Where to Buy Oktoberfest Clothing: BEST Places for Dirndls and Lederhosen in Munich and Online

Figuring out where to buy Oktoberfest clothing is a necessary step in making sure you have the perfect Oktoberfest outfit. With so many tracht stores in Munich, and sketchy online websites, it can be tough to figure out which Bavarian clothing stores sell clothing acceptable to wear to the festival (we don’t want any cheap costumes over here).

Shopping for Oktoberfest clothing both in Munich and online, I’ve found that there’s clear benefits to both approaches. Below is everything you need to know before buying your Oktoberfest outfit (learn from my mistakes please), and the best stores in Munich and online for dirndls and lederhosen.

If you don’t know what a traditional Oktoberfest outfit is, read this post first!

Where to buy Oktoberfest clothing in Munich and online.

What is the Traditional Women’s Oktoberfest Outfit?

A traditional Oktoberfest outfit for women consists of a traditional German dress, known as a dirndl, worn with a dirndl blouse, Mary Jane heels, trachten socks, and even a special dirndl bra (should you choose). Women in Bavaria often accessorize their dirndls with silver Edelweiss jewelry, or layer up with a dirndl sweater when temperatures drop (yes, there’s a special sweater).

Dirndls come in tons of colors, fabrics, and styles, ranging from ultra-feminine and princess-y, to modern and minimalist. Of course, dirndls with traditional Bavarian embroidery are still readily available also.

At Oktoberfest, you’ll see women putting more practical spins on the dirndl by wearing it with ballet flats, boots, or sometimes sneakers to make walking around Theresienwiese (the Oktoberfest festival grounds) all day more comfortable.

You might also see women wearing lightweight puffy jackets or plain cardigans instead of the special dirndl sweater when it gets chilly—all this traditional tracht adds up!

Click here to read all about women’s Oktoberfest outfits.

Shop the best dirndls for Oktoberfest online below:

Traditional Men’s Oktoberfest Outfit Basics

At a minimum, men’s Oktoberfest outfits include lederhosen, an embroidered leather short, and a button-up shirt in plain white, or brightly colored gingham (red, blue, and green are popular options).

If you want to look like a true Munich local, wear your lederhosen with a traditional vest (called a waistcoat by locals), or matching leather suspenders.

If temperatures are cool, you’ll see men styling their Oktoberfest outfits with trachten jackets. Trachten jackets are a tailored jacket made of boiled wool (a type of felt).

Traditionally, lederhosen are worn with haferlschuhe, an authentic Bavarian leather shoe similar to a brogue. There’s plenty of haferlschuhe at Oktoberfest, but you may also see men wearing loafers or boots.

Men have two sock options at Oktoberfest: loferl, a two-part sock consisting of a crew sock and calf warmer; or trachten socks, thick, tall socks. Go for tall socks—it helps soften the cold weather.

Men can accessorize their Oktoberfest look with a Tyrolean hat (German alpine hat). These hats are made of felt, and accented with feathers.

Click below to shop the best men’s lederhosen for Oktoberfest online:

Eva Phan wearing a Krüger Madl dirndl at Oktoberfest in Munich.

How to Figure Out Your Dirndl or Lederhosen Size

Figuring out your dirndl or lederhosen size isn’t as straightforward as figuring out what size shirt to buy. It’s important to pay careful attention to size charts, and outlined measurements, especially if you’re planning on ordering your dirndl or lederhosen online. Keep the following in mind when figuring out your size in traditional tracht:

  • Mind the measurement unit: some dirndl and lederhosen websites write their size guides in centimeters, while others use inches
  • Have a friend take your measurements: you will never get accurate measurements doing it yourself
  • Wear the bra you’ll wear with your dirndl when taking measurements
  • German lederhosen are not sized by waist measurement—look at the size chart for measurements, don’t order the size numbered identical to your waist measurement

For my complete guide to figuring out your dirndl or lederhosen size click here (trust me, you need it).

Where to buy Oktoberfest clothing in Munich, trying on a dirndl.

Reasons to Buy Oktoberfest Outfits in Munich

When I needed to buy a dirndl for Oktoberfest, I couldn’t decide whether to order one online, or buy a dirndl in Munich. After going through both experiences, there’s clear pros and cons to both approaches. Here’s the argument for shopping for Oktoberfest outfits in Munich:

You Get to Try Before You Buy—No Sizing Issues

One of the most obvious benefits to buying a dirndl or lederhosen in Munich is that you won’t be guesstimating your size. No gaping bodices or saggy leather lederhosen over here thankyouverymuch.

A store associate can help you find the perfect dirndl length, though you’ll want to visit quieter stores during quieter hours for the best service. Otherwise, grab a few of the rack and start figuring out the right size for you.

Even when trying on dirndls in person, it’s still possible to end up with a dirndl that isn’t quite the perfect fit, especially if you’re someone that struggles to find clothing that fits off the rack. Don’t fret—in my Oktoberfest outfit guide, I have a few dirndl tailors in Munich that can help.

Lederhosen are easier to adjust—they come with lacing at the back that gives you a little ability to adjust the waist. The lacing doesn’t work miracles (or your waist would look like a Bavarian drawstring bag), so you’ll still need to buy a properly fitting pair.

