Tips and Tricks for Travelling Miami’s Wynwood Walls- Wynwood Walls Travel Guide

Ever since I first wen to Miami in 2015, I’ve been obsessed with Wynwood Walls. The neighborhood of bright colors and interesting, larger than life street mural installations never failed to surprise and delight.

From the time of my first visit, Wynwood has only increased in popularity, becoming a hot spot for tourists, bloggers, and photographers alike.

Although the walls are constantly changing, I’ve picked up a few tips and picked out some of my favorite walls for all of you looking to travel to the area!

1. Don’t map out your trip
Of course, after seeing your favorite blogger at a particularly eye-catching wall, it’s easy to want to try tracking it down. While it’s okay to have a few favorites coming in, there are so many {so. many.} walls in the neighborhood that don’t show up on any Google search. Why? The walls are constantly changing and being replaced, I visited again a year and a half after my initial trip, and over half the walls in the gated Wynwood area had changed. Part of the fun of Wynwood is exploring, getting a little lost, and finding fantastic things because of it. If you have a few hours, just wander!  I’m sure you’ll find plenty to look at {seriously. Even the chain restaurants in Wynwood are covered in murals}.

2. Get outside of the gated area
Previously, Wynwood had a reputation for being a, well, less than safe neighborhood. This leads a lot of people to stay within in the gated and controlled Wynwood area. While I’m not saying the neighborhood’s perfect now, it continues to move away from it’s previous reputation. Some of the best art to be seen is outside of the gates–just make sure to go in the daylight!



Yup, someone actually put EDM DJs Diplo and Marshmello on doors.


I actually took this photo in the gated walls by sticking my camera through the gate. True story.

3. Short on time? No problem!
Yes, you could absolutely spend hours on end walking through and exploring Wynwood, but that’s not to say that it should be looked over if you don’t have that much time on your hands! I’d recommend walking down the main street, NW 2nd Ave. You will miss some of the murals that are further away and down a couple street blocks, but you’ll still be able to take in quite a bit of what Wynwood has to offer. The following photos were all taken on NW 2nd Ave:

Taken outside of Galleria Gum




NW 2nd Ave and 26th St


4. Look down!
It’s so easy to keep your head looking up walking through the streets of Wynwood with all the fantastic murals, but don’t forget to look down too!  Some of the murals actually are painted onto the sidewalk as well, otherwise there’s tons of stenciled and sprayed sidewalk quotes too.


5. Go early
This usually applies to 99.9% of all of the places I recommend, but in this case, it really pays off if you want to get the best photos. Wynwood has a ton of street parking and is a tourist attraction, so the later you go in the day, the busier it gets! The first time I went, I was there from 5:30-7:30 and it was difficult to get tourist free photos without waiting for long amounts of time. Sidewalks got crowded and traffic was horrible. The second time I went around 11 and it was perfect!  Although there were still cars parked on the street, the streets were relatively quiet and there was only a few people walking around, definitely a lot more enjoyable!

Inside the gates there’s definitely still a lot on cool art to see.  Just keep in mind that the gated area does have specific hours, so plan accordingly! These are my current favorites:




As I said before, the art in and outside of the gates is constantly changing, the neighborhood always has something new and interesting to offer, which is exactly why it’s one of my favorite places to go in Miami!

Love and Stay Preppy,


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