most brutal bar in Tashkent.”

Come after 9 pm when local musicians play pop, rock, and metal music in the pub daily. Take it in with the bar’s frothy local draft beers, hearty cuts of steak, and stacked burgers amongst other barbecued meats.

Foreigners will appreciate that Steam Bar’s digital menu has an English option.

9. Maqom Bar

Maqom Bar is for the atmosphere. The patio bar in Tashkent is inspired by fashionable haunts in Europe, bringing photo-worthy drinks to the city.

Every night, guests settle into Maqom for great conversation, sometimes listening to live jazz in a setting of black and white tiled floors and rattan chairs.

Maqom serves a robust menu of craft cocktails made with fresh ingredients, plus an international menu of food that often takes inspiration from Asian cuisine, such as ramen and wasabi shrimp with mango.

Where Maqom lacks is in its service, which can be slow and curt. Then again, you probably came for the vibes, not the service.

10. The WKND Bar

The WKND Bar is quickly taking over as the top nightlife spot in Tashkent. The trendy bar’s tinsel-covered ceilings welcome a young crowd for cocktails, food, live music, and DJs throughout the week. The bar has a small dance floor, complete with a disco bar and strobe lights.

On Mondays, the WKND hosts all-day happy hour, offering diners 50% off of its menu.

Service is known to be far better at this relative newcomer than at other nightclubs in the city, but you will still need to come dressed to a T. A dress code is enforced, including rules like no shorts or open-toed shoes for men.

Food at a top Tashkent nightlife bar.

What is the Tashkent Nightlife Scene Like?

Most of the Tashkent nightlife scene consists of Russian-style nightclubs that blast house music as laser lights bounce off the space, led by a rotation of local DJs.

Other bars in the city are inspired by English pubs, such as Hammersmith Bar, and Western-style mixology and speakeasies, like John Dillinger Bar.

There aren’t quite as many options for nightlife in Tashkent as there are in cities in East Asia or Europe, but the industry is quickly growing. Nightclubs like CMI Bar and 7 Fridays get crowded on the weekend with young, well-dressed crowds looking to party and imbibe.

Smoking at bars and restaurants only recently became restricted in Uzbekistan, according to Tobacco Control Laws. It’s mostly banned now, unless the establishment is licensed for hookah.

If you’re at a bar with hookah, expect to see lots of people smoking cigarettes also, as the space is zoned for smoking. I learned this the hard way when I visited Silk96—I’m sensitive to cigarette smoke and wouldn’t have visited if I didn’t realize I’d be sitting in a cloud of it all night long.

Drinking Alcohol in Tashkent

Drinking alcohol is absolutely legal in Uzbekistan. Unlike its neighbors in Central Asia, Uzbekistan is a secular country. Even though the country has a Muslim-majority population, it doesn’t ban the consumption of liquor.

I was absolutely shocked when I realized this after visiting other Muslim-majority countries where alcohol is outright banned or in very limited supply. Uzbekistan may not have quite as many liquor stores and bars as Western or East Asian countries, but isn’t in short supply, either.

All of the top nightlife spots and bars in Tashkent serve alcohol. Most of the city’s top restaurants—especially high-end restaurants—also do.

Vodka is the leading spirit in Uzbekistan, a relic of the country’s former days in the Soviet Union.

The country has local breweries and a vineyard that bottles wine, though most opt for imported wine as the quality isn’t great. Imported wine is pricey—cocktails tend to be more cost-effective. If you’re drinking wine, keep an eye out for unique Georgian wines that appear on menus in Uzbekistan and can be tough to find in the United States.


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