No Lengthy Shipping Times and Expensive Returns

Most of the top lederhosen and dirndl stores are based in Europe, which means online tracht orders come with a fun side of lengthy international shipping wait times.

If you wait too long to order your Oktoberfest outfit online, there’s a chance you might not get it before your trip! Buying Oktoberfest clothing in Munich means you don’t need to stress over tedious package tracking and expensive returns if something doesn’t fit (oof).

The Chances of Getting Scammed Are Low

The dirndl and lederhosen world has a dark side (shocking, I know). Dirndl scams do exist online.

Users have reported being bait and switched, not receiving orders, or receiving damaged products from sketchy dirndl and lederhosen websites online.

If you’re buying Oktoberfest clothing in Munich, your chances of being scammed are almost non-existent. You can still buy low quality product (your dirndl should not cost $30), but you’ll still be able to see it in person before buying, so that’s your judgment call to make.

Opportunity to Find Special Oktoberfest Deals

Getting a good deal on a dirndl or pair of lederhosen can be tricky, but if you know where to buy Oktoberfest clothing in Munich, it’s absolutely possible. Some tracht stores in Munich, like Angermaier, have sales racks with items you may not find discounted online, or may not find online at all.

Towards the middle of the wiesn, some tracht stores in Munich will discount tons of their inventory. For example, by waiting to buy my dirndl blouse until I got to Munich, I was able to find one at Leder Fischer for just €19.90 ($21.34 USD). The same blouse was full price when I visited the store three days prior!

Some tracht stores in Munich will also have special Oktoberfest bundles for buying everything you need. Just be careful—there’s tons of tracht stores in Munich that are clearly just trying to sell low quality Oktoberfest clothing to tourists who don’t know better.

Unique dirndl for Oktoberfest.
This dirndl on sale at Angermaier is definitely unique.

Your Dirndl is More Likely to Be Unique

There’s a limited amount of tracht stores selling dirndls online, but tons of stores in Munich, each buying different inventory. By knowing where to buy Oktoberfest clothing in Munich, you’ll have a higher likelihood of finding a unique dirndl. For example, I hadn’t seen the green and pink dirndl I tried on at Angermaier anywhere when I was shopping for dirndls online.

Tracht stores in Munich also may only stock a limited number of sizes in a particular style, further ensuring that you’ll be more likely to have a unique Oktoberfest outfit. Online dirndl stores usually stock dirndls in tons of sizes, with lots of stock in the same size.

Travel blogger, Eva Phan, wearing a red Krüger Madl dirndl in front of the Marstall Festzelt tent at Oktoberfest in Munich.

Reasons to Buy Dirndls and Lederhosen Online

There’s no denying that shopping for dirndls and lederhosen online is appealing—shopping from the comfort of your own home means that you don’t need to deal with long fitting room lines, limited inventory, and figuring out if there’s a boyfriend chair (if you’re me).

Here’s a few reasons why shopping for a dirndl or lederhosen online may be a good idea for you:

Click below to shop directly from the best stores for buying Oktoberfest outfits online:

Ordering Dirndls and Lederhosen Online is Convenient

Ordering a dirndl or lederhosen online is as easy as typing in a website, picking something out, and pressing “checkout.” If you’re shopping for an Oktoberfest outfit on Amazon, it’s even easier with Amazon’s free shipping and ultra-fast turnaround times.

Shopping for Oktoberfest clothing in Munich can be tedious and frustrating. You could visit four stores and walk away without finding anything you truly love. Being able to have the perfect Oktoberfest outfit show up right at your doorstep is definitely enticing.

You Don’t Need to Spend Vacation Time in Munich Shopping for Tracht

As mentioned before, shopping for tracht in Munich takes time. Popular stores get very crowded, and you could end up waiting several minutes just for someone to be available to help you. Paired with lengthy fitting room and checkout lines, it’s an ordeal.

When I was figuring out where to buy Oktoberfest clothing in Munich, I visited over six stores. I spent at least four hours shopping over two days, which ate up time during my trip.

We had several days in Munich so this was okay (though not ideal), but if you’re short on time in the city, shopping for tracht in Munich takes up valuable time for exploring the city!

Larger Selection and More Available Sizes

Inventory at tracht stores in Munich gets picked over quickly during Oktoberfest. If you shop online, you’ll have much better access to a wide array of styles and sizes, nearly guaranteeing that you’ll find something you love.

When visiting Oktoberfest during the second weekend of the wiesn, I visited over six different trachten stores without finding anything that a. I truly loved and b. was under $300 USD (the $1,200 dirndls at LODENFREY are beautiful, but not practical for a tourist). During my search, I found a couple that were okay, but not perfect (too long, or not my style).

I wear a dirndl size 32, and even at large stores, there were typically only a few in my size, or none at all.

If you’re picky when it comes to fashion like me, shopping for dirndls or lederhosen online is absolutely where to buy Oktoberfest clothing for you. When shopping online, I didn’t just find one dirndl I liked, but several.

At the festival, I did see several women wearing dirndls I nearly bought online. The dirndl I ended up purchasing was limited edition, so I didn’t have this issue.

Krüger Madl does special collection dirndls, which is a great option if you want to buy a dirndl online, but don’t want a high chance of having the same one as someone else (though in the grand scheme of things, this really isn’t a big deal at all).

You’ll Have Time to Tailor Your Dirndl

Are you someone who struggle to find clothing that fits perfectly off-the-rack? If so, you may need to tailor your dirndl, regardless of what size you buy. If you’re buying lederhosen, your lederhosen will come with laces in the back to adjust the fit, so this should be less of an issue for you.

By ordering your dirndl online, you’ll have ample time to take your dirndl to a local tailor near you. If you’re buying a dirndl in Munich, you may not have enough time to even drop your dirndl off for tailoring between all your sightseeing, especially if you’re short on time (scroll down for more on dirndl tailoring in Munich).

You Might Be Able to Find Better Deals

There are absolutely great discounts on tracht to be found in Munich, but it’s a little trickier than if you’re shopping online.

Inventory scarcity in Munich, plus demand for Oktoberfest outfits by tourists, means that you’ll need the stars to align to find Oktoberfest clothing on sale that you like, in your size (though if you’re not picky, you’ll be okay).

You’ll also find that the best Oktoberfest clothing sales in Munich don’t start until partway through the festival, when stores are trying to get rid of the surplus inventory they purchased for the wiesn. If you’re visiting Oktoberfest for the first weekend, you’ll likely have better selection, but less deals.

Shopping for Oktoberfest clothing online means you might be able to find dirndls at a deeper discount, or find dirndls of average quality at more affordable prices than you would in Munich (for example, dirndls on Etsy or Amazon).

No Hefty Shipping Fees or Taxes

If you’re ordering a dirndl or lederhosen online, you’ll notice that many trachten websites are located in Europe. If you’re outside of Europe, you may need to pay international shipping fees for your Oktoberfest outfit, which could be as high as $40!

You’ll likely also need to pay tax on your purchase, unless you live in a state without them.

Shopping for tracht in Munich means you’ll save on those extra fees. Taxes are included in displayed prices in Germany.

You Can Break In Your Lederhosen in Advance

Lederhosen arrive a little stiff, and relax over time with wear. The traditional German clothing for men has been known to cause chafing and discomfort before they’re truly broken in.

By buying your lederhosen online in advance, you’ll be able to make sure they’re broken in a little bit before going to Oktoberfest, by wearing them around the house—make sure to pick up a chafe stick just in case.

Where to buy Oktoberfest outfits in Munich.

What to Know Before Buying Tracht in Munich

Tracht shopping in Munich can be a fun way to immerse yourself in the spirit of the season. Before you go, read these must-know tips:

Bring the Bra You’ll Wear With Your Dirndl

Décolletage is taken seriously when it comes to dirndls, hence why special dirndl bras exist. If you’re wearing a bra that erm, enhancing your chest, make sure you wear it when shopping for dirndls in Munich.

Your bra might change the size you buy, and stuffed sausages are best left for the food vendors at Oktoberfest, not your dirndl.

Don’t Forget to Grab Your Lacing Ribbon

Some dirndls have traditional hooks at the front of the dress, meant to be laced with a ribbon. If you’re buying your dirndl online, this ribbon will come with your dirndl.

When shopping for dirndls in Munich, you may need to grab this ribbon out of a jar on the counter at the register. If you don’t see a jar at the register, check the pockets of the dirndl you’re buying for one.

Wherever your dirndl ribbon is located, just make sure you have one before leaving the store, or your Oktoberfest outfit will be left looking incomplete—a definite fashion faux pas.

Allow Extra Time for Shopping

Think you know how much time you’ll need for tracht shopping in Munich? Think again.

You might get lucky and find the perfect Oktoberfest outfit in an hour, or you might need four to find something that fits, and you like.

Budget for more time than you think you’ll need. Shopping  at the tracht stores near Sendlinger Straße such as Leder Fisher, Angermaier, and Almwelt will help cut down on time a little, as there’s tons of tracht stores all no longer than a 15 minute walk away from each other.

Be Prepared to Visit Multiple Lederhosen and Dirndl Stores in Munich

Don’t assume you’ll online be visiting one store for dirndl or lederhosen in Munich. Sure, if you’re not picky and visiting a large store like Daller Tracht, this might work for you, but the reality is that many tracht stores in Munich are small boutiques with limited inventory.

Plan to visit at least three different tracht stores in Munich when shopping for your Oktoberfest outfit. Before heading out, plan which stores you’ll be visiting, and in what order to make sure you have an efficient route.

Don’t Hesitate to Buy Something You Like

Shopping for an Oktoberfest outfit in Munich is the definition of “see it, like it, buy it.” Inventory moves quickly.

If you see something you like, buy it immediately. Don’t hesitate thinking you’ll be able to come back for it, because it may not be there in an hour, much less tomorrow!

Many tracht stores in Munich do allow returns. Ask a store associate at checkout what the return policy is before making your purchase, if you’re on the fence.

Know the Current Currency Conversion and Foreign Transaction Fees

Prices at stores in Munich are in euros. If you’re from an EU country using euros, this won’t be an issue for you.

If you’re not from a country using euros, make sure you’re aware of the current conversion rate between your home country, and the euro.

You’ll likely be given the option at checkout to pay in euros, or in your home currency. Make sure you’re aware of foreign transaction fees your card servicer might have.

If you’re making a return at a store in Munich, know that you might not get exactly the amount you paid for refunded, due to shifts in currency conversions. When I returned a dirndl I purchased in Munich, I lost a few dollars due to the conversion rate shifting.

Bring the Proper Dirndl Layers to Munich From Home

Some years, Oktoberfest is cold. Munich isn’t all that warm in September, and at a minimum, you’ll likely need a sweater at night.

If you’re wearing a dirndl to Oktoberfest, you’ll want to bring a simple cardigan, lightweight jacket, spandex shorts, and leggings or tights from home—dirndl sweaters in Munich are pricey, and likely not something you’ll wear again if you’re not a regular wisen-goer.

If you forget leggings or tights from home, don’t fret—one of my favorite legwear brands, Calzedonia, is affordable, and has several stores in München. There’s also an H&M just down the street from Marienplatz.

Eva Phan wearing a 70 cm long Krüger Madl dirndl.

Tips for Ordering a Dirndl or Lederhosen Online

Ordering a dirndl online is much more straightforward than shopping for one in Munich, but there’s still a few things to consider before pressing “add to bag.”

Order your Oktoberfest Outfit in Advance: Allow Time for International Shipping

Many of the top dirndl websites are located in Germany or Austria, which means you’ll need to purchase international shipping.

International shipping can be as quick as a few days, and as long as four to six weeks (or longer) depending on where you live. Make sure you understand how long your Oktoberfest outfit will take to ship to your home, and plan your shopping accordingly.

If you want the ease of ordering your dirndl or lederhosen online, but don’t want to pay expensive shipping or are short on time, there are a few US-based Bavarian outfitters in the United States. More on those below!

Make Sure Your Measurements are 100% Accurate

Returning Oktoberfest clothing can be a pain if it doesn’t fit. If you paid international shipping for your order to get to you, you’ll likely need to pay it again to return it.

Make sure your measurements are absolutely accurate before placing your order. Have a friend take them twice just to make sure. Take your measurements in centimeters for the greatest accuracy.

Read the Size Guide, Then Read It Again

Deciphering size guides for dirndls and lederhosen can feel like a challenge, as no two are alike. An international size conversion on one size guide could be totally different to another.

Size guides for Europe-based retailers are typically written in centimeters, while US-based websites may use inches. The reality is that it totally depends on the individual retailer (I’ve seen US-retailers that use centimeters).

Read the size guide for the website or brand that you’re ordering from carefully, and multiple times. If you’re ordering from a website that stocks multiple brands, research that brand’s website to get their size guide directly, so you know the measurements are absolutely correct.

Know Your Perfect Dirndl Skirt Length

Dirndls come in three lengths:: mini, midi, and long. Online, there’s tons of different lengths available, and the same dirndl might come in three different lengths.

Pay close attention to how long a dirndl is while ordering—Germans tend to be modest with their German lengths, so I wouldn’t recommend anything too short (plus, a super short dress is not your friend if you’re dancing on benches).

My Oktoberfest outfit guide gives a complete explanation of how to pick the best dirndl skirt length.

Only Order Tracht From Reputable Websites

You might think that you’re getting a great deal on a dirndl or pair of lederhosen, only to find something chintzy when you open the box. Unfortunately, there are some websites and sellers pulling bait-and-switch Oktoberfest clothing scams, or just operating with poor business practices.

Dirndl.com is one of the largest online tracht retailers. While the website does have tons of positive reviews, there are also several reported incidents of the website sending customers incorrect merchandise, not issuing refunds promptly, or having non-responsive customer service.

There are several reviews of very positive experiences with the website also, so I wouldn’t write it off entirely. If you find something you love on the website, I recommend ordering with enough time to execute a backup plan if it doesn’t work out.

Additionally, some retailers on Amazon and eBay will use photos of high quality dirndls, only to send cheap knock-offs. Only order from sellers with lots of positive reviews.

Shipping from Germany to the US: Using a Mail Forwarder to Order Dirndls and Lederhosen Online

As you’re trying to figure out where to buy Oktoberfest clothing online, you might notice that several websites don’t ship outside of the European Union, or Germany at all. Krüger, one of the most popular dirndl brands in Germany, is one of them.

I fell in love with a Krüger dirndl that I knew I needed to have. It wasn’t available on any website in my size, other than Krüger’s, so I set out to find a solution.

Shipping limitations don’t need to limit your shopping options. You’ll just need to use a package forwarder: a shipping service in Germany that acts like an intermediary for your shipment between the website, and your home.

You’ll order your Oktoberfest outfit to the shipping service in Germany, who will store it at their warehouse. Then, you’ll release the package from Germany to your international address.

I used Mailboxde.com. Their service was very fast, and affordable. Krüger offered free shipping in Germany, which mean that I only needed to pay shipping from Mailboxde.com’s facilities to my final address.

Of course, it’s much easier to order from a website that will ship directly to you, but if you’ve found something you love and can’t let get away, a package forwarder is an easy solution!

Where to buy Oktoberfest clothing in Munich.

Where to Buy Oktoberfest Clothing in Munich: Best Tracht Stores

There’s lots of pop-up tracht stores peddling inexpensive Oktoberfest outfits in Munich. If you want a dirndl or lederhosen that helps you blend in with the locals, you won’t find it at one of these stores.

Instead, shop at one of the below tracht stores in Munich.

Leder Fischer

Sendlinger Tor: Sendlinger Str. 24, 80331 München, Germany

Neuhauser: Neuhauser Str. 47, 80331 München, Germany

Leder Fischer is a chain of trachten stores across Germany, stocking traditional Bavarian clothing in addition to leather goods.

The store stocks popular dirndl and lederhosen brands, at a fair price. During Oktoberfest, the store had tons of great deals midway through the festival (this is where I found my dirndl blouse 50% off).

Leder Fischer doesn’t get as crowded as nearby Angermaier, which is a much more pleasant shopping experience.

Daller Tracht

Schleißheimer Str. 6 – 10, 80333 München, Germany

Daller Tracht is a large store in Munich for traditional Bavarian clothing, The tracht superstore stocks options for men, women, and children. You can get a head-to-toe look here—the store has a wall of haferlschuhe, in addition to its lederhosen and dirndls.

At Daller Tracht, you’ll find a range of prices. You could splurge on a high quality dirndl, or spend a reasonable amount on a dirndl that’s absolutely acceptable in terms of pricing or fit. If you’re low on time in Munich, Daller Tracht is a great option for a one-stop shop.


Kaufingerstraße 18, 80331 München, Germany

Fast fashion retailer, H&M, stocks dirndls at in Munich during Oktoberfest (yes, really). While you won’t have the options you’ll have at a traditional trachten store, you will be able to pick up a dirndl for an affordable price.

H&M in Munich gets picked over quickly. I wouldn’t rely on being able to find a dirndl at H&M, especially if you have a specific look in mind. H&M makes for a great stop in the search for an inexpensive dirndl, but should’t be your only option.

Angermaier tracht store in Munich.


The Altstadt: Rosental 10, 80331 München, Germany

Flagship store: Landsberger Straße 101-103 an der Donnersbergerbrücke, 80339

Angermaier is one of the best tracht stores in Munich for fashionable dirndls and lederhosen. You’ll find trending styles from all of Germany’s top tracht designers at Angermaier, in addition to styles from their own brand, making it popular with celebrities, influencers, and locals.

The popular retailer operates two stores in Munich: one in Munich’s Old Town, and a larger store at Angermaier’s headquarters, outside of the city center.

I visited the Angermaier store in the Alstadt. The small store was ultra-packed, and very picked over, but had some healthy discounts on its sale racks, and some stylish inventory available (unfortunately just not in my size).

GALERIA München Schwabing

Leopoldstraße 82, 80802 München, Germany

GALERIA is a chain of reasonably-priced department stores in Germany. In Munich, you’ll find a GALERIA location close to Marienplatz. Skip this location in favor of GALERIA’s location in Schwabing, GALERIA München Schwabing.

This department store is popular with locals, boasting a ground floor filled with dirndls, blouses, lederhosen, and waistcoats for men and women. Stock doesn’t get quite as picked over as it does at the best trachten stores in the Altstadt, making it easier to find something that you like, and will fit.

I stumbled upon GALERIA by complete accident. I needed a dirndl tailor in Munich, which led me to the tailor at GALERIA—the only tailor who could turn my dirndl around in time for the wiesn.

My boyfriend ended up finding the vest for his Oktoberfest outfit here at a very reasonable price. Your selection may be a little more limited here compared to a proper tracht store, but I loved that the store still had tons of sizes left for both men and women, despite being in the full swing of the festival.


Maffeistraße 7, 80333 München, Germany

LODENFREY is a longrunning luxury department store—the Altstadt staple has been open since 1850.

Some of Munich’s finest dirndls hang on LODENFREY’s racks, however prices aren’t for the faint of heart. The unique dirndls range from €399 to €2.499 ($427.91 to $2,690.05 USD). The majority of LODENFREY’s dirndls are in the €700 to €900 range ($750.71 to $965.20 USD), with blouses mainly between €150 to €200 ($160.87 to $214.49).

Even if LODENFREY’s tracht is a little out of budget, the department store still makes for a fun stop for fashion lovers visiting Munich. In addition to tracht, you’ll find trending contemporary and luxury brands on shelves such as Aje and Missoni.

Trachten Rausch

gegenüber vom Kreisverwaltungsreferat, Ruppertstraße 32, 80337 München, Germany

Trachten Rausch is a one-stop trachtenmode store for men and women alike. While many tracht retailers lean into dirndls, Trachten Rausch has floor to ceiling displays of lederhosen, stocking over 2000 pairs during peak season.

Festivalgoers can walk out of Trachten Rausch’s store in a complete Oktoberfest outfit. The retailer doesn’t just stop at clothing, also stocking all the popular Oktoberfest accessories like German alpine hats, Edelweiss jewelry, and charivari.

Trachten Rausch’s traditional costume for Oktoberfest is modestly priced. The store stocks popular trachtenmode brands like Hammerschmidt and Marjo, but also offers budget lederhosen from €79 ($84.72 USD).

If you need a complete look at an affordable price, purchase one of Trachten Rausch’s lederhosen sets for €129 ($138.35 USD). The bundle includes lederhosen, a shirt, socks, and suspenders.


Hochbrückenstraße 10, 80331 München, Germany

Feeling overwhelmed by flashy, embellished dirndls? Head to Almliebe, a tracht store in Munich specializing in modern dirndls.

Almliebe’s inventory tends to be elegant and minimalist, perfect for those looking for an everyday dirndl or something that isn’t quite so flashy. Instead of embroidery and embellishment, Almliebe’s dirndls emphasize beautiful, simple textiles and high quality construction.

Shopping at Almliebe is nearly an assurance that your dirndl won’t match someone else’s—while the store does stock from some popular dirndl brands like Marjo and Hammersmith, the majority of the Almliebe’s inventory is from brands not commonly found at other tracht stores, like Gottseidank, Wenger, and CocoVero (CocoVero does have a standalone showroom in Munich’s Old Town for its beautiful, feminine designs).

The store’s robust inventory for men and women isn’t necessarily affordable, but isn’t quite as outrageous as Munich’s luxury department stores like Ludwig Beck or LODENFREY, either. Dirndls start at €179.95 ($192.99 USD), most ranging between €399 and €659 ($427.91 to $706.74).

Almwelt tracht store for Oktoberfest clothing in Munich.


Tal 39, 80331 München, Germany

Located in Munich’s Old Town, Almwelt is a two-story store selling dirndls and lederhosen. Prices are fair, and downstairs, shoppers can dig through the store’s outlet section for discounted trachtenmode.

Almwelt has racks upon racks of dirndls, however inventory does get picked over in some sizes—mine had just a few dirndls left, compared to other sizes that still had robust inventory.

I purchased my backup dirndl from Almwelt, and noticed that Almwelt’s dirndl inventory makes it easy to find something you’ll like—styles aren’t out there or experimental like some of those at other retailers, however aren’t boring, either.

My only small gripe with Almwelt is that customer service could have been much better. The store was nearly empty when I visited, yet employees stood around talking to each other rather than trying to help.

I think I may have just visited on an off day, as several of Almwelt’s five star review cite its amazing service. Just keep in mind that if you think you’ll need extra assistance when shopping for tracht, you may want to try a different store, like Daller Tracht.

Ludwig Beck, a department store in Munich for buying Oktoberfest clothing.

Ludwig Beck

Marienplatz 11, 80331 München, Germany

Ludwig Beck is a shopping institution in Munich. The six-story department stores is located right next to Marienplatz—noticing it is unavoidable.

The luxury department store stocks simple but sophisticated dirndls, carrying an inventory similar to Almliebe’s. Notably, the store stocks tons of individual dirndl aprons, giving shoppers the opportunity to mix and match their dirndl.

Prices at Ludwig Beck aren’t quite as aspirational as at competitor, LODENFREY, but aren’t cheap, either. Men’s lederhosen starts at €449,95 ($482.55 USD), going up to €1.399,95 ($1,501.38 USD). A simple dirndl can be found for €279.95 ($300.23), while more luxurious styles can go as high as €1,149.95 ($1,233.26 USD).

Secondhand Stores

When it’s Oktoberfest season, Bavarian style takes over all of Munich, from window displays to secondhand stores. During the wiesn, secondhand stores in Munich stock gently used tracht—the perfect alternative to buying a shoddily made, inexpensive dirndl at a tourist trap store.

If you’re looking for where to buy Oktoberfest clothing on a budget, stop by one of Munich’s many thrift stores to find quality dirndls at affordable prices. You won’t have the same size or style options that you might have at a proper tracht store, but if you’re open-minded and on a budget, there’s few better solutions for buying an inexpensive Oktoberfest outfit.

Man wearing traditional Oktoberfest clothing for men, including Bavarian lederhosen, a white buttonup, and velvet vest waistcoat, at Oktoberfest in Munich.

Where to Buy Oktoberfest Clothing Online: Best Websites for Dirndls and Lederhosen

With some sketchy websites coming up at the top of search results for “where to buy Oktoberfest clothing online,” it’s easy to accidentally order from a less-than-reliable retailer.

When figuring out where to buy Oktoberfest clothing online, just remember, if a deal seems to good to be true, it probably is. $40 for all-leather pants doesn’t really make sense, does it?

The list below includes some of the best websites for buying a dirndl or lederhosen online.


Amazon is usually synonymous with with cheesy or sleazy Oktoberfest costumes (which you absolutely should not buy), however there are several options for affordable, authentic dirndls and lederhosen if you know what you’re looking for.

Avoid anything with the words “beer babe,” “bar wench,” “beer maid,” or similar in the title. If it looks like you could find it at a Party City, it’s a no-go.

My boyfriend managed to get a great deal on a pair of lederhosen from Edelnice Trachtenmode by buying them through Amazon, rather than a tracht website. It appears as though Edelnice sends its factory seconds to the US market, selling them for a healthy discount.

Below are a few strong options for affordable dirndls and lederhosen on Amazon under $100:

Click the images below to shop the best inexpensive Oktoberfest outfits on Amazon:


Etsy isn’t just artisan goods anymore. On the website, trachten sellers offer brand new dirndls and lederhosen from top brands like Stockerpoint. You’ll also find several vintage tracht pieces—perfect if you want something truly unique, while sticking to a budget.

Some Etsy tracht sellers have been known to pull bait-and-switch scams. Read review carefully to make sure you’re getting the real deal.

Below are a few solid Oktoberfest clothing picks on Etsy:

Click below to shop for traditional Oktoberfest costumes on Etsy:


eBay is one of the best websites for inexpensive dirndls and lederhosen. You’ll find new clothing for sale from well-known brands alongside gently used dirndls and lederhosen at a steep discount.

Like Etsy, some eBay sellers have been known to pull bait-and-switch scams. Only order from sellers with strong ratings, and lots of previous sales. Most secondhand product is just fine—it’s new products that tend to attract shady sellers.

Shopping for dirndls on eBay means you’ll be able to find something truly unique, that isn’t stocked in Munich’s tracht stores, like an Asian brocade dirndl with large pink flowers.


Krüger is one of the most popular dirndl brands with Bavaria’s it-crowd right now. This ultra-feminine dirndl brand is known for their dreamy colors, and sparkly pieces (think beading, embroidery, and rhinestones).

You’ll see plenty of Krüger dirndls at Oktoberfest, and there’s no better place to order them than from Krüger’s website directly.

Krüger frequently offers limited edition dirndls, and special collaborations with influencers in Germany and Austria. Many of these collaborations are only available through Krüger’s website—not their stockists.

Krüger’s website doesn’t ship outside of Europe, but that doesn’t mean you can’t order. Use a package forwarder, or a friend’s address in Europe (if you have one) to act as a middle man.

I ordered my dirndl for Oktoberfest through Krüger’s website without any issue. The package was shipped quickly, and I was impressed that my dirndl arrived on a hanger, in a plastic dress bag.


Alpenclassics offers reasonably priced tracht for men, women, and children. The website has it all, selling all the clothing you could need for an Oktoberfest outfit, including traditional Bavarian shoes and accessories to complete the look.

The website also has a robust sale section, where you can find dirndls as low as €39.90 ($42.79 USD), and sale lederhosen are frequently under €100 ($107.24 USD).

Of German-based tracht retailers online, Alpenclassics offers some of the most robust shipping capabilities, shipping to Europe, the United States, Mexico, Canada, and select countries in Asia and Africa.

Worldwide shipping at Alpenclassics starts at €39,95 ($42.84 USD) to the United States, increasing by weight.


Angermaier isn’t just one of the best tracht stores in Munich, it’s also a top option for buying Oktoberfest clothing online.

The popular retailer offers a vast online inventory, shipping to European countries, and the United States.

Angermaier’s online inventory boasts an array of price points. Though there are pieces as high as €1.099 ($1,1178.62 USD), inexpensive dirndls and lederhosen can still be found thanks to Angermaier’s sale section, where dirndls and lederhosen are discounted up to 70% off.

Angermaier’s wide variety and unique pieces make it an appealing option for shopping for Oktoberfest outfits online, however its steep shipping prices might make it unrealistic for some. Shipping to the United States is €50 ($53.62 USD).

Ludwig & Therese

Ludwig & Therese is a Munich-based dirndl brand, stocking their own modern trachten fashion in addition to pieces from popular brands like Marjo and Krüger.

It’s Ludwig & Therese’s in-house brand where they shine—pieces are simple and well-made, perfect for those looking for the modern approach of Almliebe, at a more reasonable price point.

Overall, prices are Ludwig & Therese aren’t necessarily affordable (though, some dirndls under €100 exist in the sale section), but don’t feel unattainable, either. Most of Ludwig & Therese’s own brand ranges from €249.95 to €400 ($268.06 USD to $428.98 USD).

Unfortunately, Ludwig & Therese doesn’t ship to the United States. If you’re located in the US, you’ll need to use a mail forwarder to place your order.

Eva Phan wearing traditional Oktoberfest clothing, a red Krüger Madl dirndl, in the Marstall tent at Oktoberfest in Munich.

Where to Buy Oktoberfest Clothing in the United States: In-Person Stores and Websites

Does paying for international shipping or soaking up time in Munich dirndl shopping sound like a hassle?

These US-based retailers offer in-person stores or websites for easier shopping. You can figure out the right dirndl or lederhosen size for you at a location near your home, or place an order with a much simpler shipping and returns process.

Ernst Licht

347 Main St, Oley, PA 19547

Pennsylvania-based Ernst Licht emphasizes tradition in their Bavarian tracht. While you may find a few modern dirndls imported from Germany here, much of Ernst Licht’s dirndl inventory is their own brand, made in vibrant colors, using Bavarian-style embroidery, paired with white lace aprons.

Ernst Licht is a great resource for finding unique lederhosen in the United States. For example, this pair of brightly embroidered lederhosen is unlike any pair I’ve seen before.

Shoppers can purchase through Ernst Licht’s website, or by visiting their store in Oley, Pennsylvania.

Rare Dirndl

5051 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60625

Chicago-based Rare Dirndl is, to my knowledge, one of the only original dirndl designers in the United States. As each piece is designed by Erika, Rare Dirndl’s founder, and only sold through their site, you’ll find dirndls completely unlike anything you’ll find in Munich.

Dirndls frequently feature bright cotton prints, but my personal favorite is the Everyday Dirndl—a sleek, monochromatic dirndl that could easily be worn outside of Oktoberfest.

Dirndls are made-to-order. Erika also accepts custom orders in addition to her predesigned styles.

Rare Dirndl has one of the best customer service and shipping policies of any US-based dirndl retailer—orders over $100 ship free, with free returns. If your dirndl doesn’t fit quite right, Rare Dirndl offers an alterations credit up to $40 (free for custom dirndl orders).

If you prefer to figure out your size in-person, Rare Dirndl opens its studio doors in Chicago’s Lincoln Square neighborhood to dirndl-curious shoppers. Just make sure you book an appointment in advance—the store doesn’t take walk-in customers.

Hollerbach’s Outfitters

111 Magnolia Ave, Sanford, FL 32771

Hollerbach’s Outfitters is Florida’s leading retailer for traditional Bavarian tracht. The German store in Sanford offers free, personalized fitting sessions to make sure you get exactly the right dirndl or lederhosen size and style.

Appointments are needed for personalized fitting sessions, and can be made through Hollerbach’s Outfitters website. The retailer also offers walk-in shoppers anytime during store hours.

Online shopping is available for non-tract goods, but unfortunately dirndls and lederhosen won’t be found. You’ll need to visit Hollerbach’s in-person to get your Oktoberfest clothing fix.

If you do visit Hollerbach’s Outfitters in person, wear your dirndl or lederhosen to their German restaurant. Diners in tracht will receive a free shot of Schnapps.

German Speciality Imports

19580 Bernard Ave, Prior Lake, MN 55372

German Speciality Imports specializes in all things well, Germany. Alongside dirndls and lederhosen are weisswurst, pretzel bread, party decorations, and home decor.

Orders can be placed through the German Speciality Imports website, or you can shop at their brick-and-mortar store in Prior Lake, Minnesota (we love a home-state shopping option!).

Prices at German Speciality Imports tend to be a little steeper than when ordering from German-based tracht websites or Etsy, however you get the added convenience of easier returns.

Domestic shipping at German Speciality Imports varies by weight. Expect to pay $15-20 to ship a dirndl or pair of lederhosen.

Frankenmuth Bavarian Specialties

321 S Main St, Frankenmuth, MI 48734

Unassuming Frankenmuth, boasts being Michigan’s “Little Bavaria.” It makes total sense that the town has its own Bavarian tracht outfitter!

Frankenmuth Bavarian Specialities seasonally stocks authentic German dirndls and lederhosen.

The shop’s website unfortunately appears to be down, so you’ll need to do your shopping in-person. Keep in mind that Oktoberfest outfits are only stocked for a few months of the year—don’t expect to find much if visiting during the off-season.

My Dirndl

Open since 2005, MyDirndl.com is the leading US-based online retailer for men’s and women’s Oktoberfest outfits.

The website doesn’t have quite as large of an assortment as internationally-based online stores, however everything MyDirndl.com does stock is quality, on-trend, and tasteful—you can rest assured that an Oktoberfest outfit purchased from My Dirndl will definitely avoid the scrutiny of Munich locals.

Even though shopping from My Dirndl avoids hefty international shipping fees, keep in mind that returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee (ouch). Exchanges do not incur the restocking fee. Pay close attention to sizing before placing your order.

Where to Buy Oktoberfest Clothing: FAQ

How much does an Oktoberfest outfit cost?

Expect to pay $50-100 for a basic dirndl in Munich, and $200-500 for embellished, high quality dirndls. Basic lederhosen range from $80-250.

What is the best outfit to wear to Oktoberfest?

For women, the best outfit to wear to Oktoberfest is a dirndl, a traditional Bavarian dress. For men, the best outfit to wear to Oktoberfest is lederhosen, paired with a button-up shirt and vest (waistcoat).

Do they sell dirndl at Oktoberfest?

Dirndl are not sold inside the Oktoberfest festival grounds, however dirndls are sold at pop-up shops outside of the festival, and at tracht stores in Munich’s Old Town (Altstadt).

Can you go to Oktoberfest without a dirndl?

You can attend Oktoberfest in regular, casual clothes, however many locals and tourists choose to wear dirndls or lederhosen.

Can I wear cheap lederhosen to Oktoberfest?

Do not wear cheaply made lederhosen or dirndls to Oktoberfest. It’s better to wear regular clothing than tacky costumes—this isn’t Halloween.

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